[Garden] My Heart Is Buried

Viola had been waiting it out at the greeting area, but after some time, she had decided it was time to mingle, or at least get away from some of the less savoury types. Aidan had abandoned her there, anyway, so what did it matter? That...and she had seen someone skulking about that she had been subtly watching over the course of the evening.

But now, she saw him across the garden, and her breath caught a little at the sight. She felt herself become somewhat nervous, something that never happened to her. But despite it, she glanced around to see who was out there, and then approached.

Sidling up next to Gavin, she cleared her throat, glancing up at him.

"I'm surprised you came...well, not really but...I'm surprised you stayed so long." She bit her lip. "You look very handsome tonight. Or every night. You always look...well, you know."

Played By: Vyreia
Gavin had seen her approach, but he hadn't turned his head, waiting until she was near him and speaking before saying in an irritated tone,

"Of course I came... to see if you were really going through with this farce of a wedding!"

Looking at her then he said, "I don't understand... A woman of your interests, passions, intellect, tastes... To tie yourself to a family misfit?"

Gavin shook his head, then crossing his arm and looking away he said, "When the officiant asked if anyone objected I am surprised no one spoke up. I would have... had I thought you had enough common sense to leave."
Viola frowned, looking across the garden. She knew he was mad. She was mad too!

"I wish you had..." She whispered, but soon cleared her throat. "I wish things were as different as you do, but unfortunately, in order for me to fully support Nathan and his plans...this is what I had to do."

She rand her hand through her hair, shaking her head.

"If I hadn't been pregnant...this could have been entirely different, you know...I tried my best to change it, Gavin. I really did."

Played By: Vyreia
"Fully support Nathan's plans?" Gavin sneered. "Fuck Nathan and his plans."

Looking down at her then he said, "You and I were perfect together. You know it. That kiss you shared with Aidan was awkward as hell. No spark at all between you too. The child you could have... left it with the father. Or... given it to some family member to raise as theirs. Or..." Gavin made a scoffing sound and muttered something under his breath.

Looking out across the garden again he said, "You look breath takingly beautiful... but it should have been me up there. I refuse to accept you chose this in your proper state of mind... "
Viola sucked in a breath.

"I know, Gavin. You have to talk like I don't, because I do. I wish it was you. I wish I was going home with you tonight instead of him. And of course I wasn't in my right fucking mind. I'd collapsed, just found out I was seven months pregnant, and then had both Nathan and Ciceron telling me all this horrible shit that could happen if I don't marry Aidan. I was so stupid...I panicked..."

She shook her head, looking away.

"And then out pops the baby and it has bright blue eyes and even looks like him. Even if that's just the newborn thing, Aidan thinks it's definitely his..."

Played By: Vyreia
Gavin rolled his eyes, then said, "Uh huh... sure... so you don't even know who the baby's father is. Fantastic... Just wait until Aidan wizens up and does a paternity test. Then you will be divorced and alone with a baby. the girl who tricked a man into marrying her. Did you think that little scenario through?"
Viola scowled, looking up at Gavin with a sour look.

"Iver's don't divorce and you know that. And he wouldn't want to anyway; he knows what I give him.I'm the only reason he's an Iver right now." She snapped back, crossing her arms even tighter. "Besides, you're going to be just as miserable with some random upper class lady without a brain or any sort of talent or wit. So drop the 'mightier-than-thou' act."

Played By: Vyreia
"That's right!" Gavin snapped back. "But I didn't chose this for myself. You did!"

But suddenly he turned to her, gripping her by the shoulders as he said gruffly, "Why are we fooling ourselves any longer Viola? You know we can't fight our feelings. Run away with me! Now! Before it's too late! You are not stuck in this life! You and I were meant to be!"
Viola gasped, looking up into his eyes, clearly extremely taken aback.

"Gavin!" She yelped as he gripped her, She instinctively brought her hands up to grip his jacket, suddenly finding herself breathless. Yes! She smiled up at him. She wanted to go! She wanted to be taken away from here; she could discreetly send a letter for annulment for Aidan, and then Aidan could decide if he wanted to look after Dorian or not - meanwhile she could be elsewhere with Gavin and-

Her thoughts cut off as she realised she was staring at Gavin, and she forced herself to breathe. The last time she had trusted a wild idea of Gavin's, she had ended up whipped and accused of betrayal. Her heart lurched at the thought, the smile on her lips fading.

"I made a promise to Nathan to make him proud, to support him no matter what. Going with you would break his trust in me and could ruin his claims to power." She said blandly.

Played By: Vyreia
Gavin grit his teeth, then said, "Look me in eyes and tell me you don't want me as much as I want you... How can you live like that? You think if you please Nathan he will take you to his bed when Astrid isn't around? You think you are waiting for an assassin to take her out? what is it?!"

He was angry now. How could this have happened!?
"The child could be his!" She yelled suddenly, without realising the words were even coming out of her mouth. But it was too late now. "I want you more than anyone else - that first dance with you told me everything. I wanted, and still want, you. But then I got pregnant. I panicked and said it couldn't be yours because we didn't do anything like that, but had I said it was, this could have been us but you'd be forced to raise a child that you didn't father."

She was breath hard now, shaking.

"I'm afraid of her, Gavin. I married Aidan to convince Astrid that the baby is his; it would be too convenient if it was you and the baby would be more of a threat to her own. Aidan is a fucking nobody. He's nowhere near our level, so that fact that I married him makes it more convincing that the kid's his. Because if she ever gets the slightest idea that he's Nathan's child then I will literally be brutally torn apart for her viewing pleasure. By marrying Aidan, Nathan has silently agreed to protect me from Astrid. I made a deal, okay? I'm not...I don't want to die..."

Played By: Vyreia
Gavin stared back at Viola. It all made sense now! But that didn't make him feel better about it....

Gavin slowly let her go, then said in a calmer voice, "It isn't right that she should hold so much power over you... so much fear... You didn't sleep with Nathan when he was even engaged to her, right? She can't hold something against you above her own husband."

Looking away from Viola then he said, "You have left me miserable and distracted, day in and day out. You were meant to be mine…" Looking back at her then he stepped into her, quite close before saying in a low voice, "Just give me one kiss then. You look distractingly beautiful. I must have one last kiss to remember you by..."
Viola swallowed thickly.

"I want nothing more than to kiss you..." She glanced to the side. "But not here. If anyone sees us, my life is over and Aidan will be forced to deal with you like any other Iver would have to."

She lifted her chin, lowering her voice.

"I have already spoken to Aidan. I'm free to sleep with who I want providing I'm discreet...if you wanted to...just one last time..." She looked away toward the main building, clearly nervous.

Played By: Vyreia