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 #7448  by Genesis Batsu
"He tried, but he couldn't overpower my love for my family"
- Genesis Batsu.
I'm the type of person you girls hate the most
That jerk who always deceives women's feelings

  • ERA: Reformation
    FULL NAME: Genesis Akai Batsu
    KNOWN AS: Genesis Batsu
    NICKNAMES: Gen- By like...everyone.

    CURRENT AGE: Turned into a vampire at 36
    BIRTHDATE: 05 Dec
    BIRTHPLACE: Setugaya,Japan
    CHILDHOOD HOME: Batsu Manor
    CURRENT RESIDENCE:Takayama Manor/random hotel rooms

    RACE: Vampire
    BLOOD STATUS:Pure until Death
    ETHNICITY: Japanese
    NATIONALITY: Japanese
    HEALTH STATUS: smokes, drinks but other then that healthy
    MARITAL STATUS: Player, doensn't stick to one woman.
    LOYALTIES: His family, his kids and Shiro Takayama
    PRIORITIES: His family
    LIFE PHILOSOPHY: "If you have no enemy's...your not doing something right."
    ROMANCE PHILOSOPHY: "Why have one flavor...when you can have all of them?"

    PROFESSION: Unemployed
    EMPLOYER: No one
    EXPERIENCE: Years of having family money
    EDUCATION: Mahoutokoro, yellow Kitsune, Class 1978

    I'm the guy you say doesn't give a damn about forever
    That jerk who only cares about the past

    R E L A T I O N S H I P S

    • F A M I L Y T R E E.

      FATHER: Hijiri Batsu [DECEASED]; Japanese & Pure - Japanese ministry of Magic worker
      MOTHER: Hana Batsu nee Ishikawa [DECEASED]; Japanese & Pure - House wife
      SISTER: Gemma Binx nee[/]Batsu[40]; Japanese & Pure - Stay at home wife
      SISTER: Gina Noble neeBatsu[38]; Japanese & Pure - Desk clerk at her husbands funeral home

      BROTHER IN-LAW: Benirix Binx [30]; English & Pure- Accountant and the Blue Lagoon
      BROTHER IN-LAW: Ambrose Noble [45]; English/Irish & Pure - Owner of his own Funeral home
      ADOPTED DAUGHTER: Prudence Binx nee Batsu [turned at 21]; English/italian & Vampire - Barkeep at the Blue Lagoon
      SON IN-LAW: Dexon Binx [30]; English & Vampire - Bouncer at the blue Lagoon

    The weird thing about this world is...
    Women don't love the good guys
    They want “cool,” want “consideration,” and want “concern”
    These kinds of men don't exist anymore

    A P P E A R A N C E

    • Seen as the badboy of the Batsu family, Genesis is known for his jeans and skull t-shirts when going casually. Though when he does dress up he tends to choose darker colors. His closet tends to be filled with boots and leather jackets and he is known for his body sprays that most of his family say is just way to strong. His daughter once joking he bathed in the stuff...Yes he did think about doing that.

      His skin when alive was a tanned tone until his turning in 1996, in which while it still has a bit of the old tanned look is more noticably paler than it use to be. His hair is shagged with the longest layers ending right before his shoulders start and is usually full of hair product to keep it, it's...spikey and badish appearance. His facial features mix in with a bit of a smirk of a calmness depending on whats going on...and if he'd not ready to take a bite out of a woman who wants him to or a person who has harmed his family or friends. He stands around 5'4, often using his boots to add a couple inches so he doesn't seem like such a migit.

    I'm the guy who won't let you understand
    Makes you lose direction and feel powerless

    P E R S O N A L I T Y

    • Normally a cool guy, Genesis can easily be one of the guys at the poker table and with his talk of women he can blend right in with the rest of them. That being said he's a lover of the opposite sex and will flirt with them every chance he gets, though he also holds them in high respect and usually wine's and dine's them before he has his way with them. A lot of these wemon tend to be long time friends with benefiats and he does look out for them. He's a man of honor to a point, though this is only seen once one gets past his out bad boy image.

      All that doesn't mean he can't flip out on someone when they have wronged him or his family. He tends to be a protective one, often making sure men stay away from his daughter and sister.He see's himeslf as a protector and this nature extends to his friends and other family as he will take care of a problem if one is threatened or in trouble.

      As a child he had a habit of taking the wrap if any of his friends got in trouble at school, his rapsheet is long with only one real offence that he did himself. One he would hoenstly admit to if asked, because he felt the guy deserved what he got.

    Makes you lose direction and feel powerless
    That's right, that kind of jerk
    Makes you scream at a sky that doesn't care

    M I S C E L L A N E O U S

      WEAKNESSES:Short temper. Overly protective. Sarcastic. Judging. Narcasstic.
      STRENGTHS: Hard working. Dependable. Loving to family. Strong. Smooth talker (honestly this could go in both area's)
      INTERESTS: Drinking. Smoking. Fighting. Flirting. Sleeping.
      PROFICIENT LANGUAGES: Japanese. Korean. Chinese. English.

      That jerk who only cares about the past
      H I S T O R Y

      • Backstory:
        Born to two wonderful and loving parents who were muggle friendly, Genesis enjoyed his two years of being an only child. The perks of that were however dashed as soon as his sister was born. At first he didn't like her and made it known but as time grew on he accepted her, even felt the need to protect her.

        She took on the term Baby Batsu as she grew up while he got wild and out of control. Hed cause problems in school, have many a fight with other students and often be grounded when summer came but he always looked out for his little sister.

        As he grew older and into adulthood he shaped up. His father made it clear that he would not continue to support him and his needs. He took his love of DADA and Turned it into a teaching career, his father helping him get his foot in the door due to his past with the school.

        It was after a few years of teaching that he met Prudence Ainsworth, a girl who seemed troubled when he met her. It seemed her father was planning on forcing her to take the Dark Mark, this riled him up and once he found put more about him he found many another thing that chilled him to his bones; he talked to his sister who due to her celebrity status was able to get adoption papers forced through.

        Everything seemed to be going well, she was offically a Batsu and he could go back to his teaching. However trouble seemed to find Genesis again and he found himself needing money due to his father cutting him off because of his spending habits. He met a group calked the white monkeys and made a deal for a large sum of cash.

        It wasnt too long until Prudence came to him with Mark Green, a boy in a very troubled home. Once again feeling a need to save another child he contacted Gemma again, he tried to get the boy in his family only to find his father actually fighting back. The court case was brutal, but eventually he won it.

        Sadly his habit of not taking danger seriously bit him in the butt. He had gone to Yoru Nakamura his long time friend and leader of the Tokyo magical Yakuza for help. The help would come to late. The first summer he had Mark in his custody but not officially adopted the white monkeys who had threatened him and his family made good on said threat. The family was atracked in the middle of the night in 1996 where Luke Smith, Shawn Smith and Yoru Nakamura was killed. He was close to death.

        With his daughter and her soon to be husband hiding and Mark Green running away the white monkeys wanted to use him to track down his family. One of their members had messed with the french underground a few years back and was turned as a result. Now they were using Vampirism to grow their organization and fill it with what they considered super humans. Trying to force Genesis into assisting them one of them turned him, only to be killed a week later when he offically tried to order Genesis to hunt down his family, his need to protect stronger than the sires power. As Mahou was a strict no vampires policy he lost his job and chose not to take on another in order to stalk Mark. He chose to cash in on the family money that was owed to him when his father passed a year after the contract with the white monkeys. Something told him no jobs would take a vampire anyway. At least no jobs he would like.

        He stayed hidden, watching over Mark as he was the only one he could locate from there on out but not letting himself become known. If he stayed hidden, maybe they wouldn't become targets again. Shiro Takayama he found out had Taken over Yoru's job and relocated Prudence and Drake.

        Recent History:
        With the recent movement of his old enemy he realized him being hidden did nothing. His family was still a target. He needed to contact Shiro and make sure nothing happened to his son or daughter.

      I'm the guy who won't let you understand
      Makes you lose direction and feel powerless

      C R E D I T S

      • Play by is Mike He
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