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 #18337  by Mikayla Silverwing
 27 Sep 2018, 14:32
Mikayla blinked at Yukiko's explanation and held back an amused chuckle. "I doubt Potter killed Diggory," she said. "Of course, there's no proof that he did or didn't, so there is a chance he did, but does he really look like a killer to you? He can't do anything without the mudblood or the blood-traitor at his side." She shrugged before stretching her back so she could pop it.
 #21440  by Severus Snape
 13 Jan 2019, 16:55
OOC NOTE: The person playing Ms. Silverwing is no longer posting. With end of season coming and the fact she's gone on break from RPing I felt the need to end the thread here. I play Yukiko Binx nee Takayama.

He had just caught the end of it, looking down at the both as he walked by.
"Ms. Takayama...you might want to watch your language?" He looked at the two, summing them up. One seemed careful and the other cocky. He was almost ashamed she was in his house. To use that word...the word that took Lily from him.

"I do think you both are late to class. Ten points from Slytherin and I expect you both to head there...now." He said, watching them scramble to their feet and run off.