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When Ciceron had arrived at the tower he had found it oddly empty and silent. No Petra, no Viola, and no Nathan... which was not necessarily a bad thing. It meant more time to work on his own little projects. The ones he could work on if Nathan and Viola were not pulling on his time for their own interests. But some hours into the silence...

The wooden door buckled, and then blew to pieces, sending shards across the room! Two potion bottles were hit, splattering their contents on the floor...

Nathan stepped through the empty doorway, his face in a rage, thin tendrils of what looked like black smoke rose from his hands.

He strode to the middle of the room, not even seeming to see Ciceron. Once there he closed his eyes, and pressed the palms of his hands together, looking for a moment as though he were entering a meditative state. And then...

“Take cover....” Nathan said in a low voice as though to himself, but if Ciceron were wise? He would do exactly that, because not ten second later... every single glass vile, jar, caldron of potion shattered! All of the potions and ingredients they had been building up, working on, gone as they either blended together on the floor, were ruined by contact with the air, or burst into clouds of smoke!

Opening his eyes slowly then he looked about. His eyes were a solid black for a moment before returning to normal. He then said,

“If I could harness and control such anger and hatred to use at will... I would be the most powerful Dark wizard alive.... or perhaps dead from an internal explosion. It’s hard to say.”

He felt oddly indifferent towards what he had done, but there had been a release of sorts. Viola would be pissed when she saw.

Good. She deserved it. She was partly to blame for this. Ah... there went the indifference towards the disaster...
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Ciceron had certainly been enjoying the silence for a little, but of course, it was likely not to last. And just on queue was the crash of the door. He watched the scene play out, pure confusion stricken over his face. At Nathan's words, Ciceron gasped a little, jumping behind the desk as the potions burst in their flasks and glasses. When the room was filled with silence again, he stood up, eyeballing the mess.

"You're really set on making me the maid, aren't you?" He asked absently, sighing at the state of the room.

He looked back to Nathan, an expectant look on his face.

"I don't suppose you want to crack out the brandy, do you?"

He felt like he needed it after witnessing that.
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It was a good thing Ciceron responded how he did, other wise his head might have been the next thing to shatter. No mention of the astronomical expense, the man hours they had put into this. No... just a question about brandy.

Usually when they were in the tower working they all stuck to water, tea, or coffee. It was an unspoken rule. It was only special occasions, such as the completion of a project, that they might break out a celibratory drink.

This was definitly a special occasion.

“Fetch it.” said Nathan. Thankfully the small chest that had the bottles of liqueur in it was in the next room.

The center of the room where Nathan stood was raised a step off the floor. Nathan walked to the edge where he sat down, waiting for Ciceron. When the other man returned with the bottle and two glasses Nathan eyed it, then said,

“Pour me a glass.”

He waited in silence as the other complied before taking it, downing the entire contents, (which was completely out of character as Nathan did not “down” expensive brandy) then handing it back to Ciceron he said, “You are fired as my marriage councillor.”

He paused a moment, then added. “But I will keep you on as my personal seer... You were right to worry that she would find out about Viola... because she did.... Some how you knew.”
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Ciceron started to refill Nathan's glass and hand it back, remained rather stoic about the situation. Best not to poke the bear until-

Ah. He was already willing to talk. Ciceron nodded, taking a seat of his own.

"She's a woman. They always find out, Seers or not. Believe me, there are things that I am concerned about Danica finding out about that I'm sure won't remain a secret forever...I dread that day. But as you keeps says." He shrugged. "Ivers don't divorce."

Although, that didn't stop him being concerned over Danica's reactions to some things.

"So...it didn't go well?"
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Nathan glared at Ciceron, then said, “What do you think?”

He took a sip from the new glass, then said, “It went terrible. I did everything you said as well. Said I was sorry, that I loved her... not only that but I really meant it too. But although it actually produced a tear from her eyes... a rare thing when it comes to Astrid... she was as stubborn as always. Told me she didn’t know if she could ever forgive me, wants me to suffer as she has, and so on and so forth.”

Nathan took another sip of his drink, then added, “ She wants me to figure out how to make it up to her. And I don’t have the slightest idea. I am pretty sure there is nothing, but she wants me running around like a fool trying to figure it out.”

He finished off his drink, then passing the glass back to Ciceron he said, “You are falling behind me.”
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Ciceron pursed his lips, and then drank his glass down, wincing. Not so much at the burn, but more that he had just downed expensive Brandy. This bottle cost far too much to be drinking it like juice. But regardless, he poured himself another as to catch up with Nathan.

"Well...perhaps she will give you some hints after a little time to think about it. I think she's telling you that because she wants you to actually consider her feelings when making decisions? I'm not sure...I can't really help you with that as I don't know Astrid. I barely know how I would make it up to Danica."

Ciceron shrugged.

"I wouldn't run around like a fool...she wasn't attracted to you because you're a fool, nor has she ever shown you that she wants you to be a fool. Not that I've seen, anyway. Maybe take her to an exclusive show or out to dinner, maybe make a real effort with something she has an interest in. Or you can sit and pout until she takes pity on you..."
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“That was the general plan...” said Nathan in an irritated tone.

He took a slower sip of the brandy, then making a face added, “You think she wants me to romance her? Hah... you don’t know my wife. You think I could win her back with a romantic evening out and a few flowers? Hah... not likely. No...”

Nathan finished his drink, then staring across the room said, “She is a complicated woman... the most complicated I have ever been with. Even more so then Viola. It will have to be something complicated... and devious... outside the box...”

Nathan picked up the bottle, took a swig, then said,

“If only she had a lover I could fight and kill... see now that is more like it.”

Nathan poured himself another glass, then said, “But she doesn’t have a lover... or else she would not have reacted as she did. Perhaps that is what she wants. Make us even some how. I could send her a pretty man with a bow ribbon wrapped around him... No... studded collar on his neck. With a note telling her to enjoy.”

Nathan chuckled darkly into his glass, of course not really meaning to do this, but then turning to look at Ciceron a moment he said,

“All I need is someone both pretty and loyal to me... Ron. Would you do it if I asked you? Would you bed my wife if it would make us happy? And save our marriage.
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"And risk my wife castrating me? Definitely not. And you wouldn't want that either; you're just saying that because you're at a loss of what to do." He commented, really hoping he wasn't ordered to do just that.

This time, he drank down a hefty amount of brandy, taking the bottle back to refill.

"I never said a romantic evening and flowers. I don't know what tickles he fancy, but I know for a fact that it's not that. She would likely appreciate a threesome or one those erm...what do you call them?" He clicked his fingers, trying to remember. "The live sex shows or something. You know the ones."

He waved his hand dismissively.

"Or y'know...you could just punish Viola or someone else she hates in front of her."
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Nathan rolled his eyes at Ciceron’s excuse.

Danica would be fine..” he muttered. But as Ciceron went on he nodded, then said, “She doesn’t want Viola punished. She said this. Said she would know there was no point as she didn’t do anything. Plus she did that already.... more than that it’s the easy way out. Punish Viola!... no...”

Nathan tapped the rim of his glass thoughtfully as he looked at Ciceron, then said, “but she does like a good sex show... But then I already offered her one now didn’t I? Ah... but you don’t know. You see, when we first married she wanted to be entertained.” Nathan had clearly had too much to drink as he continued on with the private story!

“She wanted to see me enjoy her servant Petra... this was after Petra’s transgressions you see. I suppose it had something to do with Petra’s hate for me and my own feelings towards her. Anyway... this twisted senario amused Astrid at the time. I didn’t comply. Mostly because she basically ordered me to do it and no wife of mine orders me to do anything,” Nathan flashed a glare at Ciceron, dareing him to say anything before adding, “But I did offer to do this very thing if she was still up for it, but no... said something about not wanting to see another woman enjoy me any more.. hah, as if Petra would have enjoyed it...”

But pausing to smirk Nathan added, “Oh who are we fooling. Of course Petra would have enjoyed it. This is me we are talking about...” he then took another swig of his drink before saying,

“But a threesome... do you think she would like that? With a woman of course... yes... I would be up for it. Who do you think she would like? A mysterious beautiful stranger? Or someone we know...” looking thoughtfully at Ciceron he said, “Maybe you could talk to her and find out who she would want...”
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Ciceron blinked. That was really not an appropriate story to be told. Though it did clear some things up, he supposed. He always thought she and Petra seemed a little too close...

But at Nathan's suggestion, his eyes widened.

"You want me to ask who she would want a threesome with? Isn't that a little...weird? I barely know her...perhaps Danica would be a better option. Women speak to each other more openly, I'm sure; I wouldn't want her to think I'm a pervert and have you punish me instead. I'd rather not be a part of that, thanks. But Danica knows her somewhat...maybe they could go on some sister-in-law bonding?"

Ciceron sat back, taking a long drink.

"What if she wants a man? You wouldn't do it even if it was the only thing to make her happy?"
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Nathan was quiet a moment, sipping his drink, but finally he said, “I would have to be very, very drunk... even then I am not sure.”

Looking at Ciceron with a disapproving grimace he said, “What kind of question is that anyway? If you loved Danica and wanted to save your marriage would you have a three some with a- Oh who are we kidding...” Nathan said with a dismissive wave of the hand. “Of course you would. We both know you are a closet bi-sexual...”
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Ciceron snorted into his glass mid-drink.

"I'm what!?" He retorted, wide-eyed. "I most certainly am not! I have nothing but pure appreciation for the female form and only the female form! I've never, in my entire life, been remotely tempted to-"

And then he remembered the time Dice blackmailed him to get on his knees and return the favour from an issue with Kyle. It had never transpired but...Ciceron did remember getting on his knees and accepting the disgusting fate before Dice laughed and called it off.

His face paled.

"I would never." He repeated. "I am far too fond of Danica..."

There was a slight pause before he spoke again.

"Do you have any cigarettes?"
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Nathan reached into his pocket and pulled out the solver case, handing it to Ciceron as he said,

“Oh come now... no reason to be so coy with me. Why else would you have hated Kyle and Dice with such a passion for being how they are?” Looking up thoughtfully he said, “Well... You have a point with Dice. But Kyle? An upstanding lad like him?”

Taking back the case when Ciceron finished, and helping himself to a cigarette as well, he said, “We both know there was a time you would have gotten down on your knees and polished my knob had I asked you too...”

Nathan then began to light up.
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Ciceron winced at the comment. Drunk Nathan was far too loose-lipped for Ciceron's tastes. Not that his tastes mattered! He took a long drag, sputtering a little from lack of experience before looking back to Nathan.

Once again, he downed the rest of his glass and re-poured.

"Oh please. You think that of everybody - even Robin Bloody Glover would in your mind because apparently you're oh-so-irresistible." He took another drag before blowing out slowly. "I was young and naive and mourning Emilia. I was desperate to be in your good graces; does that mean I'm questioning my sexuality? Absolutely not. It means I would do anything to get to the top."

Why...had he admitted that. He swallowed another gulp of brandy.

"It's the same how you planned to marry June Iver. She was related, but anything to get to the top, right? It isn't like you have a specific fetish for your cousins...it's just to get more power under your belt." He stayed quiet for a moment. "You and Viola are likely the only ones that understand my standing on that...not that it matters anymore, but you two got it. I don't know how you feel about it on a personal level...but Viola gets the appeal in its entirety. She liked it with me, you know."
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When Ciceron tried to brush off his coment by saying Nathan thought everyone wanted him, even Robin, Nathan merely shrugged, then said,

“I am sure she has had a wet dream or two about me...”

Then when Ciceron admitted he had indeed once been in a place where he would do anything to get on top Nathan rose a brow, then said quietly,

“Yes... I know...”

But as Ciceron went on, trying to compare a marriage to June with that Nathan chuckled slightly, then said, “You can hardly compare. I wanted to marry June because she was a very good match for me. June was rather like an ideal blend of Astrid and Viola. She embraced the dark arts, loved to invent, had an interest in magical herbology.... but she was more level headed and business minded like Astrid. Ruthless like her too and she did not have the insanity of Viola. She simply made sense as a partner since we worked well together in our various adventures but... it would not have been the ideal marriage politically as my current marriage to Astrid is. As for understanding you?”

Nathan took a,long drag, looked up thoughtfully, then blowing it out said, “I only understand Viola is a beautiful, seductive woman in many ways. But I had no romantic feelings towards my cousin. Never kissed her. Not even when I proposed. She was my cousin... what kind of sicko do you think I am?” He said with a smirk.

He knew very well how odd his words sounded.

Motioning toward Ciceron then he said, “Alright... I can understand at times having a bit of a crush on a cousin, especially when younger. I am pretty sure Danica had a crush on me when I was a teenager.”

He gave Ciceron a sly smile, then said, “Or maybe that is just me thinking everyone wants me again. But I don’t understand you liking someone sexually because they are your cousin. I only understand one might despite them being your cousin, which is a turn off in itself if your brain is working properly... but now you will have to explain,” he said, looking curiously at Ciceron. “Because I hadn’t really thought of the fact that we had shared the same woman before. Or I did... I suppose it did bother me at the time but... how did you find her to be with you? With me she was quite irritating. She was far to obsessed with bragging about herself and how she would be the best I ever had rather than putting in any effort to be the best. But maybe it was different with you...”

He then looked expectantly at Ciceron. He really did expect him to explain it out in detail...