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 #37534  by Shiro Takayama
He smirked,
"I simply mean by your men making reports, finding the bodies then calling me into your office...you've just added all of the Japanese Ministry to the list of targets." He mused. "Something me and Mr Nakamura warned you would be the end result if you dug in any deeper than you were on that bridge." He added.

He cleared his throat.
"So I'd suggest you let me and my men lead the case, you helping us if you want to live." He tapped his finger on the chair. He didn't like saving the man who had given him years of bad dreams and the inability to love or connect with another living soul...but given his title he had to at least try, part of him being able to hope he failed at saving the man just like he had failed the Batsu family.
 #37712  by Sadao Takayama
The young man in front of him was testing his limits on being 'nice', the Ministry man didn't want to be bested by anyone...even more to be bested by the mistake he'd brought into the world. He tapped his finger on the desk, sighing. Part of him wanted to tell off the 'kid' in his office, the other part knew that he might win the office battle but he'd have to drag the minister into the situation fully if he wanted to win the war and the last thing he wanted was his boss thinking that he was capable of turning the ministry upside down.

"Is that a threat?" He asked, "Or do you seriously think the Ministry couldn't handle their own?" He smirked, sure...they might not go around killing people just for the sake of it...but the legal system in his opinion was made with perfection each layer of the ministry making it a power house of an army aimed towards people like his son.
 #37713  by Zhao Cong
He laughed, from the corner twirling his flute around. Getting a look from Shiro who was just about to respond to the man behind the desk...the man who was now three sheets of red from head...and Zhao assumed reaching his toes.
"How old is the Ministry?" He asked, the man.
 #37714  by Shiro Takayama
"Not old enough to know the battle strategy's your former boss has mastered and memorized." Shiro mused. "And no old enough to have lost it's humanity yet." He added, seeing as his last point is what really made the difference.
 #37715  by Sadao Takayama
His head turned to them both, one eyebrow raised. The flute gleamed in the lights of his office and his son's hair seemed to shimmer against the walls, both causing shadows he'd not seen in a long time on his office floor. He put a finger on his temple sighing, the two men seeming like two cryptic monsters...and Sadao just sat there wondering how Shiro had picked up the unemotional control freak side of him....missing out on the most important point: Making sure no one saw it.

He had taught the kid nothing...
"And that makes a difference how? The age doesn't matter, I have all good agents that are just as good as...whatever he is." He motioned to the vampire.
 #37716  by Zhao Cong
"Wǒ zhīdàole, Wǒ zhīdàole." He said, repeating 'I see' in his natural language before standing up. Whatever he was, his eyes were gleaming with amusement. Normally he was that odd vampire who tried to keep his 'demonic' side hidden, blend in and find hope in humanity. It was his boss's hair raising straight up and talk of obvious misdoings to his boss that allowed him to break such habits.
"Mr Takayama...You don't know what we've done, what we will continue to do...and how long we'll do it, given the fact we do not die. You see after a certain number of years...those little documents of execution just...don't work. Your not a threat no more...and I'm afraid the vampire your now being targeted by is well beyond that point." He walked around the desk, his lips right to the man's ear. "I suggest you let the big boy's play and keep your paper pushers safe." He smirked heading for the door.

"Mr Takayama...My mister Takayama, I suggest we leave. Because he finds out I'm a lot like the vampire I just mentioned." His voice holding no amusement.
 #37717  by Shiro Takayama
"I dont-" He started his corrections just as the Chinese filled the room. Turning to Zhao he raised an eyebrow the vampire doing exactly what he asked him not to do, though before he could warn him on the rule...he started to like what he was seeing. leaning in his chair he said nothing watching the vampire circle his prey all the while explaining why his assumptions were oh so wrong. Leaving the guy speechless he stood up.
"I'll keep you updated on information, but please do keep your nose out of it. You find a body, you owl me. Maybe we can take the heat off the Ministry." Be said before letting the door click shut behind him.

"That was very...interesting. What happened to story guy?" He asked, heading towards the doors that would lead them out.
 #37718  by Zhao Cong
He shrugged,
"I really don't like creeps like him." He kept it simple. "He's not a normal person...I can tell." With his age, you learned a lot about people and what they could hide if they really wanted to.
"That office, those polite words..." Take out the very few hints to his dislike of children... "They were almost like a decoy. I don't like fake people." He said honestly turning he walked backwards as a smile crossed his face. "Plus! If he follows your orders and takes my warning....we can save all those nice people who would be forced to be involved right?"
 #37719  by Shiro Takayama
Hand in his pocket he listened, looking forward as he took in the words his face not moving an inch to show any kind of emotion as the vampire hit the nail on the head. If only everyone was that smart, smart enough to realize they were in the presence of a monster.
"That office was actually starting to freak me out." He admitted, seeing the door just as the vampire gave him the cheesy smile he'd given him in that cave.

As his mind tried to see how that mattered...quickly stepping into line of logic to avert the headache he knew would come from it he nodded.
"Logically speaking, if he lets us lead it...all his paper pushers will stay in there tidy little offices and out of the line of fire making your words correct." He lit a cig as soon as the main ministry doors shut behind him the two now outside. "Not that it really matters if he listens or not. I could care less after all it wouldn't be me bringing them into the line of fire." He mused.

"Lets go home, Kawazaki about freaked one me when I was late last night...something about sweating over a hot stove while i played around town and he watched the children? I don't know, I just know it was a personal headache." He deadpanned getting into the car. He watched the vampire go from amused, almost horrified then amused again before entering the car and the two pulling off.