Location: Constellation Plaza Mall • Date: May 5

Noelani wove in and out amongst the shoppers, thankful for her short stature. She was supposed to meet a couple of friends, but the all was crowded and she couldn't find them. Finally, there was a break in the crowd and she was able to take a moment to breathe.

"Hey, watch it!" she chirped as someone brushed past her, knocking her elbow. They didn't turn around, though, and the teenager sighed. Then she took a glance around, at the stores that were around her. A high end jewelry store, a hobby shop, and a bath and body shop. Obviously she went into the third option, going immediately to the fragrances to sniff at them.

Played By: TyrellRose
No, he didn't. And wouldn't, actually. The grump of a man he was, The same grump who had been nice enough to stop the car on their way home so Hiro could get his daughter a gift had no time nor a need to talk to anyone. Other than his boyfriend.
"You raised her, and you don't know what she likes?" He questioned pulling a tuff of his charmed black hair behind his pale earlobe, sweater stiff on his knuckles.
Noelani continued to browse, picking up bottles of body mist and unscrewing the tops, sniffing at the scents. One caught her attention and she brightened up. It smelled exactly like the beach, so the teen screwed the cap back on and sprayed it in the air, ready to walk through it and see if it smelled good on her too. Unfortunately, she didn't notice the man in front of her until it was too late as the cloud of fragrant mist wafted around him too.

"Oh gosh, I'm sorry!" she exclaimed, immediately penitent as she forgot to walk through the mist and instead quickly shoved the bottle back on the shelf.

At least the air smelled like the beach now?

Played By: TyrellRose
'Well I-' The scent soaked into their clothes, Shiro's sweater and silk slacks beginning to smell like a nice day on the beach - somewhere you'd never see him. Too hot, he didn't like showing skin and...more importantly he wasn't a woman. Needles to say both men smelled the change.
'Well if I didn't know you played for-' "Watch it, Kawazaki." The shorter man quickly countered. Lover or not, that would not fly.

"Don't know how to look around before you spray?" His words blunt, to the point...but oddly not violent. For something that would normally be rude, the man was almost polite in tone.
Noelani pressed her lips together, her hands wringing around each other. "I mean... this is a body shop... it's kind of... expected that people are spraying stuff...?" she said, her words coming out in quick, disjointed bursts as she tried to muster up the confidence to talk to him. "But I really am sorry..."

Played By: TyrellRose
"I see, so social protocol doesn't apply in a body shop." Hiro now grabbing his arm in attempt to keep them moving, pointing to another spray. Saying something about a young girl liking the scent of roses. Shiro looked over at the bottle, for just a second before giving Hiro a look.
"And she'll spray my daughter with it, I don't need my daughter smelling like roses." He didn't want his daughter getting into anything that might attract a little 'boyfriend', something most people found cute in 5 year old. Something not serious. Shiro's mind was already thinking that even if she was five that would just be the start of missing bodies.

"Be more careful." He turned back to his fiancé, "Again, not roses. Maybe cotton candy."
"It's not that social protocol doesn't apply, it's just... different protocol," Noelani countered, not sure where the burst of confidence came from. "Look, I said I was sorry..."

She turned away, running her fingers along the bottles of body mist until she found one that was labelled 'Warm Vanilla Sugar'. Curious, Noelani unscrewed the cap and took a sniff, then grinned. "Hey!" she chirped, turning to face the two men again, "What about this?" She gestured towards the display. She had overheard him say something about a daughter, and the vanilla scent was one she had liked when she had been younger.

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Another comment snuck into his head, His obvious power trip starting from 1996 not wanting him to let her or anyone win. The fire in his bones still fighting to stay afloat, and while Hiro Seemed to understand that any comment he had in his mind was forced to the sidelines when Hiro pointed where the girl did. As if to ask permission for his daughter...no daughters to smell like vanilla instead. He didn't understand why anyone would want to sell like ice cream either....but he had to admit it was a lot better than roses.

His gloved hands took one of the samples, handing it to Hiro.
"You try it, I'd rather not go into the house to hear Yoru's commentary on smelling like a female." Hiro taking it with a chuckle, spraying himself.

'it'll be perfect.', A slight shaking of the shorter ones head turned back to the girl. "Seems he likes it, Thanks for the help." And now they could leave.
"Good day."
"Wait!" He stopped Shiro in his tracks, not stepping away from the helpful girl. "Got any jewelry ideas?" He knew the boys liked sharp objects, His fiancé fire whiskey but every piece of jewelry he got for Ayako seemed to be never worn. Obviously raising a girl hadn't been his strong suite in the way of gift buying. He heard the sight sigh coming from his lovers lips but ignored it.
Noelani smiled, glad she had been able to help. She never liked to leave interactions angry, so knowing that things had calmed down a bit was comforting to her. Then the other man turned back to her and she blinked, thinking about it for a moment.

"Oh, um... I think there's a store down that way that has some nice necklaces," she said, pointing down the mall hallway. "You can't go wrong with a drop pendant, like this one," she lifted up her own necklace, showing it off.

Played By: TyrellRose
"Kawazaki," He didn't see the point of bothering this girl any further, seeing as they had gotten what they came for. He wanted his air conditioned car, and a cigarette. Something he couldn't have here, He also did feel the need to get gift idea's from a young girl they didn't know; secretly glad both were short men and looked like teens making it slightly less creepy.

To her they probably sounded like men who couldn't shop for the daughters they had raised, not the best image.
He looked at the jewelry that she proudly shown, always going for more cultural things didn't seem to work and the example was pretty enough. He could see both little girls wearing them, the man obviously not caring how creepy they looked thought silently.
"Yes, I can see both our daughters liking those, thank you so much...It's...hard to shop for girls." Even more so when you worked in with an underground organization everyday prepared to fight like men. He wasn't going to add that in.

"Sorry, she just never wears anything. Figured I'd get some advice from someone of her generation." He explained himself, "Thanks again." He turned taking the shorter one by the arm. As they walked he turned to Shiro,
"So...one more stop?" A groan coming from the other, with a suggestion of ordering from a magazine following.