A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #25435  by Michelle La Fratta
Location: Kelu'lsiet Day Spa • Date: 9 May 2003

Michelle sat quietly in her rob as she waited for her massage therapist to take her to one of the rooms. The Nova Scotian city was a lot sleepier than what she was used to in Milan or Paris, but she welcomed the quieter atmosphere. She felt even more relaxed in the spa than she did at one of the ultra ritzy places she liked to go to. Michelle sipped her green tea quietly as she flipped through the pages of a book about the Yukon territory.

It had been awhile since she'd been to North America. The United States had been an experience to say the least. Now it was Canada's turn. The more she talked with Luca about her dream, the more information Michelle collected on the Yukon settlement out west. She wanted to familiarize herself with the rest of the country before heading that far north.
 #26505  by Gina Batsu
There were vey few places the woman could go without someone stopping her, though this place seemed to be one place she could go and relax for a day. After being processed and changing, the woman walked into the waiting room with her manager behind her the two speaking in Korean about a meeting she had the next day. The woman listened to what she needed to, looking around a bit after confirming the time and date of the meeting.

"Nice country." The woman simply said, her hands in her lap like a lady. "Close to nature." She added. Though she'd never live in Yukon, she had taken a few trips there. All went well, and she always seemed to go back.
 #27107  by Michelle La Fratta
Michelle put her book down when someone spoke. She smiled at the other woman. "Isn't it?" she asked. "I feel like the air is cleaner here too, but I also live near Paris so that doesn't say much."

She placed a book marker in between the pages she was on before putting the book away behind her. "It's my first time to Nova Scotia or Canada in general. I might make it a habit. Do you live around here?"
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"Korea, But I do have a summer home here." She added, It was one of three....somewhere to stay other than an hotel room when she traveled, but she wasn't going to add that in. She did have some tact after all.
"It's on the edge of a little lake, tree's giving it shade." She gave some detail.

She chuckled,
"Korea isn't much better in air quality...but I've been to Hawaii here and honestly? I'd say this area does have fresher air if you compare the two." Hawaii was known for its fresh air and beautiful flowers, Though this place still beating it in air quality in her opinion.
"I'd say go for it," She smiled. "You won't regret it,"
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"Hm?" Michelle asked. She then picked up her book.

"Oh this place? I've been meaning to for the longest time. I'm not the camping type, but it's just so remote and, frankly, I need that kind of silence right now." She placed the book down again. "Sorry, my name is Michelle." She stuck her hand out towards the young woman to shake her hand.
 #27894  by Gina Batsu
She nodded, not exactly meaning camping by what she was saying...she didn't camp. It would ruin her perfect skin...didn't have running water when camping...the list went on. She could see why this woman didn't want to camp either, one needed running water and a stove for good food.
"There are places to rent, no camping included." She smiled.

She looked at the hand for a second, before flashing a smile and taking it gently before letting go just as gracefully.
"Gina Batsu." She replied. "Pleased to meet you."