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 #28038  by Olivia Dunn
Location: Northern England • Date: 5 July 1996
Time of Day: 11:00 AM • Weather: Damp & Overcast

It had been a good idea in theory, to pack everything up and go camping for a weekend, just a few days together before Colin and her Mum had to go back to work. They picked a nice spot that was just a five minute walk from a forest. One thing they hadn't accounted for was the unpredictable nature of British weather and despite being July, the weather had thus far been somewhat on the miserable side.

So whilst her younger siblings were running around the campsite whilst their parents struggled to grasp some order, Olivia had grabbed her backpack and headed into the forest. Of course she couldn't wander too far but she wouldn't need to. In her bag, her sketchbook and a case of sharpened pencils rolled around. With these humble tools, anywhere could become the perfect spot to relax. It didn't take long at all before she found a tree stump to plant herself down on and began sketching the large twisting tree in front of her.

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 #28056  by Timothy Maxwell
Tim didn't know what to think when mum told him that they will spend a few days at his uncle's cabin. Tim didn't know his uncle, mostly because he was long dead and he kind of imagined the cabin as some ancient dust-filled shack. Turned out it was fairly big (actually, Tim would swear it was bigger inside than outside) and all the dust was cleared with a single spell cast by his mother.
They arrived 3 days ago but the weather wasn't the best and Tim spend 2 of these days inside. And while the weather didn't look much better the young boy couldn't stand the idea of being locked in his room for the third day in a row. Instead, he decided to look around a little, exploring the forest behind the cabin. With the wand in his back pocket, he felt safe so soon he left the cabin behind and continued a bit deeper. If he got lost? SO what... he would shoot some sparks in the air and mum would appear suddenly. Magic was neat! It might've taken him the entire year to get used to it but he felt like he got there, finally.
As he was thinking he barely noticed he entered a perfect place for some relax, but it was already taken by some girl.
"Uhm... hi?" he managed to say not even trying to hide his surprise.
 #28069  by Olivia Dunn
Perhaps if she had not been giving the entirety of her attention to the tree in front of her she would have heard the snapping of twigs underfoot as the boy approached. Perhaps if she had been a little more aware she wouldn't have jumped at the sound of his voice. Her pencil veered slightly off course and whilst it was hardly anything dramatic, it could easily be fixed with a rubber, she wrinkled her nose at rogue line.

Closing her sketchbook she looked up at the boy who had found her. He was her age, maybe older by a year or two and he seemed just as surprised to see her as she was by his approach. She smoothed out her features before saying "Hiya."

She stood up from her stump, using the cuff of her hoodie to brush the dead leaves and dirt from her denim skirt. She looked around and much as she remembered she couldn't really see civilisation for the boy to have come from. He hadn't come from the campsite, she knew that much. "Do you live in the forest? Like an elf?"
 #28071  by Timothy Maxwell
After a moment of silence, the greeted him back. It appeared, that Tim disturbed her while she was drawing. That was a bit rude of him. Whoopsie. Then again it was nothing that couldn't be fixed easily. He wanted to apologize but before he could she asked him a question.
"Can't say I am. I am just visiting here with my parents..." he pointed behind himself in the general direction of the cabin.
"I'm Tim..." he introduced himself.
"Sorry for interrupting your drawing. I... didn't expect anyone in this forest," he explained.
 #28074  by Olivia Dunn
The boy visiting the area with his parents made a lot more sense. In all the time that Liv had been in this world she had yet to meet someone who dwelt in a forest or to see elves that weren't animated in primary colours. She wondered if that would change when she went to Hogwarts. She wasn't even sure if elves existed or not but she was sure she would learn soon enough. She would learn everything there was to know.

"I'm Liv," she said, sticking out her hand for the boy to shake. "Don't worry about the drawing, it's my own fault. I wasn't paying attention."
 #28075  by Timothy Maxwell
Tim smiled a bit nervously "It's nice to meet you, Liv," he said.
"I just didn't expect anyone would be here. Mum said that uncle built a cabin here because there were no people living nearby." then again it was years ago and someone might easily move closer in that time. With a quick move, he made sure his wand was still in his back pocket pulling his red sweatshirt over it to hide it.
"How about you? Are you an elf living in the forest?" he asked
 #28078  by Olivia Dunn
Liv could see the boy seemed nervous but she couldn't work out why. She wasn't scary, was she? Maybe the boy wasn't nervous and Liv simply didn't know him well enough to see. Either way she tried her best to smile in the most non-threatening way she could manage, like she would to a puppy perhaps or an injured bird.

"No, I'm not an elf, see!" she said pushing back her hair to reveal her ears. "Totally not pointy, I'm just a girl."

She felt an odd pang in her stomach. She wasn't just a girl, was she? She was a witch too. Granted, she was completely untrained and the only magic she could perform was completely out of her control . But she could hardly claim to be just a girl when she was currently camping in a tent that was bigger on the inside than it was outside. She didn't know the boy and she had no clue if he was muggle or not, so she didn't have the choice when it came to keeping the secret. It didn't feel great though.

"And I actually live in Liverpool, we're just camping here for the weekend," she continued, ignoring that feeling in her stomach. She pointed in the direction she had come from, "my family is back there somewhere."
 #28079  by Timothy Maxwell
Tim saw real elves. Or well... house elves at least. Well, one house elf. He was weird... like a hairless cat. Apparently, they were preparing the food at Hogwarts. Or so the elder students said.
"Good, we both aren't elves," he admitted with a nod.
"I think I have a cousin in Liverpool. Or so they say... I've never met the guy. I'm from Leeds... that's close...ish, right?" he wasn't really great at geography. Not that distance was that big of a problem since he learned that he could teleport through their fireplace.
"Camping? Sounds nice... I've never done that," neither of his parents was really keen on sleeping in a tent. Staying at uncle's cabin was probably the closest he ever got.
 #28081  by Olivia Dunn
She tried to load up a mental map of the the UK in her head but she had no clue where on Earth Leeds was. She knew it was in the North from the news but that's about it. When it came to cities she could only find Liverpool and Manchester on the map. She knew roundabouts where London was, kind of, but that was about it. She heard city names in movies and on the telly but she couldn't assign any of those places a sense of distance.

"For all we know, we could be related!" she said finding the idea funny. Of all the places to run into family - or possible, highly unlikely, maybe family - to find them in a forest in the middle of nowhere? It seemed absurd. "I've never been to Leeds, what's it like?"

Camping does sound nice but what she was doing wasn't exactly what she had expected. She had been excited when the mini-holiday was proposed. But the concept of camping she had held was a very muggle one. She had pictured a small, non-charmed tent that forced the campers to spend time together, starting a fire by hand without any wands and perhaps even a nature walk. Instead her Mum and Colin had used charms for anything hard work, they all had their own sleeping spaces and the only thing they seemed to actually do as a family was eat together. Everyone seemed happy enough though.

"Yeah...it's an experience..." she said, unsure of what to say exactly about the whole affair. "I think if I did it again though I'd like to go somewhere with water. Like a lake or a river? Somewhere you can swim, you know?"
 #28082  by Timothy Maxwell
"Well, you never know... I actually don't know much about my family," and to be honest, he was still a bit salty for never being told he was a wizard until the letter from Hogwarts came. Perhaps that was the reason why he didn't know his cousin since he was from his mother's side.
"Leeds... well. it's a city like most others... maybe a bit more obsessed with sports," he shrugged. There was nothing special he could talk about. For him, it was just a city he lived in.
"I was a bit disappointed as well. Who would build a cabin that isn't near a body of water?" he liked swimming though he wasn't the biggest fan of deep water - like really deep.
"It has been a bit boring here... the weather was terrible... and my parents are always busy with something... so it's really nice to meet someone to speak with," he said honestly.
 #28083  by Olivia Dunn
She had never really been interested in sports, or at least not spectating them. Whilst she wasn't overly athletic and didn't actively participate in sports, she couldn't think of anything more boring than watching someone else have fun or be busy. She had gone for a kick about in the park with her Dad before and it was fun, not enough where she was rushing to join a team or play it each week, but when he put the match on the telly she really couldn't see the appeal. Not to mention how long a match was! She usually left him to it and found something else to do. She filed away the knowledge of Leeds being sports obsessed and made a mental note to remember to pack trainers if she ever visited.

"Same here..." she had a sudden idea and she thought it was a very good one. She beamed from ear to ear. "We could have fun though! We could race each other or play hide and seek or climb a tree or look for bats!"

The ideas of things they could be doing just tumbled from her mouth and she spoke without taking a breath struggling to get it all out at once. She paused taking in some air. "What you think? Want to be my friend, Tim?"
 #28084  by Timothy Maxwell
Tim genuinely smiled after her suggestion. It sounded like a great idea, certainly better than being stuck at the cabin, listening to more tales about his deceased uncle.
"We could though I am not sure if I can hide well with my red sweatshirt... I like bright colors." taking it off wouldn't help since his shirt was bright yellow with a duck on it.
"I could use more friends," he nodded. The only negative thing was that once one of them leave for home they will probably never see each other again.
"It's a deal then!" he agreed happily.
 #28088  by Olivia Dunn
Her own black jumper and denim skirt looked somewhat dull next to Tim's bright colours. Even her pink wellies couldn't quite compare to the red of his jumper. On the bright side it would certainly help if they did play hide and seek.

She couldn't help but grin when she heard him voice his need of more friends. She didn't want to admit it but she was somewhat lacking in the friendship department. Of course she was really very busy with her drawing and her homeschooling and whatever project is keeping her entertained at the time but that wasn't quite the same as having friends. As independent as she was she needed company as much as any other kid.

"Then I declare that I, Olivia, and you, Tim, are friends," she said, putting on a very lofty voice that was far too serious for an eleven year old, "and our first order of business is to have some fun!"
 #28091  by Timothy Maxwell
Finding a new friend was always a joyful occasion. And Tim really liked her humor - it was charming.
"I, Timothy C. Maxwell hereby second the notion," he also tried to sound very official, having some practice from listening to his dad who really could use his voice to great effect.
"So... what do you want to do? Hide and seek would be terribly one-sided and I am not really sure you can run around with the sketchbook without dropping it," not to mention that he was a bit afraid of losing his wand in the forest. He wasn't quite sure why he even took it with him since he couldn't really use it but probably for the peace of mind.
 #28092  by Olivia Dunn
She nodded her head solemnly as Tim spoke, appreciating his official tone. But now that the notion was carried she tried to think of what they could do to complete it. He was right about the hiding, even though Olivia had no issues with easy victories if she was being honest. Racing was probably a bad idea even without her sketchbook. She knew she was a sore loser and she didn't want to scare away her friend just when she had found him. She had to think of something that wasn't going to become a competition somehow. This wasn't going to be easy, she had a habit of making everything a competition.

"How about..." she said looking around for ideas. She tugged on a strand of her hair that hung around her shoulders, trying her best to think. "How about we build a den?"