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 #27831  by Ivan Ramazanov
When every free employee was gathered, Ivan gave them a very stern speech about how everything was going to go down from now on. For one... yes they had to work with the Kingdom, and integrate them into the program until something else had been worked out.

Yes, even if they all ended up at the Rings, they needed to learn from Watchdogs and learn how to at least pretend to work together, should an emergency situation arise.

He then called up Zara to stand beside him. Introductions were not needed, but he explained that she was in charge of all security members that belonged to The Kingdom. They reported to her, Watchdogs reported to him, but they would of course show her proper respect for her position and give her no trouble. She would be working and communicating with him weekly and he was in agreement with her holding such a position.

Ivan was happy to hear no mutters or grumblings, and only caught a few exchanged glances. The Kingdom and Watchdogs were growing to dislike each other by the day, but they did know and trust Zara to an extent, so he hoped this would help.

He then went onto another matter... he made it VERY clear that they were to treat Mrs Iver with the same respect they treated Mr Iver... no... MORE respect. He did not want to hear one word about any of them from her. Her every order was to be follow with out question, even if they thought he woudl disaprove... they would not get in trouble so long as they were simply following an order. He did not want to hear of one sideways glance, or even a throat cleared in a meaningful way.

Caleb of course cleared his throat quite audibly at this point, causeing a few snickers, but Ivan merely frowned and said, "You think this is joke? She is on short fuse right now. If you set her off I can not and will not protect you. Good lucking finding your missing limbs."

The faces sobered up at that point, but he still worried they did not know how serious he was.

"If one of your screws up just remember, it comes back on me and everyone else here. Don't get cocky and do your job well."

Looking to Zara then he said, "Do you have anything to add Miss Shepard?"
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Zara remained quiet as Ivan spoke, glancing around the room for any obvious signs of disrespect. But they didn't seem to do anything like that in spite of Ivan, just about the situation as a harmless joke. Though, in reality, was it really all that harmless. She clasped her hands behind her back, lifting her chin as Ivan finished and clearing her throat before starting.

"I understand that a lot of you dislike change or alterations in power. It's natural. But in this situation, it is more serious than ever to take it on the chin. The majority of you have served Mr Iver for a number of years, even stretching back to your time in Russia. You know this man; you understand his ways and his level of respect that he expects. And now think...would a man like that marry a rich air head?" She lifted a brow. "Mrs Iver is just as ruthless, cold, cunning, and deadly as Mr Iver. She is a woman, yes. She is new, yes. But I was to stress to you how important this meeting is. Ramazanov would not be warning you about this so severely if it wasn't of great concern."

She lifted her chin.

"I expect members of the Kingdom to die under her order. They hate new leaders, especially those that catapult to the top with little visible effort or tests. And so she will make examples of them, and then you will see just how brutal this became. And hopefully, they will begin to understand too. You have the upper hand here. You already understand how the Ivers work, you understand how to be respectful and dignified in their presence. And so it has landed on your shoulders to lead by the majority, to be the example for the Kingdom so that you have the back up you need, because as much as you dislike them, they are vital to your survival."

"Ramazanov and I cannot protect you. We cannot vouch for you. In fact, if instructed, we will be the ones to swing the swords on your necks. That is how serious this is. So although we can no longer be your protectors, we will guide you. And trust me...fucking up is a selfish thing to do. The moment you show disrespect, you put all your training and hard work on the shoulders of another employee. We cannot have chinks in the mail. Do you understand?"
 #27835  by Ivan Ramazanov
The employees nodded in agreement , some very shocked expression on some of their faces, others seemed to have seen this coming, but there was definitely whisperers and murmurs this time. But despite all, Ivan appreciated Zara’s words. She added an extra element he had not felt was his place to say... Kingdom members were certainly going to be made an example of.

But finally Anghel raised his hand and said, “So smart ones will sit back and watch wile the bad fruit is plucked and thrown into fire?”

“Essentially yes,” said Ivan. “Don’t be bad fruit.”

“I can live with that,” said Anghel. “There are certainly Kingdom members I could live with out.”

A few of the others around him laughed, as they knew who he was referring to.
 #27836  by Caleb Pryer
But then Caleb raised a hand, and looking at Zara said, “I have a question for you Miss Shepard... are you giving this same speech to the Kingdom, only telling them to expect us to be the ones to be made an example out of first?”

The room suddenly fell silent at the thought and all eyes turned to Zara and Ivan.

Caleb could feel Ivan glareing at him, but it was a legitimate question! And he knew a few others were thinking it but too nervous to ask.

After all... Many in the Kingdom thought they were the ones that didn’t know their heads from their arse.
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Zara raised a brow at Caleb.

"I'm giving a speech to them. Not particularly this exact one...I don't really intend to discuss private matters about their professional meetings with others; it's not really necessary for you to know." She gave a small sigh. "The most of what I'll say about it is that they will be getting a far sterner talking to. Dice and I are perhaps the only ones they will listen to, so whether you lot are bad or not, it won't change their behaviour. They do what they want, which is why you need to be the example."

"I have to be honest with them. And in all honesty? I cannot support them setting the pace for how this works. It's impossible for them to do so. Does that make you better than them? No. It just means that you have an upper hand at this very specific situation."
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"Sir," Nikolai spoke up, looking to Ivan. "you say we are to follow orders no matter vhat. But...vhat if zhose orders cause harm to ozher vatchdogs...or to ozher Ivers?"

He hesitated.

"Vhat if zhey have fight and try to pitch us against ozhers. Vhat do ve do?"
 #27841  by Ivan Ramazanov
Ivan looked at Nikolai a moment in silence. It was a good question. Then he smiled ever so slightly.

"Yes, I thought on this," said Ivan.

He had, long and hard. He knew Astrid was just sadistic enough to test them. Order one of his men to kill another, just to see if they would with out question, leaving the poor guard wondering if she meant it... or if it was a test she would stop before they could finish pulling it off.

And then what if one of them did screw up. Would she not enjoy ordering their friend to kill them for her?

And yes... what if they were approached and told to kill Nathan?! Seemed impossible to imaging but... he had heard of stranger things.

"I will answer, to the best of my ability," said Ivan. "But this will answer part of it for you."

Walking towards the center of the room he said, "Everyone on your feet, gather around, form circle." Once there he said, "Everyone who vorks for Watchdogs is going to take a magical oath. One with spell I will cast. This spell and oath will make it so that once taken... it will not be possible to murder Nathan or Astrid Iver. Wonderful protection, is it not? But we take it one step further... It will not be possible to intentionally kill one another. Oh you can fight, cut, harm, maim... but you can not intentionally kill another member of this company, even if ordered to do so. If anyone has a problem with this they can leave now."

Looking to Nikolai he said, "I know this does not answer all of your questions, but it answers most important one. I will address rest in moment. But first.."

Ivan looked to Zara, then said, "Only people who will not take oath in this room are myself, Mr Bowden, and of course Miss Shepard. We had the authority to decide what is real and what isn't. What is justified and what isn't. but it is something I do not want any of you to have to consider. again if anyone has problem you can leave now."

He then looked about the room.
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Robin shoved her hands in her pockets, no intention of moving away.

"Well, at least I can still beat the lot of yer up." She smiled, hoping to ease the tension. There were a couple of uncomfortable looks, but the majority seemed set on this. Across the room, she could see Magda looking curiously to other people, a part of her looked a bit excited but she remained where she was. Nil, of course, said nothing. Even with his stoic face, his eyes fleeted to other people to see their reactions, almost like he would consider it if other left first. But he didn't. Nikolai also seemed to be placed firm on the floor where he was stood.
 #27847  by Ivan Ramazanov
Ivan looked around satisfied. He knew there were some that were second guessing themselves, but he also knew that with the criminal records many of them had...this job was not something they could afford to turn their noses at.

He arranged them and carried out the oath and spell quickly, making sure no one escaped. He felt in the end it would bring them closer together.

He just hoped there was no backlash from their bosses when he explained to them what he had done, no matter how he phrased it as being for their own good. Basically he was saying... he did not trust them. Which he didn’t. But he was going to look after his people no matter what!

When the spell was finished Ivan put away his wand. Look back to Nikolai he said, “To answer rest of question...” his face grew firm, his eyes narrowed a bit, but he said, “Always comply. If it is something you feel puts Iver Hall at risk you can always ask an officer after. But in the moment you do not question.” Looking from Kyle, to Marcus, and then Caleb he said, “You have more authority. If you chose to question... do so at your own risk. Be respectful.”

Kyle he was the most concerned about in a way. He knew how he felt about Nathan. Then again, Nathan mostly ignored him ever since he would not become one of his ultimate weapons...

“But..” he said. “Remember I said could not intentionally kill.Does not mean you could not kill someone accidentally. So this is not an excuse to be reckless and practice throwing knives at each other. It does not work that way. It is about intention. Also, as I said, you can still harm, and that is the question, yes?” He said looking to Nikolai.

“As Zara said... you follow order with out question.” He looked around, catching each one of them in the eye, then said, “Let me make it clear with an example. Nikolai... if you were given an order to strike me as hard as you could with your fist...? I would expect you to comply with out hesitation. Are we clear now?”

Wanting to ease the tension then he smiled and said, “I know some of you are just hoping to get that opportunity but trust me... that was extreme example. Is only golden opportunity of your dreams. If you all do your job there should be no issue and remember... Men who have been with me long time, and you know who you are, you will definitely be working Iver Hall. There is no choice. But those who are newer...” here he glanced at Robin, Nil, and a few others, “You can request to work at other job sites. But... working Iver Hall, as always, pays more then other jobs. You get better end of year bonus. So all of this does not come with out incentive. You can request a different job now, or speak to Mr Reef in private about your schedule. Any more questions? Or concerns? If you want to ask about a specific example do so now and I will do my best to answer. But mostly nothing changes. Do not hesitate to follow orders. Be respectful.”
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Caleb had taken all of this in now in silence. It did not surprise him nearly as much as some of the others. But when Ivan said the newest people could request to work a different site his eyes shot strait to Robin. He tried to give her a look, almost a gesture with his eyes as if to say,

”Go on... tell him you would prefer to work some place else.

Yes the pay was good but... did she really have to put up with those crazy Ivers? Besides with all the death threats... it was the one place most likely to see an actual attack! Or an assassin, or something truly dangerous!

He wouldn’t mind knowing she was some place else.
 #27850  by Magdalina Eklund
Magda cleared her throat, trying to make her voice work in front of this majority group of men.

"Uhm...Captain? You said that you and other higher members didn't need to take the vow...does that mean that you would be entirely willing to intentionally kill us if ordered to do so?"

She didn't want to be negative but...it was surely a thought that most thought!

"Would it be more likely for that to happen in working at Iver Hall?"
 #27851  by Ivan Ramazanov
These employees and there thoughts... Did he tell her he just needed a follower!

But alright, she was probably voicing what others were thinking.

“I am not crazy about tour question Eklund,” he said, looking over at her. “Because it can have implications behind it. So let me explain things as they are better. “ looking to the rest of the room he said, “What I did for all of you was a favor. Trust me. It takes all responsibility out of your hands. Let’s imagine for a moment one of you is accused of being a traitor. Vorking for enemy. Nikolai?” He said, walking a few steps towards the other man.

“I want you to picture Pryer here is accused of plotting against Ivers. You are called into a room and told to execute him on the spot. But he is begging and pleading and crying, saying he didn’t do it. It vas all a set up.... What do you do? Refuse? Tell them to check their scourses? Ask them to show you evidence first so you can be sure is right thing? Or you get to apologize and tell them you are unable to because of Watchdogs magical code? But... let’s pretend Pryer didscrew up. The money was just too good,” he said, “Patting Caleb on the shoulder. “Would never happen but... what if? You tell me Pryer. If you could chose who was to execute you would you prefer someone from Kingdom did it? Or me?”

well when you put it that way, you”, said Caleb easily.

“Further,” said Ivan, looking around. “If one of you is being falsely accused... My objection carries more weight. I have more authority. If I really think you are innocent.. I just might stick my neck out for you. Bring it on yourself? You will get no mercy from me. Entirely innocent?...” he shrugged, then said, “I keep more power in such things so that I can actually protect everyones best interest. If I am called on to execute I will also have to be there to see what is happening. Trust me... I do not want to be called on for such things. Nothing is giving me an advantage. Only more risk in pissing off Ivers.”

Besides,” he said with a smirk, “I need you to all take me seriously when I say I will take the head off the next man who leaves back door open after smoking break.”
 #27852  by Caleb Pryer
Wile more questions were being asked, Caleb sidled up to Robin and said in a low voice,

“You should take off from Iver Hall for a bit. Maybe a few months. Things are wild over there right now. There is so much tension between husband and wife you can almost taste it in the air. All sorts of crazy rumors are spreading about... On top of which is’t just more dangerous.”

Truth was he liked seeing her around when he was there but... he cared about her safety and comfort over that.
 #27853  by Robin Glover
Robin watched a little as others asked questions and discussed possibilities. Zara seemed to assist with a couple of answers too. But then Caleb approached and she raised a brow to him, offering a small shrug.

"Can't afford it, pal. Me mam needs it; benefits got reduced so am already startin' t' struggle." She offered a small smile. "Be reyt. I'm a big lass an' can handle me self. Besides, if you're that worried, maybe you can work for that fancy lady - Ms Montgomery. Heard she likes younger blokes.