A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #20760  by Iris Thorne
"Then I raise my glass to you Viola, make sweet merry hell. Just give me a nod in advance so that I can watch."

"I sense you have tale to tell, then perhaps we should have something a little stronger..." she said, her hand already reaching out to press the brass button once more, but not one but twice and on this occasion someone appeared.

"Golden Grain, two glasses. Double, over ice in crystal tumblers."

Once the order was given the waiter disappeared. And while the drinks were being fetched, Iris took to polishing her recently filled glass off. Well it was going to be one of those nights.
 #20777  by Viola York
Viola watched as Iris ordered for them both. It gave her a moment to think about how much she actually wanted to share to the other woman. As much as she was enjoying the conversation, she still wasn't entirely sure how much to trust Iris; they'd never really spoken too much, and saying too much could definitely work against Nathan.

"Well..." She started. "Nathan had forced me to wear a specific bracelet that would basically put me on house arrest in exchange for safety. I'd uhm...gotten myself into trouble with the Clearys, and wasn't quite ready to die. So that was the deal I made with Nathan; his protection for my services. Obviously, this eventually began to draw thin on my nerves. All of my ideas and thoughts were being exploited, and he wanted the rights to use them how he pleased...I mean, I guess he had a right since I was working for him, but I also just...wanted to be alone. I now realise that he did the majority just to improve my ideas and technique, but at the time, it felt like he was suffocating me."

"I came up with a plan to use one of my inventions to kill him and take his magic...it didn't work...I mean...sort of. I couldn't kill him. So I pretended. I came so close to winning, but the more I thought about it, the more I realised what would happen if I actually won. The entire Clearys, the Ivers, Watchdogs, any other goons would hunt me down. Taking down Nathan by surprise was one thing, but facing a planned ambush was another..."
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Iris knew that she perhaps asking a lot from Viola to divulge information but the way she looked at it, she didn't have to tell her anything. Iris wasn't bothered either way, obviously getting new information was always welcome, even snippets were better than nothing but in reality she hadn't come there that even in order to get all the dirt. What would be the point? There was benefits for cultivating a friendship of a sorts with Viola.

"That's quite the back story, and there are no doubt a number and one questions I could ask. Least of all about what kind of bracelet it was but this isn't meant to be an interrogation. We are two woman with similar inclinations and points of view to a degree so lets just enjoy the evening. Of course, I won't deny the idea that he might have come close to death does make me smile."

Which she did.
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Viola laughed.

"Well, yes. But as you can imagine, it has caused quite a rift between us. At the end of it all, I ended up with untrustworthy allies, and so I had to throw my trust in with Ciceron to get me out alive. He managed to do it under the condition that I went back to working for the Ivers, which fucking sucks but there we go. It's hilarious that Nathan is so wary of someone like me, though."
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Iris' eyebrow rose, then her mouth twitched into another rare smile.

"I must say Viola, you certainly have been rather busy. Haven't you? I'd take my hat off to you but instead..." she raised her glass to her and then promptly knocked it back.
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Viola copied Iris' actions, downing her own refilled drink and smirking at the other woman.

"It's a talent; and believe me, there's much more to come."
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As soon as this drink was consumed another soon followed, some food was consumed she was certain but the drink, well that certainly did flow.

"Right...so..." she paused for a moment as she considered her words, "I think we should moved on. This place, is getting a little dull."
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"I couldn't agree more. Perhaps somewhere livelier is in order...or maybe lively when we get there. What say you? Where to?" She smirked. "Perhaps The Blue Lagoon? The Aspen Club? Or would you like to go and do that Cleary teasing I mentioned earlier?"
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Iris leaned back in her seat, for a moment her eyes slightly closed as if either deep in thought or going to sleep. Her mouth then grew into a wicked looking smile.

"The Aspen could be interesting, and perhaps that could be the final destination. For when our tastes become a little discerning. For now, let's go and toy with the Cleary's. Nothing like a spot of free entertainment." Her smile grew even more wicked as she considered the various outcomes of their visit. She simply wasn't in the mood for keeping a low profile during her stay.

With a stretch of her arms and a slight roll of her neck, Iris got to her feet, her hand reached out for her discarded jacket.

"Let's go and see who is home, shall we?"
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Viola smirked wildly, her eyes glinting with a venomous excitement.

"Let's go." She spoke under her breath, picking up her jacket and polishing off the last of her glass. She nodded to Iris before making a move toward the exit.

This would be fun.