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Location: By the Great Lake • Date: May 14
Time of Day: Dusk • Weather: Slightly cloudy

Lily gazed out over the lake, letting out a wistful sigh. It had been a long year. Every time she had seen Severus around, she had made a point to pretend to ignore him, but really, she wanted nothing more than to run over to him and tell him how sorry she was. Then again, maybe what she really wanted was for him to apologise to her.

And then there was Potter, who had somehow gotten simultaneously more annoying and appealing as the year had dragged on. She had heard through the grapevine that he was dating Meiriona Davies, and the thought crushed her. She didn't know why it crushed her, but it did. Stupid Potter.

Bending down, she picked up a rock and tossed it out over the water, watching it skip. She liked being out by the lake this time of the day. Most people were inside, finishing up their homework and getting some social time in before curfew. She, of course, had finished all of her homework before dinner and had taken a short nap before heading out to watch the sunset. It was so quiet, and peaceful...
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Further down the lake, a young Hufflepuff witch just one year below her was thinking about the exact same thing: it was so quiet, so peaceful, at least until that Gyffindor came along. She turned back to the water surface , but whatever creature she had seen before swam away already. She sighed and stood up. It was time for dinner, anyway.
 #7331  by James Potter
To say that it had been a great day for James Potter was an understatement. He had received his transfiguration essay with top marks, avoided detention in charms, instigated a food fight during dinner, and was now free to enjoy the evening with his lovely girlfriend, Meiriona Davies.

He pressed a loving kiss to her cheek.

“Do me a favor, yeah? Remind me to never piss you off,” said James grinning, a bit of mash potato still clinging to the ends of his untidy hair. “The pie you threw was a glorious sight to behold. That kid will be cleaning peach cobbler out of his nostrils for weeks.”

He had one arm wrapped protectively around Meirona as they made their way to the Great Lake where two people were loitering. James gaze briefly landed on the Hufflepuff girl with mild curiosity before he pinpointed the vibrant red hair belonging to none other than Lily Evans.

“Oi! You alright Evans?” James called out. “Didn’t see you at dinner.”
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Meiriona laughed, leaning her head on James' shoulder for a moment as they walked. "You'll do well to remember that," she teased, reaching up and holding his hand that was draped around her. "Though you weren't half bad yourself. That goblet of pumpkin juice you tipped over that Hufflepuff firstie? That was priceless, though you definitely deserved his brother getting you in the head with the potatoes."

It had been an equally great day for Meiriona, as she had aced her DADA essay and was now spending time with her boyfriend. Boyfriend. It felt good to call him that.

When he called out to Evans, though, the Ravenclaw frowned, biting her lip. It was no great secret that the other Gryffindor had been rather elusive all year, moping in the girls' bathroom and avoiding even her friends. She glanced around, spying the Hufflepuff down the shoreline, and then back at Lily. "I'll be back," she murmured, pulling away from James and walking over to the other girl.

"Hey there. Cathrine, right? Wanna see something cool? I saw some interesting tracks up the shoreline a bit with James." She lowered her voice. "Best to leave those two alone. Evans is a bit... let's just say James is pretty good at getting her out of her shell," she said, glancing back at her boyfriend. It wasn't something she was the biggest fan of, but at the same time, she supported her boyfriend's friendships. And she knew James and Lily had become pretty good friends over the years.

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Cathrine nodded, biting back a remark. She came out here for some quiet, but the Rawenclaw was right: when these two are concerned, it's better to just leave.
"How about we head to the hippogriffs? Last time I checked, the eggs were all intact but Chanson and Volatire's eggs are due to hatch sometime today. "
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Lily barely paid any attention to the two girls who had taken off. Instead, she focused on the boy approaching her. Shrugging, she turned to face the water again. "I took a roll and some meat back to the dormitory," she said, bending down and picking up another rock, aiming with it to toss it into the water.
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James nodded in acknowledgement to Meiriona and watched as she approached the other girl. He couldn’t make out what they were discussing, but from the looks of things he’d have to catch up with his girlfriend later.

Shame…he was really hoping for a bit of quality time with her.

His thoughts of kissing her in the shade of a nearby tree all but vanished when Lily spoke. An easily distracted creature James Potter was. He took a step forward to stand beside her, briefly making eye contact with Meiriona as she walked off with her new friend.

“A roll and some meat? “asked James, sounding amused as his attention returned to Lily.

“That isn’t even enough food to feed a fish.”

He was about to make a cheeky remark about whether she had gifted Slughorn with anymore pets when she made a sudden motion to toss another rock into the water.

“Before you do that and piss off the giant squid…. let me show you something,” James circled around her until he was slightly behind and at her side. Long calloused fingers gingerly wrapped around Lily’s delicate wrist. His hands slid upwards until they were touching hers. “Hold the flat sides of the rock with your thumb on one side and your middle finger on the other. What matters, ultimately, is that you send the stone spinning in a straight line with the flat end almost parallel to the water. “

He manipulated her fingers around the smooth stone to position them properly. “Make sure to place the stone in the crook of your index finger while placing your thumb on top of the rock to maintain control of it. Yes. Like that.”

James flashed Lily a smile before resuming his instruction on proper rock skipping.

His hand left her wrist to manipulate the rest of her body, though he was ever the gentleman in doing so. James lightly placed his fingertips-no palms so she wouldn’t get the wrong idea of his intentions- on her hips and turned her to the left. “Turn sideways, stand with your non-dominant side closest to the water's edge, your feet shoulder-width apart and bend the knees slightly.”

James made eye contact with Lily. If only she knew how gorgeous her eyes were. If only he could tell her how difficult it was for him not to lose himself in them. But they were friends…just friends. Such lines were not to be crossed if he wanted to maintain this friendship with and he wasn’t about to risk it all now her after years of trying to earn it.

“Remember, angle and spin are more important than speed. The ideal angle between the stone and the water is 20 degrees; any less than that, and the friction slows it down; any more than that, and it cuts the water and sinks. Don’t just throw the rock and stop moving your arm as soon as the stone falls out of it. This will cause it to stop short. Instead, when you bend that wrist back, make sure to whip your throwing arm all the way across your chest, finishing near the shoulder of your opposite arm. Following through will ensure that you’ve put all of your power and momentum into the throw and will make the stone travel the furthest and skip the longest.”

A lazy smirk stretched across his young handsome face. “Think you managed to catch all that, Evans?”
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"I wasn't hungry," Lily replied drily. Sometimes she found James' attempts to look out for her strangely endearing. Other times, she wished he didn't care. If he didn't care, then it would be easier for her not to care that she was slowly turning as miserable as her own sister.

She didn't have too much time to dwell, though, as he began an extended, highly detailed lesson on how to skip rocks. She listened patiently, not really having the energy to argue, and tried to ignore the skips in her heartbeat every time he touched her. When it became obvious he was going to try to teach her everything, she decided to forego mentioning that her father had taught her how to skip rocks when she was eight, and instead let him go through the motions.

At the conclusion of the lesson, Lily nodded once, nibbling on her lower lip. Then she took a moment to toss her hair behind her shoulders. "I think I've got it," she said slowly, taking up the stance he had showed her and squinting out over the water. Then she whipped her arm as fast and hard as she could, watching the rock skip over the water's surface.

"Would you look at that, you're a really good teacher," she said, deciding she wasn't going to reveal her secret after all. Maybe it was best to leave him thinking he had managed a miracle, teaching her so well. She turned to him, grinning for a moment before realizing it was the first time she had smiled all day. Just as quickly, she let her head hang, her red hair forming a curtain shielding her face from his gaze.
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He took a step back to give her space. Given she was amazing at everything, James wasn’t surprised that she was able to skip the stone. What caught him off guard, however, was that she managed to skip the palm sized stone PEREFECTLY.

James watched in momentary shock as the stone danced flawlessly across the smooth water’s surface. He felt like an absolute fool. It was obvious that she already knew what she was doing. She was even kind enough not to interrupt his instruction and to compliment his “teaching” at the end of it.

James returned the smile Lily extended and decided that he wasn’t going to let her know that he knew.

“Evans?” he asked with genuine concern when she suddenly hid behind the curtain of her gorgeous red hair, “What’s wrong?”
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Lily shook her head, turning ever so slightly so she was facing away from him. “It’s nothing, really. I’m just tired,” she lied, staring out over the lake. It wasn’t exactly a lie, since she was a bit tired even after her nap, but she almost knew for sure he would see right through it.

It wasn’t that she didn’t want to tell him, she just didn’t like when other people worried about her. She was the one who looked after other people, yet she couldn’t even take care of herself. She drew in a shaky breath, then let it out slowly. “I’m also very ready to go home for the summer.”
 #7766  by James Potter
James only grew more concerned. He inched closer to stand beside her until his shoulder was brushing against hers.

“That’s a first. Usually you complain about having to go back home for the summer. Why the sudden change of heart?”

He was going to continue to pry until he received proper answers. “If someone is making it difficult for you here...just say the word and I’ll rough ‘em up. “

James sighed loudly. “Lily Evans, if you don’t start confessing I’m going to resort to forcing it out of you.” He didn’t give her a proper chance to respond before he wrapped an arm around her to pull her up against him, pinning both her arms with one hand while finding every ticklish spot on her sides with the other. Melancholy didn’t look good on Lily Evans, James decided, and if tickling her was the only way to get her to laugh again then so be it! He wouldn’t be surprised if she tried to get him back for this, probably in his sleep too! Helpless. Defenseless. He’d be the victim of a level 5 tickle attack at thr mercy of one revenge seeking redhead and there wouldn’t be a single thing he could do. But he’d worry about that later.
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Lily stayed quiet, not really wanting to explain, even as he continued to pry. Once again, it was almost comforting to know he cared so much, but that also made it harder on her.

And then he started to tickle her. "James!" she screeched, not able to hold back the bursts of laughter that left her as he somehow managed to find even that obscure ticklish spot in the crook of her elbow. "Stop that!" she squealed, fighting against him to try and get away, only to find herself secure in his very strong grip. Quidditch players and their muscles. Eventually, she wasn't able to hold back and she laughed, lightly knocking her fists against his chest. "Oh ho... you stop that right now!" she said through the laughter, glancing up and realizing how close they were all of a sudden.

She tugged away, turning her head to the side. He had a girlfriend.
 #7970  by James Potter
Her laugh was contagious and it was the most beautiful sound in the world to James though he wasn’t exactly sure why. He continued to tickle her mercilessly until she looked up at him with those gorgeous eyes that stole the very breath from his lungs. James immediately froze and loosened his grip on her. She was so close that he could feel her body heat. He could even smell the heavenly scent of her shampoo. Hazel eyes dilated as they drifted down to stare at her lips.

And then she was pulling away, removing herself from his arms. He wanted to pull her back towards him, to make her laugh again, to hold her tight and reassure her that everything would be alright.

But he had a girlfriend.

For once James didn’t know what to say or how to cheer her up.

“....Lily?” He didn’t like the insecurity he heard in his own voice. “Is everything okay between us?”
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Lily peeked back at James, nibbling on her lower lip. There was a certain level of vulnerability he was showing that she wasn’t sure she had ever seen before, and to make matters worse, she found it endearing. It was somehow nice to know that there were some things that could phase him, even if one of those things was getting too close to her. She let out a small sigh.

“I don’t know,” she whispered, squeezing her eyes shut for a moment. “James, you’re... I’ve seen you grow this year, and against all odds you kept your promise to be just my friend. I just think... I... Meiriona Davies is really lucky to be dating you. I wouldn’t have said that a year ago, but I really believe it now,” she said, feeling like it was mostly word vomit.