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Hera nodded in response.

"I...have to admit that I'm in the same boat. The twins are a big priority in my life, obviously, and then my business, and other than that, I've been spending time with you. I suppose if there was anything out of the ordinary, I did go to the wedding of Zara and Hugh...well...I would have done had they not split up the night before. I don't blame them, but that was a lot of fast organisation to be there, only for it to be a waste."

She pressed her lips together.

"That sounded selfish. I don't mean to be...I think I've been to a few weddings that ended before or immediately after; Zara and Hugh...Ciceron and Marzia. Heck, even Zara and Levi." She rolled her eyes. "But thankfully, I'm finally fitting into a routine somewhat normal. I should fly more, as that's a passion of mine, but I'm quite happy with my situation."
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Kristoph took a sip of his drink, letting the flavours roll of his tongue before swallowing. He liked his lips and looked to Hera, "very nice, very smooth." That was something to remember.

He couldn't help but look surprised at what Hera said, "The Cleary's certainly attract..." he paused for a moment trying to find a diplomatic word but soon settled on "drama."

It was a wonder they got any business done.

"I understand what you mean though, and yes, I'd agree it would be quite a waste to end a wedding before it even begun. Well, perhaps in regards to your passion maybe that's one we could both partake in, I do enjoy flying myself, so that's something we could try, if you fancied it. Of course, if it's something you prefer as a solo activity I would quite understand."
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"Drama is one way to put it." She sighed, taking a sip of her drink. "The Yorks are just as much drama. Ciceron has decided that he wants us to merge with the Ivers, so now Vi is engaged to Gavin, Ciceron is engaged to Danica...they want me to get with one of them. Specifically Tarquin."

She pressed her lips together and then gave a small shrug.

"It's all a bit confusing to me. But I think flying together would help keep my mind off any drama...hopefully."
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Kristoph's eyebrow seemingly raised up little by little with each comment of Hera made about her family's plans, "Oh...well that's..." he paused for a moment, then a smile grew and his eyebrow lowered, "well, I think I've rather put a bit of a stopper to that plan. Not sure I'll be Ciceron's friend any time soon."

His smile warmed, "I can imagine that is and let's get that sorted soon."
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Hera smirked.

"Yes well, we will have to see, won't we. Perhaps your father already had someone in mind for you." She took a sip of her drink. "I'm aware that my family's blood isn't exactly polished, neither is our reputation. And there will always be complications with Egan and the children...nothing is set in stone, but this is really quite a choice you've made."
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Kristoph's smile was a little fainter at the mention of what his father's choice might be, "perhaps he has but he's somewhat come to realise that after the last five years things where I am concerned haven't always gone the way he would have liked. Where you and I are concerned, well he's just not paying any mind. I'd say that's rather positive thing. Anyway, he seemingly enjoys speaking to you."

He took a sip of his drink and then added, "and anyway, it's not as if our family's reputation is any more polished."
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Tarquin had said the same thing, funnily enough.

"I suppose it's something we will have to find out along the way - hopefully for the better." She gave a smile, and then continued to sip her drink. The sudden idea of all of this hit her all at once; this all seemed...too good. Too good to be true. He was single, handsome, kind, in a similar situation, aware of her background, and had a child. But it felt too perfect.

She found herself looking over Kris for a long moment. Was it normal for bad things to follow after good things, or was it just her luck? She cleared her throat, and soon lookedat the clock on the wall.

"Ah-uhm, right...I should get going. I have to pick the twins up early in the morning. If I'm late, Egan will hold it against me." She said, downing the rest of her drink and starting to stand.
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Kristoph was watching her closely as she watched him. She had fallen silent and he wanted to ask what she was thinking about but at the same time not wanting to snap her from her thoughts. He smiled softly and sipped his drink.

"Oh yes, of course..." and he too hurriedly began to drain the remains of his drink, and getting to his feet, for a moment he was unsure on what the best course of action was. To escort her home or just leave at the same time. He held his hand out to her, at least they could leave the building together.

"It's been a rather good trip, thank you for the tour."
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"It was my pleasure, Kris. I really enjoyed it, and if you ever wanted to come back to see other areas, you're more than welcome to." She offered a smile to him, taking his hand so they could exit the pub together.

She knew she would likely be too enticed to invite him into her home if she let him walk her home. That was what happened with Egan; they did everything too fast...was even this too fast? She let him walk her out, giving him another smile as they stepped into the cold.

"It was really good to see you again. Hopefully we can do it again soon."
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"I would like that very much."

Kristoph wrapped his fingers around hers and then weaved them a path through the inn to the outside. Once they were outside he turned to face her, though still holding her hand.

"It was good to see you again too, and hopefully it won't be to long till we see each other again."

He leaned forward in which he hoped wasn't too much to place a gentle kiss upon her lips. His fingers squeezed her hand and then let go.
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Hera smiled, leaning up to return the kiss before pulling back again.

"Thank you, I'm sure we can meet up again soon."

She gave another gentle smile before squeezing his hand before finally letting go to step away, heading in the direction of her home.
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Kristoph was naturally smiling as they broke from the kiss, "thank you for the tour."

The broken hold of hands, he bowed slightly to her as she then turned and left. Kristoph stood for a moment watching her walk off until he couldn't see her any longer. Then with a warm smile he turned to wander off to find a discrete spot in which to apparate back to the place he was staying for the duration of his visit.