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Nathan stared back at her, his face a blank mask. Then sitting back in his seat once more he drummed his finger tips together thoughtfully a moment before saying,

“Why does she mean so much to you? How is it that you have become so close? I see that you form incredibly close bonds with your servants. Your traitorous chambermaid being the first. I find it quite... curious. And I know it isn’t respect for servants in general because you broke the knee caps on one of mine with out a seconds thought...”
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Astrid remained steady, taking a long sip of her wine as she did so.

"I step into new relationships, whether romantic or not, with the idea that there is but one chance to make an impression. Thatis why at every gathering, I took the time to offer an opportunity to a man that I believe may be suitable of my company. Had I not, then we may not be sitting here right now. The impression Miss York gave to me during that time was dispicable and deserved punishement."

"My servants were also offered these chances when they first came into service - they have been loyal ever since, specifically the Eklund twins. They are fierce fighters, and I believe that despite your view on them needing to earn any sort of respect, Petra remained professional and respectful to you as she should. How will servants ever trust your judgements - particularly when they are the ones putting their lives on the lines - when in the first meeting you will barely bother to use her name?"

Astrid leaned forward, looking carefully at Nathan.

"Gunnhilde, on the other hand, is not my trusted servant. She is just a servant. She is bound by Lundstrom manor, and is still reaping the consequences of harming my family, no matter what her intentions may have been."

"Petra and Magda are to me as Ramazanov is to you. Loyal dogs that should not be treated as mutts on the street."
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Nathan pursed his lips a moment, nodding at her words, but then speaking said,

"So what would you have me do? Treat her differently then all others under my employ? Or treat them all by your standards? Because giving her special treatment is not going to win her friends..."

Interestingly Nathan asked in a calm tone, as though really wanting to know the answer.
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Astrid narrowed her eyes at him.

"Perhaps we should leave this conversation until we commit to living together, since you would prefer to have your freedom, hm?" She lifted a brow at him. "Until we're of the same name under the same room, separate rules apply."
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“Why?” Said Nathan, looking a bit irritated himself now. “You yourself wanted to live under my roof so as to figure out how we would live with one another and yet now that the opportunity presents itself, and I am calmly willing to discuss it, you are going to cut it off and pout because we are not currently living under the same roof?”

The woman made no sense! Couldn’t she see he was trying here?!
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Astrid turned her head away.

"Savour your remaining days with full privacy and control." She glared at him. "I do not pout. You are just irritating."

She finished off her wine and then stood up, smoothing out her dress calmly.

"Perhaps you are right. Why rush it? Clearly we should be relishing in our stern ways before we have to adapt."
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“You are being impossible,” said Nathan, turning away himself. “You refuse to have a conversation with me about this, refuse to let me seek out how to comply, clearly you are the only one here with stern ways since I am open to change. and I do not even see that I did anything so terrible but make a joke with you in private about their names. Since you are so set in punishing me for daring to not acting as you expect at once why don’t you go back to Sweden where everyone around you acts exactly as you expect them to.”
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Astrid scowled at him, and then leaned on the palm of her hand, staring at the door for a long moment. She remained silent, clearly in thought, but not leaving regaardless.

"You can act how you like - if you have to test her loyalty or worth, then fine. I have full confidence that she will impress you. It just feels like a kick in the teeth when I did nothing but praise your security and you simply dismiss mine like they're nothing."
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Nathan was silent a moment, staring at the back of her head for a long time before saying calmly, “And how exactly did I do that?”

He paused, then said again, “I am not trying to be glib here Astrid, I genuinely do not know. As far as I know I did not say anything terribly insulting, did not disrespect her skills as I know nothing of them. If you demand I love her as you do you are asking the impossible. She is a stranger to me. If you compliment my man I am not obligated to them compliment your woman at a moments notice. Perhaps you are a quicker judge of character than I, but I will not throw out any praise so we can be even here.”

Standing Nathan walked over to the liquor cabinet and glanced at the contents. Clearly something stronger was needed here... no... no... he was above that...
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"Telling her to run along like a child, calling her 'girl', refering to her as a 'thing'." Astrid spoke back sharply, sitting back in her chair and staring forward. "Perhaps your runnings with dark magic have made you forget that other people have feelings."
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Nathan made a scoffing sound, then said, “They are servants. They are paid to put up with with people like you and me. Tell them to run along and play is something we call a joke around here. But if we wish to take apart every action I could say she was rude for keeping her face covered in front of me and not telling me her last name.”

Nathan shook his head, then said, “If you found my actions so shocking and insulting clearly you do not know me at all. I doubt your servants will be happy here...”
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Astrid sighed, looking away.

"Looks like a differing opinion, then. Clearly we need to agree to disagree and leave it at that."
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“Really?” Said Nathan with a raised brow. “That’s your answer to our first disagreement?” He paused then said, “I am sorry but... that is not acceptable to me..”

Walking over to the window he shook his head, then folding his arms he said as he gazed out of it, “If we can not talk then we will make each other miserable under the same roof. So either you get past whatever hang ups you have and learn how to talk to me... how to argue with me, how to fight with me even... or we have two options. Call off the engagement... or marry but live in our respective homes after. It’s your choice Astrid.”
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"Sounds to me like you want me to go at this point." Astrid lifted her chin, looking over to him. "I don't know what you want me to suggest. Everything I have said in regards to how I view things seems to be countered with dismissal and skepticism. What exactly do you want me to say?" She lifted a brow.

"You said it yourself, it was just a joke. Should it really need such a long and drawn out discussion? All I was asking is that you at least understand that she and her sister mean something to me, even if they mean nothing to you."
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Nathan took a deep breath, then said, “I am very sarcastic, and condescending in nature. So much so that much of the time I do not even notice. It is simply part of my speech, though believe it or not I have always spared you much of it out of respect. Yet this is still something that will always be a part of me I fear. So I concede on this point,” he said with a nod of his head.

“But...” he said, holding up a finger. “You clearly are use to others simply agreeing with you and letting it go. You can not take me disagreeing. All I ask is that we start... by you answering my questions rather than avoiding or dismissing them with out answer, something I consider as equally rude to what you accuse me of.”

He paused, then added, “saying let’s agree to disagree is what you say to a friend. I am not your mere friend but fiancé, and soon husband. Please grant me the respect of a back and forth conversation. I don’t care if you disagree, I simply don’t want you cutting me off because I was clearly raised differently then you and don’t as of yet understand...”