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Watchdogs Security
Europe β˜… R β˜… Player Owned

Welcome to Watchdogs Security! No matter what your security needs, someone at Watchdogs will be happy to help. An agency made to fit any and all needs of the magical community where security is needed, their services can include contracting security for a one time event, hiring on permanent security staff at a fixed location, or even as private security or bodyguards for witches and wizards who might favor a little extra protection. Though the company prides itself in offering only the best security to those willing to pay, they do have quite a few clients in Knockturn Alley in London, which occasionally leads to some interesting arrangements. But if you're looking to keep yourself or your business safe, Watchdogs is almost certainly where you want to look.


Headquartered in a relatively unassuming grey-black brick building in London, England, the Watchdogs Security offices might not be particularly appealing to the eye but they do serve the needs of the employees and clients quite well. The two story building is well protected with security charms, naturally, though they welcome drop-in visits from potential customers in addition to pre-scheduled meetings.

The first floor opens to a reception area and also makes plenty of room for the offices and break room for the numerous employees of the security company, while upstairs a training room serves to help all of the Watchdogs personnel stay fit and prepared with all of the latest and greatest security charms, hexes, and jinxes to provide the utmost protection for their customers.

Though Watchdogs will hire out their services to anyone for the right price, rumor has it that they are more likely to work with those that the majority of the wizarding world considers "unsavory" though, of course, that could just be a rumor. The company has close ties to Cleary Co. Imports & Exports and helps staff the security for the shipping company's warehouses.

Security personnel can be hired out either on an independent basis for a specific event or for ongoing projects, such as permanent staffing of a business or private residence. The employees at Watchdogs are capable of many different methods of surveillance and self defense, both magical and mundane, and pride themselves on being able to handle any intruder.

Work For Us!

Job Ideas: Security Guard, Receptionist, Accountant, Training Instructor

Watchdogs Security is a member created business, established by Aidan. All players are welcome to create characters who work for Watchdogs Security or threads that take place in this location, but please feel free to send a private message to Aidan if you would like to know more about this business.
Current Employees


β˜… Caleb Pryer - Security Officer
β˜… Ivan Ramazanov - Owner
β˜… Kyle Bowden - Second In Command
β˜… Kyle Shaw - Security Officer
β˜… Marcus Reef - Security Officer
β˜… Peteris Plume - Security Officer
β˜… Robin Glover - Security Officer
β˜… Sen Watanabe - Accountant
β˜… Simon Cleary - Security Officer