A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #5340  by Neringa Sirvydaite
Suddenly, with this influx of other yellow-robed, excitable students, Neringa figured it was about time for her to leave. Though it was sweet, how happy they seemed, and even how young they seemed - despite only being a couple of years older, these girls still had a lovely youth about them.

"See you around," Neringa smiled politely at Susan, before standing up and making her exit.

Besides, the younger girls were not the only ones with stories to tell - Neringa herself had met a boy the night before.
 #5678  by Susan Bones
Susan turned a bright shade of red as Anna and Hazel sat down. What did they know?

"Uhm, yeah. It was nice meeting you," she sputtered out to Neringa.

She sat quietly waiting for whatever the other girls had for her. Hopefully, if she was lucky, they would just want to gossip about someone else.
 #6169  by Anna Merwood
"Let's go outside, come on," Anna said, practically grabbing her two friends and dragging them away from the Hufflepuff table and out into the courtyard.

Sometimes, crucial gossip just could not wait, and a girl had to find her friends.