Aidan had been enjoying himself. He had never been to such a fancy wedding before! The food and drink were very good and he indulged freely in both. He had stopped twice during the evening to check on Dorian, but he seemed to be doing fine with the nurse. At one point he looked for Viola to see how she was doing but... couldn’t seem to find her anywhere, which was fine by him. He just hoped she was having a good time where ever she was.

He was just going to the bar and ordering another drink when he spotted, Cecile... and that reporter that she didn’t want to date...

Well they sure looked like they were having fun, laughing and joking and... Aidan tried to shake off the unpleasant thoughts. It was good if she got over him fast. He.. was... happy... for her...

“Make it a double”, he said to the bartender, then looked back at the couple... but seeing “that reporter” speaking quickly to,Cecile, and then making a bee line across the floor towards another man he was apparently trying to catch, Aidan slipped up behind Cecile, saying as he did, “Hi... I uhm... never thought I would actually see you here.”

He probably should have said anything but... well it almost felt worse not to!
Cecile bid Kit a brief goodbye before ordering another drink. She glanced at the other selections on offer, wondering if she should try something new. Ah, the bartender was giving her that look. She turned her head away, hoping he wouldn't start hitting on her.

It was then that she heard another voice, and for a brief moment, she thought it would be another guy. She really wished Kit was back; his presence did sort of ward off other men. But it wasn't a stranger, and her brows raised as she saw it was Aidan.

"O-oh! Hi, uhm...yeah...yes, I received the invitation so I thought..." She gave a small shrug. "I thought it would be good to get an idea about the people in these circles and uhm...well it's...it's nice to see you happy."

She gave a strained smile, taking a long sip of her drink.

Played By: Vyreia
So apparently his cousin thought it would be funny to invite his ex... Aidan wisely decided not to tell her he hadn’t actually known she was coming.

Aidan took a sip of his drink as it came, then said, “So.... uhm... yes... it’s nice to see you happy as well... I guess. Erm... so that man you are with... that the reporter who came to see you at The Ministry. The one you said always put his work before you, right? Would put you in danger and such? Would trick you and use you for your connections with the Ministry? Interesting how you seem to be getting along so well.”

Aidan wasn’t jelous at all. Just interested...
"Right, about that..." said Aiden, rubbing the back of his neck and glancing around. seeing no one withn earshot,

"Look I'm sorry about that. I know I never told you about this and kind of just disappeared... But I was afraid if I told you you might talk me out of it. Or try to do something rash. I just had to do what I had to do and..."

Aiden drummed his fingers on the bar counter for a moment, then said, " it was the only way out of a tight fix. Michelle was hell-bent on stalking me and killing you. It reached a point when I wasn't sure she wouldn't kill me in a fit of rage. It was right after I went to Nathan for help regarding the situation that he presented me with this little problem... Apparently I had gotten Viola pregnant the one time I slept with her. It was just a one-night stand. But I guess says they say, one time is enough. Anyway he wanted me to do the right thing and marry her. And apparently there was something in it for all of them. Some political stuff. I don't really get it. But he said that if I did this then I could get my mother's inheritance, I could be part of the family again, I could have all the protection that went with it. And he would make sure that Michelle Binx not only left me alone... But left you alone. Besides the fact of making it clear to her and her family that they would not tolerate what she was doing... If I was suddenly married to Viola she would have no reason to target you anymore. And Viola has so much protection around her right now it's almost ridiculous. My family has close business dealings with the Binx family. So they will put more effort into controlling her and making sure that she does nothing to ruin that."

Aidab sighed, then said, "Viola is alright... i guess... but most importantly you don't have to worry about Michelle anymore..."
Cecile frowned, looking down as he spoke. She was silent, trying to process it before slumping in her posture a little.

"I understand, Aidan...you don't need to explain yourself to me..." But she didn't exactly seem happy about it. "I don't...well I mean, I do get it but...you know that I was a professional hit-witch right? I was friends with a bunch of vampire law enforcers and could have asked them for help. And if you really just wanted money, then...well...you know I come from a good family, right? Sure, I'm not an Iver, but people know of the Delauriers, and being a Veela is...well..."

She looked away.

"Being married to a Veela isn't something sniff at, you know...not that I was planning that but I mean...I don't know...it was something to at least consider. I really liked you."

Played By: Vyreia
Aidan looks down a moment, then looking back up at Cecil he said,

"Well you didn't tell me all that when I first came to you and told you that we shouldn't date anymore. Because it was too dangerous. I thought you were in agreement that everything needed to end. You understood I didn't want you in that position..."
"Yeah, and then we slept together and talked." She said quickly after. "After that, I felt better about it. I thought 'hey, maybe this thing could work after all. Maybe I was just being paranoid for no reason'. But then you dropped off the face of the planet and then suddenly you're engaged to Viola so..."

She downed a large portion of her drink.

"What does it even matter now, anyway? There's no point in even talking about it. You're married with a son, you're an Iver, you have protection, and you're filthy rich."

She looked away. A part of her wanted to use her charm to convince him to go back and fix it. But he'd made his decision with a sound mind, right? She had no right to take that choice away from him.

Played By: Vyreia
Aiden sighed, running his fingers through his hair as he said, " yes well... I was surrounded by people that were convincing me that this was really my only choice. My cousin is very convincing. I didn't really know what to do and there didn't seem to be any time."

He sighed again, then said, "Viola is all right... I guess. Some of the time. I never wanted a kid. But now that he's here, I don't know. I'm getting used to him. And I feel like it might inspire me to do even better in my life. it's interesting. And life isn't dull that's for sure. Although I don't get a lot of sleep."

Aiden yawned at the thought. Then looking back at her he said, "I'm sorry."

What else was there to say?

" I liked you too..." he ended, feeling a bit down about the whole thing.

"I suppose there are a lot of what-ifs between us. But honestly you wouldn't have wanted to be a part of this mess. I would still be sharing a son with Viola. You would be a stepmom to him. Which would mean you would have to deal with his mother constantly. She's not... She can be a bit much... A bit difficult. And then to possibly be dealing with a vampire and her crazy family forever? I don't think you were really thinking out the logistics of this. So you have some friends you think can help you. And they would help you with her extended family? With the other vampires she is possibly created by now? All that so you continue to date me when... Well... we hadn't even really been seeing each other all that long. Might not have been worth it. We might have broken up in a month or two. You and I... if it had been more serious..."

He let his words drift off. He didn't know what to say.
"Please stop." Cecile said quietly, frowning and looking up at him.

"You can stop explaining now. I get it. We're over before we began. Things were unlikely to work out regardless, so this just sped up the inevitable." She shrugged, downing the rest of her drink, wincing a little at the burn before glancing around the room for Kit. "You should get back to your wife."

Played By: Vyreia
"Why?" Said Aidan with a shrug. "I have my whole life to be with her. Trust me," he said with a smile. "It isn't like she's off missing me somewhere."

But seeing how her eyes search the room, looking for an escape in her partner he said, " alright alright... I'll go. You take care of yourself Cecil. I just wanted you to know I hadn't just forgotten about you. And it wasn't about moving on to something better than you."

And with that he took his drink and turned to wander off.
Cecile hummed in response, not looking at him as he left. It hurt. She had really liked him and thought she found someone who genuinely enjoyed her company - not for some story or just because she was a Veela. Aidan was the only one who talked to her like a regular person and put her back in check when she really needed it. And now that was all over.

She saw Kit across the room, and the sudden need to be wanted kicked in. Without realising, her Veela abilities had spiked, hair becoming somewhat feathery and whiter. Many men began to glance over, taking second looks, growing interested much to the distaste of their dates. But Cecile set out to Kit, feeling the eyes on her as she glided across the floor toward him.

He'd just finished speaking to someone, and as he turned, she strode right two him. Her hand snaked up, gripping the back of his head as she surged up, kissing him. It was only a couple of seconds before she was pulling away, taking a hold of his hand and turning to lead the way.

"Forget what I said earlier. You're coming home with me." She stated, starting to pulling him along.

Played By: Vyreia
"I, uhm, What!?" said Kit, trying unsuccessfully to recover from her kiss. "Ok." he said to her order, following along with her for a moment.

Yay! He was going to sleep with a beautiful veela tonight! And she was gorgeous! amazing Sexy!

but suddenly Kit shook his head, coming to his sense a moment. He laughed, then stopping in his tracks and pulling Cecile into an alcove, he said,

"Cecile... Hold on a moment. I am flattered, truly, and that kiss definitely got me turned on but... what is this sudden change? Are you thinking this through? I mean maybe I will hate myself tomorrow, but are you reallythinking about what you want and what you are doing?"
No, she had definitely not thought this through. At all.

"Yes, of course I have. I've been thinking about it all night." Cecile spoke, looking up at him. Surely she didn't need to use her abilities on him, right? But then...wouldn't it just be better? He could be so entranced that maybe he wouldn't remember it too much or hold much weight to it. She didn't know, but she knew she wanted to just stop whatever she was feeling about Aidan.

She placed her hands on her hips.

"The reporter in you is coming out again. Y'know, you just questioning everything really takes the spontaneity out of it. Look, just-" She took a breath, glancing around before looking back to him, lowing her tone further. "Just fucking enjoy me. I thought I could resist but I can't, okay? I can't. I need you to just...just take me home and do some unspeakable things to me."

Played By: Vyreia
Kit closed his eyes a moment and took a deep breath.

Shit... this was hard! Unspeakable things? He was already thinking of a few...

Opening his eyes he looked back at her...But not quite. He actually was looking a little to the left and over her head, "Cecile, listen... You have no idea how hard this is. But you and I have been down this road before. I randomly hook up with you, it seems great, and then it's not in the morning. Because you feel I've always just used you, put other things first, should have been with you when I had the chance... I am not making that same mistake twice. You are my friend, and I care too much about you. "