Simon stared from Marcus to Jodie before spluttering out,

“But I am busy at the moment. Why can’t you do it?”

Really... it shouldn’t have been a big deal at all, but... well it just felt so damn awkward?!
“Does it look like I care?” said Marcus impatiently. “I have a thousands things to do today, Bowden and Ramazanov aren’t setting foot back on this property, so Caleb and I are up to our ears in work, and trying to work with these bloody ex assasins to make sure they are up to speed before the last of us leave.”

Motioning towards Jodie he said, “All you need to do is escort her out to the tower and if no one is there yet wait with her until someone arrives.”

Holding up a hand quickly as Simon began to open his mouth, he said, “It’s not up for debate Cleary. Do it now.”

He then turn on his heals and marched down the hall away from the two.
Simon shook his head, waiting until Marcus was out of view before saying, “A man gets a little power and that’s the results...” he shook his head at Jodie, then added,

“The one place I was trying to avoid. The Tower....” but as realisation hit him he said, “Why... am I taking you to the Tower?”

He suddenly had a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach...
Jodie watched Marcus leave, and then looked back to Simon.

"I'm not...entirely sure? Mistress Iver informed me in a note that I would be spending a week there as a punishment for my actions. Apparently I'm going to assist Viola in her experiments." She shrugged.

She straightened her cloak and nodded to him.

"I'm sure it won't be that bad - I'll likely just be bored measuring out some ingredients. Probably just awkward more than anything. I've heard Mr Iver can be strict with assistants."

Played By: Vyreia
But Simon visibly paled, then stammering he said,

“Jodie I’m sorry, I’m... so, so sorry! I didn’t know I...! This isn’t fair. You were following my direction!”

Pulling her into a side hall then he said, “Listen, whatever you do... Viola can seem friendly, chatty... don’t tell her we were ever friends, or that we slept together. If anything tell her you don’t like me much...”

Looking off to the side then he said, “Which is probably the truth anyway. I certainly did not return your offer of friendship well.” Looking back at her the he said, “And I am so very sorry for that.”
Jodie furrowed her brows, a little taken back by his reaction. She allowed herself to be pulled to the side, still confused.

"Simon, what are you talking about? What are you bringing all that up for? Why are you saying you're so sorry?"

She gave a small smile, lifting her hand up and placing it on his shoulder, squeezing a little.

"Hey it's only a week. If you still want to be friends after, then the offer still stands. Like I said; it will likely just be boring more than anything else. One of Astrid's better punishments from what I've seen. Thank Merlin I'm not being sent to the rings." She heaved a breath. "That would have been bad. She must have seen that we were only trying to warn her."

She smiled back to him.

"Try not to worry too much. It'll be alright."

Played By: Vyreia
“No, you don’t understand!l said Simon vehemently, “You are replacing Petrolina. Petrolina was sent there for causing issues in their marriage. And she is dead now. Because she would rather be dead then keep being used that way! Jodie...” he said, placing a hand on her shoulder,

“She was experimented on. Do you know what they do in that tower? Dark arts...”

Dropping his hand and turning away he said, “I will make this right. I will speak to Astrid. I need her to understand this is not your fault...”
Jodie stared at him. Wait, what!?

"N-no, that can't be right. Petra is dead!? Oh no, oh Merlin, no." She began to pace, running her hands through her curls. "Are they going to kill me too? What am I supposed to do-"

She saw in the corner of her eye as Simon began to turn away.

"How do you know all this? Who told you? Does Astrid know? Oh Merlin...she's going to flip when she finds out what Nathan and Viola have done!"

Played By: Vyreia
“No! No,no!” Said Simon, holding a finger to Jodies mouth, “Shhhh... not so loud. No. I said she chose death. She chose it. Viola and Nathan didn’t kill her. She is dead by her own choice. And I am not saying they are going to kill you, or even do half the messed up thing to you they did to her. I don’t know. But I am saying assist does not mean what you think it means. Just... do what they say and don’t step on any toes and... like I said. I will try to get you out of this. I just need to speak to Mrs Iver. And yes. She knows Petra is dead. Her body was already found yesterday. I guess the word just isn’t out yet... Come on,” he said motioning her to follow.

“The sooner I bring you there the sooner I can talk to her about this misunderstanding. I would have at the time but... clearly I couldn’t have done that then.”
Simon opened the door and began to lead the way across the lawn as he heard Jodie’s question. Spinning on his heels he snapped, saying, “Didn’t anyone ever tell you it’s foolish to ask questions about a body?! How are you still alive? She’s dead, the end!”

He turned back, stalking on, but after a moment he slowed his pace to walk beside her, then said, “I’m sorry. I’m dealing with a lot right now. But you don’t deserve that. “

Looking strait ahead into the growing darkness he said, “I did. On Astrid’s orders. I was told to give her a choice. Carry on.... or end it. She chose to end it. I didn’t murder her. I was simply acting as an angel of death.” He paused, then said, “It’s only a week. Not the same thing... and you won’t be there a week if I can help it...”
Jodie flinched at the outburst, but continued to walk, waiting for the area to quieten around them. At his next words, she took a breath.

She reached out, lacing her fingers with his and pulling him to stop, her hand squeezing his. She looked into his eyes, expression softening.

"I know. You'll do your best, I'm sure. But I'm not her. Nathan has nothing to be angry at me for, and Viola doesn't know me." Before Simon's eyes, Jodie began to change slightly; her eyes seemed to droop, skin greyed, hair became limp.

She was still not hideous, but had little quirks to take away from her original appearance.

"She will have nothing to hurt me for."

Played By: Vyreia