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 #26020  by Melody Quinn Binx
Location: Muggle London - Blue Lagoon: Quiet section/VIP bar • Date: May
Time of Day: 10pm • Weather: Warm

Tonight was the Lagoon's dancers night, which meant Melody was working. Usually Mel loved working, it was fun and she loved the attention she got from dancing, but tonight was different. The young Binx woman had been invited to a big party one of her friends was throwing, and not being able to get her shift covered, she had to work. She wasn't happy at all! But being the professional she is, Mel was able to hide her pissy mood, the entire time she performed she looked like she was happy and enjoying working like she usually did.... Once she got off the stage, however, that was a different story.

Melody went into the back to her dressing room, being a Binx she's lucky to get her own changing room, where the other girls had to share. She freshened herself up, grabbed one of the lacy dressing gowns the dancers had to wear when not on stage, then headed out into the large bar room which was adjoined to the stage area. Michelle had made some adjustments to the club over the years, those who wished to pay a little extra cash to mingle with the dancers after their dances could go into the adjoined bar room.

Mel walked into the large room, music played softly in the background while the customers were all engrossed in their silly little conversations. Thankfully none of the ones who were her 'fans' had spotted her, and so she went straight to the bar. She ordered a strong drink and as she waited for the barman to serve her she spotted a face she was always happy to see.

When Melody's drink was placed in front of her, she picked it up and moved along to the bar until she was standing next to none other than Mark Binx. "Working hard as usual I take it?" she asked, then took a sip of her drink as she waited for his response.
 #26067  by Markus Green
With his wife putting the kids to bed, while he was once again working Mark wasn't happy. He'd been pulling far too many night shifts for a position that really didn't demand them be there that late. They were the book people, people making sure no one was over pouring or stealing. It was the barkeeps and bouncers job to make sure everything else ran smoothly, but Michelle had asked this of him and so he sat at the end of the bar with a soda at his side, going over numbers. silently, glad that the place was semi quiet.

He'd just picked up the glass when he heard someone speak in his direction.
"Uh, yeah. I guess, would rather be putting my two children in bed...but it is what it is." He admitted, only to family or close family friends would he mention the notion of not wanting to be there - for customer service sake and all.

He turned a page, looking back over to her as a thought came to mind.
"And I dare say you look nice tonight." An innocent thing coming from his lips, everyone knew he meant it in a logical honest way; his heart only belonging to one woman in any other way other than simply friendly. Unless you were Whiskey, he'd learned the hard way not to compliment her. She'd turn a complement into a attempt for a night of fun, one he'd denied a few times.
 #26095  by Melody Quinn Binx
Melody gave a little understanding nod over how Mark would rather be putting his kids to bed, she personally would rather be out working than fussing over children. But she understood why other maternal type people felt the opposite way as her. "I bet it's great when you do get to be home with them. I personally would prefer to be the working parent if I ever did have children of my own, I imagine they're kind of annoying and clingy? Doesn't that bother you?"

Melody smirked a little when she was complimented on her appearance. She glanced down at the lacy robe she was wearing to cover her up a little more than what her stage attire did, and said "oh this old thing!?" while waving a dismissive hand. "I just threw on the first thing that was lying around". She laughed a little at her own terrible joke, then took another sip of her drink.

"So tell me..." she started, "if you would rather be at home putting your little ones to bed, why aren't you? Surely the books could have waited until the morning? I reckon Michelle would have understood, wouldn't she? She does after all have two kids of her own, she must understand how important it is to you to be able to go home to your children?" But as Mel didn't know Michelle that well, she was clueless that the vampire wouldn't give a crap. Naturally Michelle cares about Mark, but she didn't care about his kids, she cared more about her club.
 #26096  by Markus Green
His kids annoying and clingy? Never, at least not to him. He was happy his kids could be that way with him, he could never be that way with his own father after all.
"Not in the least, My children are my pride and joy. I was never close with my...original father after all. I'm glad they can be with me." Yet another reason he was glad he never picked up drinking. Soda was just fine with him.

"Then your lay around is just as fancy as my sisters." He laughed, remembering Prue's lay around clothing was more like going out to met friends, he going out to meet friends looking more like a date. He'd never understand that, and he'd stopped trying. Him and his wife seemed to prefer lazy pants and ice cream on a lazy day in.

She obviously didn't know Michelle real well if she was saying that,
"Because Michelle cares more about the numbers," Something he understood to a point. This place kept the Binx family with money coming in, something important to those who would live forever. A fortune didn't last many lifetimes with nothing to keep it in supply.
"She usually give me time off when I ask so I can't say much." Didn't mean he couldn't be annoyed.
 #26124  by Whiskey Binx
Whiskey had been working the bar on the main club side, but when one of her fellow bar staff and friends had given her the heads up that Mark was here too, but he was over on the VIP and dancers side, she soon smirked and decided she'd go find him. "I think I'll take my break now, do you mind?" she asked while noticing the club wasn't too crazy at the moment so taking her break would be fine. To Whiskey's happiness, they said she was fine to leave them. Honestly though, she probably would have still taken her break regardless, she just wanted to seem like she cared.

With a small farewell to her friend, Whiskey headed off to where she knew Mark would be. The second she entered the room she spotted Mark instantly at the bar, and with great-uncle (?) Cairo's daughter. Whiskey rolled her eyes, she wasn't a fan of her cousin, second cousin, so she wasn't thrilled she had to share sexy Mark with her. No matter, she could still spend time with Mark, and so she headed over to the pair.

"Aren't you suppose to be dancing soon, Mel?" she asked, showing just curiosity toward her cousin and trying to keep that bitchy side in her hidden. She turned to Mark and smiled, looking at him made it easy to keep her bitchy side away. "Evening, Mark, do you need a refill on your drink while I'm here? I'm suppose to be on my break, but I'll happily get you a refill if you like?" After their last encounter, she was trying to behave... For now anyway.
 #26126  by Melody Quinn Binx
"Well it sounds like you have it all how you want; the loving, clingy kids, the job that works for your life style? I'm a little jealous!" The only thing Melody was really jealous of was those kids... Yes, she was jealous of toddlers! They had two happy, present parents in their lives who loved them, and if they were clingy and annoying, it seemed it was a good thing to Mark and Ragen. Melody wished Cairo and November were like that. She remembers her dad being caring, but he was busy with work a lot, but he was around. So that was good. Her mother, though, she wasn't around and when she was it wasn't the best. November wasn't the most maternal person, it must be where Melody gets it from.

"Prue has taste and great fashion sense, so of course I sound like her" she smirked, but that smirk soon faltered when she hard Whiskey. Even though Whiskey was trying to be nice, Melody always sensed her cousin never really was that fond of her. She could never understand why either, when they were kids they were like best friends! Miyuki, Mel and Whiskey used to hang out a lot whenever Shiro visited, and when Cairo would take Melody to the manor too. The three of them would hang out, while Winter-Meganza and Niklaus would do their own thing, and then somewhere over the last year Whiskey just seemed distant.

"I've got half an hour before I have to get back on stage" she corrected, then sipped some of her drink and going in silence... An awkward silence. During this silence, there was something else Melody picked up on, not just Whiskey's off-ish vibes, but also Whiskey's vibes toward Mark. Mel had heard Whis had a weird crush on Mark, and she didn't believe it, until now. Perhaps Whiskey's behaviour could be taken as polite and friendliness, but given the family rumour going around, it was hard to think anything innocent.
 #26128  by Markus Green
He laughed a little, his kids weren't lucky to him. Every kid should be that way with their parents, every child should be able to get away with murder with their parents...in a matter of speaking. He had to be careful using that phrase in this family...
"I'm lucky, really. Not everyone has that bond with their children." He spoke honestly. "Me and my wife are lucky to have them as they are lucky to have us."

"She does, and acts like it to." He loved Prue, she was his sister but she could be bratty...and bold...and well...Prue. One had to take her in small doses. If they wanted to stay sane. Whiskeys voice, caused him to get back to his books. He'd been having a nice conversation with the young woman in front of him, talking about his kids and family was nice....getting hit on however was not.
"I'm fine on my drink. Just about done working actually." He said both no wanting to invite anything nor cost the club more money.

Soda while one of the cheapest things to by was bought by Michelle for the club. He didn't chug it down, even when on shift for this reason. Michelle even told him he could, that he worked hard enough it didn't matter if he did. Didn't mean he took the offer though, plus. He didn't want to drink so much caffeine that he and Rae couldn't have a relaxing night once he got home.
"And what's it to you what her schedule is? You should worry about yourself." He calmly explained.
 #26130  by Whiskey Binx
Whiskey raised a bit of a snooty brow at Melody's reply, she couldn't help herself because that wasn't the response she wanted to hear. Her brow and nose went up as she turned her attention back to Mark, she didn't even bother verbally giving her cousin a response.

"Aww, Mark, are you still upset about what went down between you and my father?" Johnny had behaved harshly, but in his defence he was sticking up for his daughter... Even if his daughter was being really inappropriate. "I didn't mean to cause so much drama, I was just.. I..." she gave a little shrug as she didn't know what to say, she couldn't very well blurt out 'I was just behaving like that because I like you', because that's wrong! This man is as good as an uncle to her. So, it was very wrong.
 #26132  by Michelle Binx
And then another female Binx came on the scene. "Melody!" shouted a stressed out Michelle. "Marisha had to leave early, something about her father being attacked, or some boring excuse. That means your break is over, so get your skinny butt back on stage". Binxy soon had her sights set on Whiskey and Mark, and remembering the gossip that had been going around the club about Whiskey's behaviour the last time she was around Mark, Binxy instantly went over.

"You had better be behaving yourself, Whiskey" she said sternly to her niece. She then looked to Mark and her whole attitude had softened. "I just spoke to your wife..." Seeing as the Blue Lagoon has to do some business with muggle breweries to get muggle branded booze in, Misty has always had a muggle telephone installed in the club, and Ragen being raised by a muggle born, she too naturally has a phone at home and had called into the club. "She was telling me that mudblood mother of hers agreed to babysit so she's coming here to meet you".
 #26133  by Melody Quinn Binx
Melody frowned when Whiskey ignored her, but when she heard Mark come to her defence a small smile was soon back on her features.

When Michelle appeared out of nowhere shouting that Mel had to cut her break short because one of the other dancers had to leave because of a family emergency, Mel sighed. "Alright!" she replied to Michelle, then looked to Mark. "Maybe we can finish talking about family life tomorrow night, I'll be working again". She smiled a farewell to Mark, glared at Whiskey, then headed off back to the stage.
 #26143  by Markus Green
"Whiskey, I really don't want to talk about this." He mused, looking up at her for the first time that night. And he didn't, He didn't need to rehash that whole event in the least...or remember his wife trying to calm him down after it. She was glad he was loyal, that wasn't the problem. He felt like he acted like a girl and he was supposed to be the rock of the family, that was the problem.

"I'd like that," He said, holding back the fact Michelle had just treated a family member like a random worker. He wouldn't say anything though, she did sign the paycheck he brought home. Not that he needed it, Seth had left Benji and Mark enough money to live without this job. He simply liked having something to keep himself busy with, aside from family. And it allowed him and his brother to remain close as well.
"I'd not call her mother that in front of her." He said, knowing his wife would have a bit hearing that. "But thank you, it will be nice to see her." He added.

A paused,
"Actually I wanted to ask you something." He turned the chair slightly. "I want to take the kids to Japan, to see Shiro and Hiro next month. Think you can spare me some time to do that?" She'd never told him no unless someone was stealing and she needed both Benji and him on deck, but it was respectful to ask, rather than assume.
 #26251  by Michelle Binx
"Family life?" she repeated what Melody had said to Mark, under her breath though as she didn't really mean to say it out loud for anyone else. Her next words however were aimed directly at Mark. "What is she talking about? She doesn't fancy you too does she!? Because the Melody I know is not interested in family life".

Binxy was soon raising a brow when Mark had pointed out that she should probably not call Nicole a mudblood in front of Ragen. She looked his face over, studying his expression with curiosity spread all over hers. "Oh?" she said while slowly starting to show a mischievous smirk. "Do you really think she could do anything to me if I did say that in front of her? No offence, Marky, but I could probably end your wife's life with just using my pinky finger... Of course I wouldn't!" she held her hands up defensively, "just for you. You mean too much to me to cause you that kind of pain. But if I wanted to call Nicole a mudblood and Ragen was in earshot, she couldn't do anything to me".

She held her gaze on him for a moment, then added "but because I like you sooooo much, I'll try and not call her mother that in front of her".

Binxy gave Mark a curious look when he asked for some time off to take his kids to Japan. "Why? I mean of course, go! I don't mind, Benji probably wouldn't mind either as he'll cover your shifts. But why do the children need to see Shiro and Hiro? I would have thought that would be something Shiro wouldn't be into? Or is it really just Hiro you're seeing, and Shiro will just be there because he lives there?"
 #26252  by Whiskey Binx
This just got super boring to Whiskey. With a heavy sigh and an eye roll, she got up and went back to the main bar to continue her shift. Maybe she'd catch Mark a little later on and she could try it on with him then. With Michelle around and having her attentions on Mark, there was just no chance Whiskey was getting near him. So she left.