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 #17755  by Raymond Ramsay
Location: Slug & Jiggers Apothecary • Date: September 20

Assorted dried herbs sat in labelled containers, some priced per piece, others per bunch. Leaning on a nearby shelf for support (having arranged himself to merely look relaxed), Raymond pored over the prices of asphodel and wormwood. Wormwood had gone up again, though asphodel mercifully remained the same.

Raymond had just grabbed a handful of asphodel when he heard a crash from nearby.
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 #17818  by Sidney Lyon
Sidney's mind was not with his work this week. Having been contacted by a gentleman inviting him on an expedition to Egypt, he was ready to pack it in, hand in his notice and go off in search of treasure, riches and fame. Unfortunately, the process between expressing his interest and actually departing on the expedition was long, and in the meantime he was stuck at the old apothecary.

Sidney had been rearranging the shelves of jars, when his hand slipped mid daydream and knocked a whole row of them onto the floor.

Hoping not to attract the attention of any customers, Sidney whipped out his wand and began to repair them as quickly as he could.
 #17821  by Raymond Ramsay
Sydney's actions had in fact attracted the attention of a customer. Raymond looked up at the sound and saw the shop worker try rather desperately to repair some rather extensive damage.

Putting back the asphodel, Raymond limped over to the other man. "Here," he murmured, pulling out his own wand and setting the jars right. Not knowing where each belonged, he couldn't put back the ingredients, but he could at least separate them and see that they were free of dirt.
 #17829  by Sidney Lyon
Sidney was annoyed that a customer had witnessed the mishap, yet he couldn't be rude about the help. "Thank you," Sidney nodded in appreciation, as he continued lifting ingredients into jars with his wand.

"I don't know where my head is at today," Sidney attempted to make light of the situation.
 #17899  by Sidney Lyon
"I'll be leaving my work here soon," Sidney told the man - it was no secret, he had already informed his superiors. He liked to think that his expertise in Potions was valued enough that he would be welcomed back after the expedition, or at least not struggle to find other employment.

"That's probably why I am a tad distracted," Sidney said.
 #18006  by Sidney Lyon
"I'm joining an expedition to Egypt," Sidney told the man - things were more or less completely confirmed now, they had financial backing and it was all going ahead, so no longer a secret. "In search of artefacts."
 #18754  by Raymond Ramsay
Raymond leaned against the shelf in an image of interest. And he was truthfully interested, but his mind was also now wandering over to the shelf of pre-mixed pain-relief potions some shelves over. "Rewarding how? Do you know what artifacts you'll be going after?"
 #19633  by Raymond Ramsay
A deep scowl formed on Raymond's face. What was Eloise thinking? "Are you my keeper, sister?" he asked, ignoring her proffered arm. "I simply needed to replenish my stock of asphodel and wormwood." Bracing himself, Raymond turned back towards the aisles and limped back towards the medicinal herbs, ignoring the fire that was now burning through his leg.
 #19634  by Eloise Ramsay
Eloise bit her lip. Her brother was made of pride and stubbornness. Still, he had been talking to a gentleman, to whom she now flashed a smile and a brief greeting. To embarrass her brother in front of this man would doubtless be cruel.

But to allow him to walk away as he did would certainly result in a difficult night for her brother. She did not need a Healer to tell her that Raymond had already over-exerted himself today. Watching him limp off, Eloise moved off to the ready-made potions and poultices. If she had to force-feed her brother a healing draught before going home, she most certainly would.