[South East] Black Halo

Dobby has come to protect Harry Potter, to warn him...

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With the wedding in full swing, Hunter decided that now would be a great time to sneak out. It wasn't too hard given that he had teleportation, but it wasn't exactly easy finding the cracks in the protection spell. All barriers had their weak spots. It just so happened that he's found a couple, and now with the perfect distraction, it was time to get to know his surroundings to their full extent.

He'd first raided the kitchen, helping himself to lamb broth and salmon blinis. He presumed some was made for the servants rather than the guests but food was food. He was fed well, and he of course received regular victims to feed on, but something was missing. Neither the lamb nor the salmon satisfied him. He needed something fresher, hotter, saltier...

He'd glanced around at some of the guests, though none were quite what he was looking for. There was that Lily girl but...no, he needed something more. His search led him upstairs. Something was definitely up here. Screams of pain on one side of the estate, moans of pleasure on the other side. Damn, choices like these were hard. But eventually, he went toward the pleasant sounds, and soon found himself on front of a door. He pressed his ear to it.

Hey, he knew those voices!

Carefully, he lowered himself, peeking through the keyhole. Ah-ha! Egan and Hera were getting it on! Quite passionately too, it seemed. Oh, now he wanted some of that. He reached up, about to take the handle before hearing slight movement behind him. Snapping up, he turned, facing away from the door to where the sound came from.
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Danica did not consider herself a typical weeding guest and so she wandered freely through the halls now. She had ate, danced, chatted with friends, and drank even more, all the time avoiding her husband.. avoiding him and feeling irritated that he had mot come and found her and apologized! So now she really was going to dissapear!

.... actually she was thinking of finding a room to lay down in. She was feeling a bit too dizzy.

But as she walked quietly through the dark halls she began to hear a noise. A bed creaking, voices... were those moans of pleasure? Danica rolled her eyes, intending to walk on by when...! She noticed a dark figure crouched low at the door... No, it was her imagination. Like a child she was seeing monsters in the shadows. She almost laughed aloud at herself, then shifted to continue her walk when...

...The dark figure moved, and then rose up... she felt her heart stop and she was terrified for a moment! Remembering as a child the same fear, walking the halls of her home late at night to get a drink of water and feeling sure she saw monsters!

Ah! But it was only a man. A guest like her, or a servant. But then why did her blood still feel like ice? But not wanting to show her fear she lifted her chin and said, “You nearly gave me a fright. What are you doing skulking about in these halls?”
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Re: [South East] Black Halo

Hunter did not bother to hide the way his eyes scraped over her body, his pupils dark and deep. She was a specimen he's never seen before, slightly unusual compared to other guests around here. Many guests and servants took one look at him and fled, but she was daring enough to speak to him, almost casually so. Nearly gave her a fright? Ha! He could practically hear the way her pulse quickened. He took a heavy step forward, tilting his had at her direction.

"I'm looking for something." He said simply, voice low and gravelly as he took another step forward. "You seem to be doing the same...what do you want?"

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Re: [South East] Black Halo

Danica only lifted her chin higher as she felt the man rake his eyes over her. When he stepped forward the light hit him better and she could see he was not a guest... or a servant. He did not even look like security. Again she felt a little tremor of fear, but she reminded herself that she was being ridiculous. She was in the middle of a wedding that had about a hundreds of guests... true they were not right there but... surely he had a reason for being there. Maybe he was a cat burglar, stealing silver spoons and such, expecting all to remain in the main areas.... which was concerning enough, but at least it explained him!

“I was...” she cleared her throat, then said, “I was... well I was looking for a bed, to lay down on for a bit. This is my cousin’s home som. I know it would be alright. Also the party is beginning to bore me... and I am avoiding my impossible husband. So there is that.”

Looking him over quickly she said, “I should warn you... should you take anything, my cousin Nathan will enact harsh punishment and it will likely not involve calling the law on you.”

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Hunter smirked as he took another step toward her, his eyes lighting up.

"You're afraid of me." He said bluntly, allowing the comment to sit for a lingering moment. He licked his lips, looking her in the eyes.

"You seem to like holding yourself as though you're better than others, right? I can see it...lifting your chin, using your fancy words, trying to feign disinterest. And yet I have done nothing; barely spoke, barely acted, barely even breathed - I simply exist and you are already threatening me with your big, bad cousin. What has you so worked up? If it was truly me, you would be gone by now..."

He lifted a brow.

"Or maybe it is me...but your fear is simply trampled by a lust for knowing. Is that right, little mouse?"

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Re: [South East] Black Halo

Well! This man was certainly presumptuous and impertinent! But was there a hint of truth to his words? Maybe even more than a hit?...

Why was she still standing there, staring back at him?

Danica swallowed, but then said in a haughty tone, "My, you are bold. What if I am a bit curious? That might be so... But little mouse I am not!"

"You clearly do not belong here. And I mean that in more than one sense. Even by your manner of dress and the way you hold yourself. You mean to be on a separate plane from everyone else. But I admit..." she said, looking him over again, "That your look and energy is quite mesmerizing. Reminds me of childish desires I had as a teenager. I was quite drawn to the Gothic look. But while my attitude and mentality remains goth... I do not chose, or feel a need to display it in such an outward manner anymore".

This was true, but there were still hints of her preference. shy typically dressed in dark clothes, and use a good deal of dark eyeliner and makeup, highlighting her pale skin. But gone were the fashionably outlandish goth clothing that she typically wore in her younger days.

But this man now... looked like the living fantasy of her and her other teenage friends through their early 20s.

"I am truly more curious then afraid. Should I be more so?" she asked with a crooked brow, crossing her arms lightly before saying, "Tell me what you are looking for. I know this home well and I am sure I can direct you accordingly."

In the back of her head she wondered... if her dead body was found in the halls, killed by an unknown mad man... would her husband even care? That would show him...

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Hunter found himself smirking at her. So defensive. So adamant not to be seen indulging in him. Perhaps that was part of the reason she was so reluctant to divulge in his approach - although, if she was truly wanting to exit the situation, she simply would. He brought his hand up, fingers tracing across his jaw bone as he let his eyes rake over her again. Was there such an ability to make a person feel as though their clothes were being torn off from a gaze? Perhaps Hunter had it, though his eyes seemed to strip her further, perhaps even visualising her flesh being torn away also.

"You've been suppressed, little mouse." He spoke in response, ignoring her claims not to be a mouse. He tilted his head. "I do not belong here because of the way I look...is that not why you changed it in yourself? Your cousin...Nathan Iver...very particular with his inner circle; it would be such a shame if you stood out for more than a mere moment. Or is it something else? You wish to be remembered for that sharp tongue of yours rather than wearing a little too much black."

He took heavy steps forward again, rolling his shoulders a bit.

"It's been a while, hasn't it? Been a while since you felt truly unnerved by someone...perhaps you are bored. Why else search for somewhere to lie down alone when your big, bad cousin would have pushed for a personal escort. But no, here you are; speaking to a stranger in a dimly lit corridor, your little tongue poking and prodding to get a reaction."

"Instead of you asking what I am searching for here...perhaps I should ask you why you are so insistent on finding out. And don't feed me some bullshit like 'curiosity'...it's more than that. Something deep down, buried in your chest. Perhaps I would be so honoured to help you hack it out for you."

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Daniac felt a little annoyed with the way he refused to directly answer her question. He reminded her of someone but she couldn't think of who... it was definitely someone that annoyed her!

But at the same time... she found her mind going to places that it shouldn't. She felt frozen in time in this dark hall, lit by only a few magical candles here and there on the walls. It was as though they were so separated from the rest of the mansion and that no one else could enter, hear or see them. She could turn and run, and step out of it at any time should she reach the reception area again... but she felt as if this moment would vanish forever... And there was something deep inside of her it was feeding... something she had always had a hunger for but suppressed....

And he was oh, so right... a beautiful party full of light, music, entertainment, food, drink, family and friends!! And she was bored, irritated by it all. Simply wanted to find a cool, dark room to lay down in and let time pass by until the next tiresome function.

Did she speak to get a reaction out of him? Isn't that was she always did? Because anything was better then going through the drill of life. Isn't that why she joined with Nathan? As annoying as he was at least he offered something to sink her teeth into?

When he said that perhaps he would be so honored as to help her hack this something out of her chest, she caught her breath, and felt a tingle go up her spine. There was a part of her that spoke then, telling her to to bid him goodnight and leave. That it really wasn't prudent to stand in dark halls, talking to strange man that had an air of danger and mystery to them. But she hated that part that spoke. That woman was dull, kept her in a mind numbing state. The other part of her of her told her to stay, just a little longer, no matter how forward this man was with her. What was she? A coward? No.

"I do stand out," she said in a clear voice. "To anyone worth notice from myself that it. What I find is that I prefer a more subtle approach rather than waving a flag that says please notice me. I naturally draw the eye as it is. I also like to keep others guessing rather than reveal all. Clearly that is something you can appreciate as you keep from answering my questions or giving me a hint as to who you are. but to answer your question...'

Here she paused, looked off to the side a moment, then looking back at him said, "I hardly know where to begin. It is as if something I have been yearning for my entire life is here, in this dark hall, teasing my thirst one drop at a time. Perhaps it is simply that you speak a truth no one else has dared to say. Or perhaps I have simply had too much to drink. But it's odd how very clear everything feels suddenly." She paused, then said, "What are you?"

She had meant to say "who" are you. But "what" did seem to fit. But even at her own words a fear seemed to brush against her heart like a breeze passing by. He did seem as if he were not even human to her...

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Wesley lifted his chin, thinking for a few moments before deciding what to do with this woman. He smirked, and then strode forward until he was directly in front of her, his dark eyes looking into hers. He seemed to tower over her, close enough to smell her perfume.

"You're only subtle to those too blind to see you. You don't need to be dressed in all black, or speak in vulgar tones, or bite back so viciously for me to notice...I can almost feel the way your heart strains against your ribs."

He pressed his palm to the side of her torso, feeling where her ribs sat in her body.

"What am I?" He smirked a little, the hint of a fang showing. "Why put it into words when I can just show you..."

He brought his hand up, his index finger curling and bringing her chin up as he lowered his tone.

"Scurry away, little mouse, before it's too late..."

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Re: [South East] Black Halo

When he moved towards her suddenly she swayed back slightly... but kept herself from taking a step, and then he touched her side, and her breathing hitched, then as she spotted the fang her moth opened and she said in a breathless voice, “You are a vampire!”

Scurry away little mouse, before it is too late...

She stared up into his eyes. He was so very tall! She wanted to look away but she couldn’t admit to the fear.

“It is already too late...” she said at last. She felt something like tears start to prick her eyes and that made her angry! In a stronger, harder voice she said, “There is something for me in this hall, right here, there must be. And if I run away right now I might as well go to the nearest bridge and throw myself off.”

Reaching a hand up she took hold of his cold wrist and said, “I... am... terrified of you. Only years of practice in self control keep my voice and legs from shaking. But at the same time I have never felt so keenly alive as I do right now. And I feel sick at the thought of running down the hall, back to the light... and then never feeling this sensation again!”

She swallowed hard, then said, “You said that perhaps you would be so honored as to help hack out whatever is buried deep down In my chest. Well I am hoping you will... I just pray that you mean it figuratively.” She added with a bit of a twisted smile.

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Hunter stared down at her. A part of him wanted to act fast, before she had chance to retract her words...but then again, a woman like this was hard to find. It was common for rich girls to want to seek something a little more edgy as a way of rebellion, but he had made it explicitly clear that he was far more than that. And she still wanted to let curiosity reign over her.

If anything, he wanted to indulge, wanting to bath in her fear.

He smirked, slowly bringing his fingers down from her chin, sliding them down her chest to the middle of her breasts. His fingers touched over her skin, pressing a little at her sternum before skirting back up where he loosely held her throat. Hunter tilted his head at her, allowing his other hand to roam her figure.

He leaned down, lips grazing hers as he spoke lowly. "Kiss me."

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Re: [South East] Black Halo

She could not help but to tremble slightly at his touch. But whether it was fear or desire she could hardly tell.

What was she doing?! It was not only the danger... She was married!

...To a husband that suggested divorce at the mere mention of her name not changing... weeks after they were married!

And she could not give up this moment. She could see and feel the kind of man that the stranger was. He had led his life in a way that allowed him to do as he pleased. He did not conform for anyone. He did not hide who he was. Perhaps he did have chains as everyone else... the difference was he wheeled them as weapons

Danica became aware that she was aroused beyond measure. And it was not just the strange man... it was the idea of taking this moment for herself, as reckless and foolish as it was. And if she left now she would hate her life for it.

Besides? Did she have a choice even? She told herself she did not. She only hesitated a moment at his request and then... she kissed him... deeply, her hands reached up and gripped at the lapels on his jacket!

She needed to stop. She had to stop! But if she did this thing in her would remain asleep!

She jerked back suddenly, as though she had been bit, but it was just inches from his lips. She then said, "Tell me your name..."

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Hunter wrapped his arm around her, the hand on her throat shifting to grip the back of her hair. He'd kissed back feverishly, enjoying the feeling of a woman. Sure, he'd requested a few here and there, but they never felt so satisfying; pure fear was only fun for so long. It soon became tiring. It was the conflict of fear he enjoyed.

He lifted a brow as she recoiled, but soon began to smirk at her question.

"Which one?" He retorted, stepping forward until he had her back pressed to the wall, his own body flush against her. He gripped her wrist, pinning it above her head, his other hand trailing back up to her throat, his pupils dilated as he looked down at her. But despite his previous words, he spoke lowly. "Anthony Dane."

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Re: [South East] Black Halo

Anthony Dane... she had never heard the name before. But she was hardly giving it much thought as her wrist was pinned above her head, his hand making it's way slowly to her throat again, his eyes staring into hers... she almost wanted to look away but couldn't seem to! She felt as though the moment she did he would strike like a serpent!

She asked... and he told her his name. She couldn't help but think of the implications. He did not know her. He didn't belong there. He couldn't possibly be so confident that she would not cause trouble for him if she knew his name... but it wouldn't matter if he planned to be the last living soul she ever saw...

He did not think to hide his face either. Maybe that had been his thought all along from the moment he saw her. She would never return to the rest of the world alive...

"If you are going to kill me," she said in a firm, steady tone, "Could you please do it now and stop toying with me Mr Dane? If not... please swear to me my husband will never find out I kissed you. Or even spoke to you."

Perhaps if he realized she had as much to lose by ever mentioning the encounter... which was true!... He might be swayed from thoughts of killing her if that was not his original intention...

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Hunter stared at her, and then began to furrow his brows.

"What a strange woman you are...why would I kill you now when there is so much more to enjoy. I'm helping you hack out your desires...so unless your desire is to be killed, I don't believe I will stop toying with you. But don't you worry your fragile little self," He began, leaning down and licking up her neck before kissing her there, hand starting to roam down to squeeze her thigh. "I don't care enough about your domestic life to be telling your husband."

He hitched up her leg so that it rested on his hip, pressing himself forward as he grazed his teeth on her neck.

"Do me a favour and just drop the tough girl act. Let go."

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