Created after the unification of several Anglo-Saxon kingdoms, England still has many witches and wizards intermingling with non-magical folk.

Ermentrude Osbjornsdotter, Vagabond

Fleur Du Sang Vampire ★
Location: Just off the road, in the forest outside a small village • Date: 10 May

It would be dawn, soon. Even though Spring was in full swing the breeze was chilly in the early morning hours, though Ermentrude did not feel it. She'd been walking for days on her way back from the north to London, and while the chill was no matter to her undead skin she could not walk forever. She would need to find a place to spend the day, somewhere out of the sun and preferably out of the way of nosy passersby. She could see the small village in the distance from atop the hill where she'd perched herself on a felled log just off the road that led to London.

It was small, there wasn't likely to be an inn where she could hunker until it was safe to travel again. And the forest cover wasn't thick enough to shield her naturally from the light of day. With any luck, she'd find an abandoned cabin nearby. But, unlike the cold, she could feel pain. And her feet were killing her. So her search for shelter would have to wait - at least for a moment. The dawn was another several hours off. She'd be safe, for now. Lest someone happen along her and distract her from what needed doing.

Played By: Sammy