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 #22  by Aurelie Pascall
aurelie hélène pascall;

  • FULL NAME: aurelie hélène pascall
    KNOWN AS: aurelie, lie, pascall

    DATE OF BIRTH: 14th february 1979
    PLACE OF BIRTH: marseilles, france
    PLACE OF RESIDENCE: london, england

    SPECIES: witch.
    BLOOD HERITAGE: pureblood
    ETHNICITY: french
    NATIONALITY: french
    ORIENTATION: heterosexual
    MARITAL STATUS: single
    FINANCIAL STATUS: upper class
    POLITICAL VIEWS: the ministry of magic.

    EDUCATION: beauxbatons grad of '97 (1990-1997)
    WAND HAND: right.
    WAND: mahogany with unicorn hair, 10 inches
    PATRONUS: wolf.
    BOGGART: darkness.

    MOST AT EASE WHEN: around people who don't judge her, when Regan is happy
    MOST ILL AT EASE WHEN: at family functions, at formal affairs with her mother's lady friends, when Regan is ill
    PRIORITIES: her daughter, then herself
    BIGGEST REGRET: not using protection with Jason
    BIGGEST ACCOMPLISHMENT: Regan Tyler, her baby girl
    DARKEST SECRET: she wishes her parents would've been there for her, especially just before Regan was born, whether or not she was the spawn of a muggle father; she really needed them, but she'd never admit this to herself - and if it wasn't for the sake of her daughter, she'd probably have killed herself

we kissed, I fell under your spell
→ a p p e a r a n c e

Look like the innocent flower, but be the serpent that lies under it’ may come to mind when people think of Aurelie Pascall. White blonde hair and a very thin frame, she looks delicate and breakable, although the girl is far from it. All of her features are small – lips, eyes, nose, although her face is rather angular, not at all soft, and her body is the same. There are no curves to this young lady. Everything about her is straight.

Her eyes are dark, the type that will cut you with a single, withering gaze. Her lips are a pale pink, pursed when thinking, and often biting a quill when she’s thinking hard, and the crease between her eyes is also accentuated when this is the case. Aurelie is a very clever girl, and you should not underestimate her by her very girly looks.

Her father always chose her clothes when she was younger – pretty dresses, the type of things that adults would go ‘aw’ at, and Aurelie looks back at old photographs and scowls. She promises herself that her own child will not hate her for the clothes she dresses them in. She tries to wear her wizarding robes as much as possible nowadays, to hide the fact that she prefers muggle trousers, rebelling against her father.

get along with the voices inside of my head
→ p e r s o n a l i t y

Aurelie is generally a very reserved person, but she opens up to the few friends she has. She listens to their problems, and sometimes she’ll argue with them – but that’s only because she cares. It’s that old saying that you take out your problems on the people you care about. Aurelie is a good listener, although not necessarily very good at opening up, she does sometimes, and she’s always there for people; for this reason, she’s someone you can trust to keep quiet, and someone you can trust not to walk away from if things get bad for you. If you’re her friend, you’re her friend for life. She sticks to the people she becomes friends with, because there are only very few of them.

Aurelie is reluctant to make new friends, and doesn’t really like social gatherings, although she’s often forced into them. Her father holds important parties and he likes these very much; they have become much more important for her to make an impression as she has got older, and she hates them, and feels more uncomfortable as she has aged. However, she has always remained polite, and calm outwardly, even though she freaks out inside. She positively hates being in a room with people she doesn’t know, and tries to stay with people she does. She has come to accept, however, that this is something she’ll have to come to get used to as Mrs. Aurelie Dupont.

Aurelie likes reading, poetry, she likes photography too. She also particularly likes Defence Against the Dark Arts, although she’d never admit that to her father. Every year, she has to try and drop marks on that exam so that it doesn’t come out higher than any of the others; her father would think it a scandal that his precious daughter was good at something like that. He believes a woman place is in the kitchen, or looking at stars, or reading poetry. Aurelie, on the other hand, scoffs at the idea of love and destiny, especially after everything she’s been through recently. Jason is the only person she has true feelings for – not even her sister can summon up anything but bitterness – and yet he messed up her life.

Aurelie goes shopping with her housemaid often, although she hates this. She’d prefer to be reading or doing something more productive. Aurelie can also play piano to an extremely high level, as her father thought this was something he should take up.

  • Strengths: friendly, kind-hearted, trustworthy
    Weaknesses: reserved, socially awkward
    Talents: defence
    Interests: poetry, photography, dada
    Favourite Foods: french roule
    Favourite Drinks: coffee
    Favourite Ice-cream Flavour: strawberry, irish baileys.
shine bright like a diamond
→ r e l a t i o n s h i p s.

  • MOTHER: Elise Pascall -- pureblood
    FATHER: Thomas Pascall -- pureblood
    SISTER: Laetitia Neil nee Pascall -- pureblood
    BROTHER-IN-LAW: James Neil -- pureblood
    DAUGHTER: Regan Tyler -- halfblood
    EX-FIANCE: Jacques Dupont -- pureblood
    FLING: Jason Tyler -- muggle
    ACQUAINTANCE: Aiden Larkner -- halfblood
    FRIEND: Amandine Ackland -- pureblood

→ c r e d i t s.
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 #6298  by Aurelie Pascall
Early Life and Golden Era:
Aurelie can’t look back and pinpoint a moment of her childhood that was bad, but the one thing she regrets was that her parents always seemed to palm her off onto somebody else. She had a housemaid (Victoire) that looked after her growing up; even if her parents were in the house, it was her that looked after Aurelie and her elder sister, Laetitia. She loved Victoire, and so didn’t lack affection in that department, but she simply wished her parents had more time for her. At the time, it hadn’t mattered but looking back, it bothers her a great deal.

Her daddy always bought her gifts if she was good. He kissed the girls’ foreheads, and expected both his daughters to wear pretty dresses. There was no running in the house, and they had to be silent whilst he was working, but other than that, they had very little contact with him until it came for their time to go to school. His only praise was to congratulate them on their ability to produce magic.

For Aurelie, this came when she was seven years old, and she fell down the stairs. Not wanting to cry and make a noise, she managed to summon a house elf to her without making a sound, and they alerted Victoire, who soon patched her up. After that, magical outbursts came in the shattering of lightbulbs, the clock going backwards, and other slight things. Whilst Aurelie thought it was irritate her father, it only seemed to make him proud that his daughter wasn’t a squib, a fact that made Aurelie curious.

Aurelie’s mother, otherwise, was rarely seen, except for at social gatherings, when Aurelie and Laetitia had to play with the other children, and had to speak properly to the adults when spoken to – no giggling like silly girls was allowed.

At the age of 11, Aurelie went off to Beauxbatons, having eagerly awaited this for three years, ever since Laetitia had gone before her. Aurelie discovered a different world away from home tutoring, away from being with kids who were just purebloods, and although she was rather shy at first, school allowed her to come into her own a little, and also to help her realise that she was in her father's clutches. He owned her, and it wasn't healthy.

At thirteen, Aurelie discovered why her mother was so absent all the time. Laetitia, upon discovering she was betrothed to a British pureblood called James Neil, had thrown a hissy fit and declared to their father that she simply wouldn’t marry him. It had been their mother had sat them both down and state simply that she would, lest she wanted her inheritance cut off, and to be disowned to the family. They had learned that their mother had had to do the same, but that she too, disliked her own situation. Aurelie wondered why her mother didn’t try and get them out of the situation if she didn’t like it herself.

Later, Aurelie would come face to face with this situation herself.

Aurelie's in school, which she sort of enjoys, although she kind of wishes there was something more to challenge her; she's a bright girl, and she spends a lot of time reading, particularly text books, and so she's often ahead of her class. School can be somewhat boring for her when this happens, but she tries to focus as much as she can, as she knows her grades are important, particularly now.
 #6299  by Aurelie Pascall
Reformation Era:
Christmas 1996, Aurelie went to see Laetitia in her home in London, because she hadn’t seen her sister in quite some time. Laetitia has a daughter now, baby Lauren who pukes everywhere and who always has a dirty nappy. Aurelie hated kids, she’s decided, but this hasn’t stopped her from making the number one biggest mistake of her life.

The holiday romance with Jason Tyler was quick, fast-paced, meant to take her mind off the pureblood she was betrothed to marry because, quite frankly, she finds it disgusting that she was engaged to someone who is distantly related to her somehow. She never wanted to marry Jacques, although after finding out she was pregnant, she intended to. She hoped, during that time, that she would be able to convince her fiancé to pretend the baby she was carrying is his.

Aurelie’s former goal was to get married to Jacques Dupont, and convince him to sign her child’s birth certificate – legally stating that he is the father. However, when she finished school and her parents discovered she was pregnant, they kicked her out; she lost her title to the Pascall fortune once they'd disowned her. Desperate, Aurelie turned to London first of all, intent once there on travelling to Wales to find Jason, although she found herself first giving birth, and secondly in the midst of a raging war.

She signed up for the Auror programme once the war was over, despite the fact that she was a struggling, single mother with nobody in England that she knew. Regan is almost five now and she amazes Aurelie every day in how kind, patient and intelligent she is. Getting pregnant might have been the worst mistake she ever made, but she doesn't regret it anymore. She couldn't imagine life without her daughter.