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 #14142  by Ezra Binx

  • FULL NAME: Ezra Orson
    KNOWN AS: Ezra Binx
    CURRENT AGE: 16 (mentally 36)
    BIRTHDATE: August 11th 1986

    RACE: Witch
    BLOOD STATUS: Vampire
    NATIONALITY: English

    LOYALTIES: Family and Himself
    PRIORITIES: Michelle Binx
    BOGGART: His biological mother
    AMORTENTIA: Coconut. Cinnamon. Freshly cooked bread
    MIRROR OF ERISED: Himself all grown up
    HOBBIES: Reading. Writing. Singing. Puzzles. Astronomy.
    LOYALTIES: Michelle & his adopted family
    STRENGTHS: Creative. Patient. Intelligent. Determined
    WEAKNESSES: Doesn't like conflict. Perfectionist. Takes things personally
    PETS: A few cats.
    PRIZED POSSESSION: Even though he can't use it any more, his wand. He kept it

CONCEPT: An ex-Ravenclaw rescued from his horrible family, and given a new life from a peculiar young vampire by the name of Michelle Binx.

OTHER ERAS: Golden: Child & Reformation: Barb back for the Blue Lagoon

APPEARANCE: Ezra has a head of thick, wavy dark brown hair (though sometimes he styles it straight), he has brown eyes, a pale skin tone and stands at the average height for a boy his age. He has a baby face, since being a teen he's always looked a lot younger than what he really is, and being turned at sixteen, he's now cursed to forever look like an underage baby faced sixteen year old.

HISTORY: He was taken into the Binx coven by Michelle, the pair met back in 2002 and became good friends. Ezra confided in Michelle about his horrible home life, and remembering her own bad home life back in her school years, she decided to ‘save him’. Michelle made the vampire life seem glamorous, she told Ezra he would be strong and no one would hurt him again. He loved the sound of this and happily allowed his new friend to turn him and to become his new mother.

After Ezra was turned he was no longer allowed to finish his education at Hogwarts, and even though he was saddened by this as he would miss his friends, he was rather looking forward to working in a night club... Even though he would only be in the back cleaning glasses and other pots and pans etc. And this was his life now, forever; Cleaning dishes, drinking blood and living with a new family. But he knew it wouldn't all be bad, it was better than his old life.

CURRENT GOALS: To try and convince Michelle to let him work on the bar, In his mind he's 36, but on the outside he still just looks like a baby faced teenager.

Bloodline: Fleur Du Sang
Bloodline Abilities: Thought Perception
Basic Ability #1: Enhanced Speed
Basic Ability #2: Enhanced Senses