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 #16107  by Jace Rutherford
Location: Camp Wandsworth • Date: September 4

Jace let out a breath. He was trying this new thing called meditation; one of the other counselors had told him about it. It was supposed to help with stress relief, and after a whole summer of working with kids, he definitely needed it. He liked working at the camp, he really did, but sometimes the snot nosed brats drove him nuts and all he wanted to do was scream at them to stop asking why they couldn’t just go to the lake all day for the third day in a row.

The meditation wasn’t working, though. He still felt stressed. Groaning, he rose from his cross-legged position and walked to the window of the staff cabin, looking out. Elliot was out there, somewhere, connecting with the kids the way only she could.

Another groan left him. Not now. He couldn’t be thinking about her now, even though lately it has been hard to stop thinking about her.

He needed a shower. Maybe that would help. Shaking his head, Jace turned to the door, freezing when he saw the handle turning.
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Jared had seen all of his kids to the arts and crafts cabin and was officially taking a break. It wasn't like he didn't like working with them- he loved it. He loved to see their minds expand and he liked watching their friendships form. But he still needed a break. Kids had a lot of energy and while he usually did too, it was hot outside and he just wanted to chill for a few minutes, so off to the staff cabin it was.

He pushed open the door, only to run into his brother. He smiled. "Are you hiding in here?" he asked, closing the door to keep the heat out as much as possible. "Watching everyone else do all the work, okay, I see." He was joking of course, mostly because the look on his brother's face was... interesting.
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Jace had never been happier to see his brother. At least it was someone he actually liked, and not one of the other counselors who would go off and gossip about how he seemed off, because he was off his game, he had realized. It was all that darned Elliot's fault, too.

He closed his eyes against the heat from outside until the door was closed, and breathed in deeply, trying to remember the breathing techniques he had learned. Then he opened his eyes and fixed an easy grin on his face, shifting all his weight to one side and crossing his arms across his chest. To complete the look, Jace arched an eyebrow, regaining his full composure. Okay, maybe meditation could work anyway.

"Me, hiding? And I thought you knew me," he replied in a joking tone. "Although it is nice to watch everyone else working. You know I like it here, though. Just had to get away from the kids, they were begging me for a lake day, again so I put them on the soccer field with Ricky Crantz and came back here to, uh, see what I could do for them," he said with air quotes around the last bit. "Your kids act like that?"
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Jared watched his brother methodically put on his face. It was like watching one of those street performers that pretends they're a statue and just makes subtle movements to throw people off. He raised his own eyebrow in response.

"Lucky him. I mean, yeah, they're kids. They want to play in the lake on a sweltering hot day like today. I wanna play in the lake. They're easy enough though. I just dropped mine at the arts and crafts cabin. Seriously though, how long have you been in here because that's not like, fair," he said, sounding a lot like a little brother at the moment. "You're gonna take them to the lake later, right?"
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Jace shook his head. "Calm down, kiddo," he said, forcing a chuckle, "It's totally fair. I spent all day yesterday and the day before that at the lake, and I'm tired of it. If you want to switch, I'd be fine watching your group in arts and crafts. What could go wrong?" he said, shrugging and walking over to the table.

He noticed then that the mat he had been 'meditating' on was still out in the middle of the floor, but decided not to do anything about it. Hopefully his brother didn't draw any connections, but then again, meditation wasn't something he tended to do so maybe it would slide. Instead, Jace merely shrugged again, sitting down at the table and gesturing at the chair opposite him. "At least the fan in here works."
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Jared pursed his lips. He hated being called kiddo or anything that remotely insinuated that he was a child. He was not a child. He wanted to throw a tantrum over it but that was what was expected of kids. Plus, it wasn't in his nature. Instead, he rolled his eyes at the other.

He made to follow Jace over to the table, but paused, glancing at the mat that was precariously laid on the floor. No one else was in here and everyone was pretty good at cleaning up after themselves, so the only logical explanation was that his older brother, the arrogantest of all arrogant, was doing yoga or something. He smirked. "Yeah, were you using it to keep cool during your yoga session?" he asked, raising both eyebrows and holding a smile back.
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Jace’s eyes narrowed and he glanced down, digging his left thumbnail into the palm of his right hand. Leave it to Jared to actually notice things that Jace wanted to keep private. “Meditation,” he answered sullenly, his eyes flicking up to look at his brother, “I’ve been trying meditation. That’s all.”

He rolled his eyes turning to look out the window. “It’s not a big deal, though. Gotta do something to stay sane around here, with how eager the kids are sometimes.”
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Jared smiled and took a seat next to his big brother. There weren't many people he could poke fun at and get away with it, at least in his head. He was respectable after all. A good kid. He liked his good kid label. He liked not getting in trouble and finally not having a curfew and being trusted. But he also liked poking fun at his brother.

"And are you getting anywhere with it? What are you meditating over? Anything good? Are you trying to find inner peace or just trying to get your mind to quiet down?" It was a lot of questions, but probably Jace was used to that by now.
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Jace sat, letting the questions roll out. He had expected this, the moment he confirmed what he was up to. His brother had a way of getting him to talk even when he really didn't want to. He cared about his brother, though, and knew if there was anyone he could trust, it was Jared. They had always been close, even during Jace's wild years, so he liked to call them, and it wasn't an accident that Jared was one of the only two... or rather, three people in the world he let tease him.

"Woah, there, calm down," he said, holding up his hands. He wasn't really annoyed with the questions, but it was all part of the act. "I guess... getting some peace and quiet. There's a lot I've been thinking about lately, so I've been trying to calm that down." The walls were coming down, as they only could with his brother. "A lot's changed for me, this past year."
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All of a sudden, the door was flung open and a young girl strolled in. "Oh..." she breathed out, seeing the two boys standing there. Azalea flushed red. "I, uh... didn't realize there were people in here..."

She had come to Camp Wandsworth as a kid, and now had made her way back during her travels. In fact, she had been planning to stock up on food from the camp counselors' cabin. It didn't look like she'd be able to do that now, though.

"I'm just gonna..." she started, jerking her thumb over her shoulder before turning and leaving the cabin.