A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #3951  by Adriana Katoracov
"Hei!" Adriana grinned excitedly as she saw the young man approaching, but soon noticed what he was looking at. This other guy certainly seemed kind of bummed. Was he here alone? He looked like he had to be around their age. It was kind of a miracle nobody had approached them already, actually, since they were younger, but Adriana hardly looked like one of the gypsy kids from the metro with her stark blonde hair.

"Oh, this is uhm....hei," she called out to the boy, waving at him. "What's your name?"
 #3957  by Radu Georgescu
Radu stopped. His back was to the pair so they could not see the look of consternation on is face. Was this one of those instances where he was supposed to lie? Where was Vanya? He wanted to go back to Russia now and he was not letting Vanya shove him off on his own again until they talked about his some more.

"Petru," he answered after he turned around to face them. Were they a couple? They were standing very close to each other.
 #4441  by Darius Ardelean
As if to answer 'Petru's' unspoken question, Darius wrapped his arm around his girlfriend. He didn't want there to be any confusion, after all.

"Nice to meet you Petru," he said with a nod to the boy before turning back to Adriana.

"Are you ready to party?" he asked before lowering his voice. "With contraband."
 #4442  by Adriana Katoracov
Contraband. She was excited, admittedly. She liked going out with her boyfriend, and she liked doing things she wasn't supposed to be. Like hanging out in Bucharest, for one. As she glanced back over at Petru, though, she felt a little bad. She had almost started to make a friend for one of the first times that she'd been entirely on her own, and it was someone not from school.

Also someone who probably wasn't magical, like herself and Darius. And Marcel, wherever he was.

"Of course," Adriana answered, flipping her hair over her shoulder with a smile. She glanced over at the boy again, though.

"Do you need help with where to go, or anything? We could show you. It might be on the way to, um... well it might be on the way."
 #4767  by Radu Georgescu
Radu was completely at a loss with how to respond. Well, not completely. He had some talks with Vanya now and then. They sort of skirted these issues but most of his training was with things like getting yourself out of sticky situation using a gun not how to converse with people your age and act normal.

"No, uh, I think I got it. It's that way," he pointed in the wrong direction again, "no, that way," he changed his mind and pointed behind him. He shuffled around a bit, feeling even more awkward by the minute.

"Its fine if I don't find it. I don't need the gloves I just want new ones."

Without holes.
 #6137  by Adriana Katoracov
What a weird kid. Still, he didn't seem to want to be bothered. Maybe she should let him go.

"Okay, well... it's that way," Adriana insisted, pointing again.

"And if you get lost, just... you know. Look for the big fountain and re-orient yourself. You can't miss it."
 #6179  by Radu Georgescu
"Right," Radu nodded before setting off in the direction she pointed. He looked back at the pair of teens once more before heading off to find him a new pair of gloves. He would maybe find some lunch before spending the rest of his day, however long that was going to be, at the train station he was supposed to meet Vanya at.

He was ready to go home.