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Ermentrude Osbjornsdotter, The Blood Moon Inn

Fleur Du Sang Vampire ★ Server
Location: The Bar • Date: 27 June 2003

Ermentrude piled another dirty glass onto her tray, swinging the jumble up onto her hand to march it back behind the bar. She swerved around a gaggle of rowdy drinkers, being careful to avoid the flailing limbs as a portly fellow regaled his mates with some tall tale. It was a Friday night, and the Inn's bar was packed.

Preferring the calmer week nights, when Erme could spare a few moments to socialize with the guests in the booths and at the tables. She'd taken this job to be around humans - mortals were so fascinating. They were always so dramatic. Everything was life and death, and it was one of Erme's favorite past times to listen to their tales of woe and try to offer her support - no matter if it was wanted, or not. Tonight, though, was too busy for such dalliances.

Erme skirted around the side of the bar and began emptying her overloaded tray into the charmed sink that would take care of the dirty work. She glanced up and over the crowd, trying to determine the room's mood. With the kinds of crowds the Inn drew, it was always a toss up whether the night would go smoothly when it was full like this. Erme never really knew whether she wanted a dust up or not. On the one hand - entertainment. On the other - it created more work for her. Tonight was so far so good. But who knew for long that would last.

Played By: Sammy
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Blain Tudor, Knockturn Betting Co.

Magical ★ Debt Collector
"I'm telling you mate, he's not just going to hand it over. Why do you think they assign me to these jobs?" Actually why hadn't they assigned him to the case he had been drilling his co-worker about as they walked down the dark streets. The gruff looking man, took a seat at the bar itself making his point of him never sitting at a table obvious to the gentlemen with him.
"He's gonna fight it, They always do."

As the barkeep, a tall, broody fellow took his order he looked around.
"Quiet in here."
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Dillian Smith, The Blood Moon Inn

Werewolf Magical ★ Bartender
"Because we keep order." He said roughly, the full moon was soon and while his lovely little co-worker; the one helping him ensure his supply of he one potion that kept him same when he turned was having fun with the mortals, the full moon was soon for him and it was making him grumpy and not in the mood.

Passing the drink over, he looked at his co-worker who was doing her rounds. Everyone served up to date, he took the chance.
"Going out for a quick one." He grabbed his jacket, least where he thought he had put is. "Emm...where is my jacket?"

Played By: Maki