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 #35961  by Lorelei
Lorelei was little surprise he did not float up to the top of water the way his eye widen like a dead fish would do. That was why she keep bring it up because it was rather big and merpeople actually had pets and well Lorelei went for something big that would keep away and the thing massive teeth.

"That would be one." She was stroking it and when it raise up she stroke under the chin and it made sound almost musical to a hear when she stroke it chin and the thing look down at Dino and well this was something else it extend it chin so Lorelei could touch it chin.
 #35963  by Dino O'Sullivan
'D'ya... D'ya think I could maybe touch her? Is it even a she?' Dino's shark head looked excited. 'I won't harm it, I promise. Look,' he said, putting his wand in the pocket of his swimming trunks. 'I'm not even goin' to be holdin' my wand. I don't want to harm her, I just, I've never seen one of those before.' Pure glee filled his voice.
 #35971  by Lorelei
"It actually a boy." She name him "His name is Apophis."She watch him put the wand away that is one their weapon away and well she heard wizard fight with or dual with it.He is massive that is a girl one he told that was actually smaller then him and well he had big sharp teeth.They could invisible the problem was they could not stay invisible that the problem.

"Just one little thing do not touch right there on it back .That is right there on back it caught got in net I got it out. The rope had dug into back it is still sensitivity there.You can touch."

She look back at him and he look back at him. That is the creature go through ordeal with sailor of some sortie.
 #36032  by Dino O'Sullivan
'Ach sorry there, Apophis,' Dino apologized. 'Named after the Egyptian god, then, are we?'

He swam closer and heeded the mermaid's advice. 'I don't mean to hurt him,' he reassured her. 'Just, I've never seen one of these before, and I don't think I'll get the chance to touch one again...'

Dino approached his webbed hand to a spot behind the serpent's head, and started to stroke it. 'Ach, aren't ya a beaut, then?'
 #36185  by Lorelei
"It is what he want to be called."
She was telling him that is she smile at Dino as he came closer. He been staying with her since that incident in Europe was bad with their net and well they travel together. He could fly too and well his body could be use for potion and well that was why. She never understood why wizard choice to hunt them.

He had let out musical note that were low that might sound strange but the creature want Lorelei to swim up it was him being nervous around the wizard then he stop she touch him again. "It's alright."She soothe it and was quiet once again.
 #36194  by Dino O'Sullivan
'Ach, boyo, ya've got nothin' to worry about with me,' Dino cajoled the creature as it started to hum worriedly. 'Yer a massive beast, I'll tell ya that.'

He turned to face the mermaid. 'Where did ya encounter the likes of him?'
 #36211  by Lorelei
"The Atlantic ocean. I was working in Atlantic ocean tried to help other animals. I saw him in fishing net. I think it muggle net. I heard him calling for help or seem be. I could not ignore him so I start tried to get him out but as I do so I get tangle up too. We start swimming real under water pulling whoever down into ocean too. When they did drop there knife. I grab it and I start cut us both loss but not before muggle saw us. But anyway I heard that people thought they where drunk out of mind with what they saw. We both decide not go back there."

Lorelei had keep the creature safe from harm and what not they had developed a understanding to a one another. He did not start out as massive that is they grew up together. The both tried to search out his own kind but came to conclude he was last of his kind. He had not seen any of his own kind in year and she had not but himself.

But as he said in the dream that three are better then one. When they decide travel together and take up protector of sea. But Lorelei decide to be singer well that meant travel and did not have stay in one place that is tour the sea and possible find him others. But so far the two come up empty hand in that area.
 #36282  by Dino O'Sullivan
'Ach, aye,' Dino nodded his shark head. 'Humans aren't especially kind to creatures, and not a word of a lie, I'll give ya that. Our track record isn't especially pristine. But there are some of us who do like and respect the creatures, ya know? A lot of us are tryin' to protect them. That's what we try to do, in my department of the Society. We track them so we might learn more about them, their habits, behaviours, migration patterns, so we can see how best to help them.'

He stroked the horned serpent some more. Noble beast, that. 'D'ya know, I reckon he might not be the only one of his kind? I've heard that near the mouth of the Amazon there were some really fascinatin' water snakes. Have ya ever been?'
 #36296  by Lorelei
Lorelei wasn't too fond of them herself and with how they treat animals. They expect them to be many such animals in the world. But a lot time things where not working out for them and that is many animals where in trouble. At one point she read about the land animals such as dodo bird was dead. Did they want all animals to go the way that bird did?

"No we have not.I heard about serpent but I also heard it was just sea serpent. "She did not race all way down there it not be horned serpent but just serpent that was crawling around. Or make freakish hybrid that is would turn out bad or for animal to be reject because it wasn't same.
 #36339  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino shrugged, though it felt more than awkward with the shark head still on.

'Well, if ya don't go, ya'll never find out, and then ya run the risk of Apophis here bein' lonely forever. Wouldn't want that for ya, would we, big lad?' Dino asked, patting the beast's flank. 'Ya say ya met him in the Mediterranean. Lots of cultures around that region have mythology involvin' snakes, maybe there's somethin' to investigate there?'
 #36342  by Lorelei
Lorelei would try she just hope he was right. "I wouldn't want that either. I just hope your right. I don't he reject by it. Or something weird. Or someone once told don't put all shark egg in one basket.But we when get down there we see." That was joke that was pretty horrible after all no shark is same because there are different type. "We check it out." That would say a lot she would do so. She stroke his chin slightly.
 #36384  by Lorelei
"Well first we going travel few place. But we might get something to eat. It is going to be long trip." She said to the wizard and they where making conversation. She wonder if they could friend since same goal in that area. "I wondering one thing before we start little trip. Could me and you friend? I heard about what Dolores Umbridge that is cautions of wizards.."
 #36402  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino nodded as the mermaid spoke about grabbing a bite to eat. He refrained from asking what the hell it was that mermaids ate. Didn't they just grab fish out of the water and snacked on it? He figured it would be rude to ask, but it certainly was a puzzling notion.

'The Umbridge hag was a complete toad. Ach, what a terror she was. Ruined my entire sixth year, I'll tell ya that. Don't let the likes of her make up yer mind about all of wizardkind, though. Everyone hated her. Some wizards think like she does, that's for sure, but most of us aren't so naff. Of course we can be friends. Would be a right honour, Lorelei,' Dino said as he extended his hand again.

Just then, a rather large bull shark swam above them. 'I think that's my job callin' me back to it,' he chuckled.
 #36440  by Lorelei
Lorelei did not wear the make up that is she was and well the dress was revolting. It was mainly her that cause things to be as they where for merfolk and well yes there was other thought same way but they long since pass away. But Umbridge made difficult with minster of magic to get along with. It made merfolk rethink how things should be with wizard.

She took his hand and they shake hands once again. "Be careful not interrupt feeding frenzy." That is it can be extremely dangerous when a shark is eating it something might well turn around bit something.