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 #17230  by Madeline Grace Montgomery
Location: London/Moving Train • Date: September 1925

Trains were so dirty on the outside. All the steam made everything wet and it all stuck to the sides of the engines and cars like a fine mist of the muddiest glue and Madeline had to be careful not to touch anything or she would surely get black soot all over her neat, cream colored gloves. Luckily, it wasn't difficult to stay away from the grime, there was usually a conductor there to help so she didn't need to worry about those things. This time was no different.

Once inside her compartment, she closed the door and watched out the window as people ran past or pushed their luggage here or there hurriedly, the whistle on the train sounding. She had been on trains many times before, but this was the first time she had ever wondered where the whistle actually came from. And why was there so much steam? Coming up with answers on her own only proved entertaining for a little while, but curiosity got the better of her and she opened her compartment door to find the conductor. He called her "Miss," and took her toward the front of the train, leaving her in a spot while, she supposed, he went to ask if she could have a look.
 #17325  by Eddie Turner
Before long, a tall, slender man came out, donned in cheap and somewhat ill-fitting clothes and a flat cap. All of which were oil-stained and covered in soot. He brought out an off-white handkerchief and wiped his face of sweat and oil, but despite the dirt, he smiled widely, his eyes bright. He leaned on the door, wiping his hands with the same handkerchief, but it only scratched the surface of dirty layers.

"'Ello, Miss." He spoke, his cockney accent strong. It wasn't often that Eddie got to speak to the upper-class, not at work, anyway. He could always pester them on the street for an extra knut or two if he sang them a song. He brought his hand up and tipped the lip of his cap, nodding his head at her. "Eddie at your service Ma'am. I 'eard you wanted to 'ave a look at the motors. I'm the right chap. If you want to follow me, Miss - mind the step; wouldn't want you to topple over so soon, nah would we?" He laughed, looking back at her over his shoulder for a moment before turning to lead the way.
 #17536  by Madeline Grace Montgomery
Madeline waited, feeling a little out of place, standing alone at the front of a train that was moving. She wondered if people were looking at her, wondering what she was doing there. She started to feel like people were watching, but luckily she was quickly distracted by the man that appeared in front of her. He was covered in soot. She pressed her lips together, having second thoughts about wondering how the train worked. Her mind had started to talk her out of it, but her instinct to follow had her feet moving after Eddie.

She noticed how happy of a fellow he seemed to be and wondered how on earth that was possible, when he was covered in all of those layers of dirt. She supposed it was possible, but really didn't see how. "Have you worked on the train long?" she asked, her thoughts scattering as the noise of the engine grew louder.
 #17573  by Eddie Turner
"Hm?" Eddie hummed, glancing at her over his shoulder, but then offered a happy smile. "Yes, Ma'am. Many years. I wanted to work on the rails since I was a lad. I wanted to be the driver, but I 'aven't got enough smarts for that. The ol' chops are better at gears than they are steering." He laughed slightly at the end. As they reached the next carriage, he pulled out his handkerchief and used it to turn the handle.

Clearly, he had been warned about spreading dirt through the upper-class locations.

He opened up the door, holding it open and nodding to Madeline. "After you, Ma'am. Gotta make a good impression an' be a good gent, now 'avn't I?" He smiled broadly. "Careful not to touch anything just yet. Don't want your pretty dress to get ruined."
 #17691  by Newt Scamander
This was not good, this was not good at all.

He wasn't even supposed to be on this train, but one thing had led to another and here he was and now something had slipped out of his case when he peeked in at it and this was going to be problematic if he didn't solve the issue very quickly. So he began searching the train as best he could, hoping that none of the conductors saw fit to toss him back into the third class cars that he could afford before he could find what he was looking for and go back on his way.

Two people were coming through the door just now, though, and one of them looked to be an employee of the railway.

Was this it? Was he about to get caught? Maybe he could talk his way out of it. As if he was good at that on a normal day.

"Um," Newt managed, blinking at the employee and the woman in front of him. Think, think...

"Sorry, have either of you seen a, um... sort of smallish and purple..."

He made a shape with his hands, roughly the size of a Quaffle, as best he could with his case in one hand.
 #18332  by Madeline Grace Montgomery
Madeline could not help but smile back as Eddie smiled at her. It was infectious, and that was a weird thing for her. Most of her days were doom and gloom for the past several years, only in recent years making any attempt to move through her past and into her future.

She supposed he was telling the truth about not being smart enough to drive the train, but it seemed to her that that was probably the easy part. After all, trains were on a track and really, wasn't it all about just controlling the speed of the train from the driver's seat? But she was sure that the engineer was right about it. Especially since it had apparently been his dream to work on the railway. "A childhood dream come true then," she commented, pausing as though she was about to say something else.

He held the door for her and she smiled at him, then glancing at the young man that stood in front of them, interrupting her train of thought with a nervous question about something purple. Glancing to the side and straightening her back, she shook her head. "I'm afraid not. I haven't seen anything purple..." he replied, thinking he must be looking for a hat.
 #18558  by Eddie Turner
Eddie lifted his brows at the question, soon lifting his own flat cap to run his fingers through his hair. He hummed, clicking his tongue to the side of his mouth before speaking.

"Small-ish and purple, eh? Guess it's not a little lady wearing a purple frock, is it?" He chuckled, but it was dry. Perhaps that wasn't the best joke around, but in reality...he sort of just wanted to make this lady next to him laugh. "Y'know, I bet the conductor would know. He's up an' down the carriages a lot - am sure if he spotted somethin' he'd remember where."
 #18767  by Newt Scamander
Well this was absolutely no good at all. Maybe he could have them stop the train for a bit... that wouldn't work, probably. Or if the conductor didn't know he could see about getting a conductor's uniform... that might be too much work...

"Right, right," Newt nodded, sighing as he glanced around them.

"Thank you for your time. I'll see what he has to say."

With a small smile to the young woman he hurriedly darted into the next carriage to continue on his search.
 #21982  by Madeline Grace Montgomery
Madeline was watching the worried looking man but she glanced over as Eddie made his little joke. Her lips cracked into just the slightest smile. He had such a handsome face, it was almost as though his eyes were hiding a funny little secret. Blinking, she turned her attention back to the newcomer, who was apparently just on his way back out.

"He seems to be in a hurry," she commented, watching after him as he stepped away. "Wiry fellow. Do you suppose he's been drinking?" It was really the only explanation that she could come up with. After a moment, she looked away, clasping her hands in front of her.
 #22009  by Eddie Turner
Eddie watched the other man leave, looking back to Madeline with a wry smile.

"Now, that's just a bit rude." He commented, though it was clear he was joking. "Nah, maybe not drink, maybe just a twitch from birth. I get them too sometimes." He emphasised his point by nodding his head to the side, though that too, was seemingly a joke. Perhaps he was a little nervous around her; she was definitely pretty, and far out of his league - he just wanted to impress her.

"Ah, so! The motors! I'll show you this li'le beauty!" He twisted around on his heel, leading further before reaching the door, opening it up and bowing his head, gesturing with his hand for her to enter. "After you, ma'am."
 #22104  by Madeline Grace Montgomery
Madeline liked how Eddie seemed to want to make her laugh. She loved to laugh, but it wasn't something she often did because her thoughts we usually so negative. Instead, she smiled politely because there wasn't much that would actually make her chuckle. And she did smile, and looked down at her hands as Eddie ticked his head to the side.

It was easier to pay attention to him as he turned and opened the door for her. She smiled again. "Thank you," she offered, turning her attention to the door and stepping through, making sure not to touch anything. She was already going to make sure that someone got the travel dirt out of her dress, but part of her didn't seem to mind. She turned back to look at him. "So, you keep them all running?"
 #22175  by Eddie Turner
"I do, yes, Miss." He said, accent thick and face beaming. He brought out a handkerchief and wiped over his face, though it didn't really seem to make much of a difference the oil that sat on his skin. He didn't seem to mind too much, regardless, even when he caught a glimpse of his reflection in the metal furnace.

"This little beauty if my pride and joy. Fix 'er up, I did. Now she sings like she's in an opera!" He beamed. "'Ere, Miss, you want to give 'er a spin?" He asked, gesturing to a winder to the side.