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Wizarding Wireless
Europe β˜… E|M|G|R|L β˜… Harry Potter Canon

Welcome to Wizarding Wireless! The Wizarding Wireless transmits radio shows, music, and sports games via magic to radios everywhere. It has become the foremost medium for witches and wizards to get their entertainment, though it is more popular in the rest of the world than it is in the United States and Canada. Some popular shows in the United Kingdom include The Witching Hour with Glenda Chittock and Celestina Warbeck and the 'Toots, Shoots n' Roots.'


Headquartered in Hogsmeade Village, the Wizarding Wireless looks like it should not fit in its headquarters at all. The building is small and brown stone with a thatched roof. It sits on a side street away from the bustling main street of Hogsmeade though always accessible. The interior is no model for modernity and looks more like one has stepped into the Leaky Cauldron than a radio station. Welcome Witches are happy to help guests find their way inside.

A winding staircase leads up to recording booths which are nothing more than enclosed rooms where journalists, disc jockeys, and others talk into something similar to a turn-of-the-century telephone receiver. Music is played on record players to be broadcast over the air. A little higher up the building is an owlery where news reports fly in with great frequency to keep listeners up to speed on the day's events and to break news as it comes in.

While the Wizarding Wireless' headquarters are in Scotland, its influence is all over the world. The Wireless has stations in almost every major city that report on local news, gatherings, and play local music as well as international artists as well.

International stations fit in with their native architecture β€” a Russian station may be outfitted in an abandoned, onion-domed church while a Greek station will be housed in a building made in the traditional pantheon style. They hire locals though some journalists from around the world may be transferred or be reporting from another country to their home station. The Wireless wants to show that it is indeed international and not just a British organization. And much like their muggle peers, some Wizarding Wireless stations are subject to content approval from that country's Ministry of Magic.

While the most popular wireless design is that of a clam-shaped piece of metal cradling something akin to a light bulb, there are various types of wireless receivers. Some households choose to re-purpose old muggle radios from the 1930s and 1940s into ones that are capable of picking up magical airwaves. Refurbished crystal balls are booming in popularity as wizarding wirelesses as well. Almost anything can be turned into a wizarding wireless just as almost anyone can also broadcast through magic. Through special password-protected magical airwaves, even dissident content can be transmitted in previously mentioned countries..

Work For Us!

Job Ideas: Disc Jockey, Radio Broadcast Journalist, Producer, Radio Broadcast Assistant

Wizarding Wireless is a Harry Potter canon business created for the original book series. Ideas and theories may be expanded upon, but established canon details cannot be altered. We recommend using the Harry Potter Lexicon or Wiki as information resources. Other questions can be referred to our staff team via PM or help desk.