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"Don't even compared me to that excuse of a wine!" Came the diligent cry from the lioness. Still, she found the very idea of a boyfriend laughable. If all men were like her father, then what was the point?

"Apparently I'm too angry for guys to like me," the thick-browed witch remarked snidely. Margarita's ability to hone the best of her appearance was mediocre at best. She could have been considered pretty if it wasn't for the urchin hairdo she hardly bothered washing, or the heavily unplucked brows and hostile starless eyes. Not to mention that ferocious glower she adored shooting anyone who talked to her.

"Thats what I was told by that pea-brained Fitzralph anyway."

Played By: melmaid
The serpent crooked her mouth in a lopsided smirk as she took a few steps away from her friend.

"You have to give it to her. She does have a point."

Played By: Everevna
Nostrils flared and ready to pounce at her friends jape, Margarita briefly considered hurling the cauldron at the wall. Thankfully she decided against it; for now that didn't seem like the most productive approach.

Settling with a grumpy huff and a crumpled scowl, Margarita wagged her tongue at the blonde witch. "You're the absolute worst potions partner in the history of potions partner, did anyone ever tell you that?"

Played By: melmaid