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 #35878  by Evaline Delisle
The steward moving through the market-goers with her basket stopped short, not unlike a deer caught in Lumos light, as she was singled out for the first aid task.

Evaline had been instructed to purchase from a freed house elf and his son some rare cooking spices for Heloise's cooking, from a pair of centaurs seeds for a particular plant that Hadrian wanted to try growing in the gardens, and from a Romanian witch a select list of cosmetics to replace dwindling ones in Mademoise–non, Michelle's current use. Heloise had handed her a purse full of coins and sent her on her way. It was bad enough that she did not understand why her train ticket homebound was bought for not another three hours. What was she supposed to do in all that time after she bought the items—shop for herself on a working day?

Whatever it was, it can't possibly be so she could afford a detour of this sort. Evaline wasn't a Healer. What if something bad happened to the man?

"Wait—" She tried to call out to the two ladies, but blonde and brunette were already disappearing into the throng. Evaline looked with dismay back at the sick male. She couldn't leave him now, it struck against her conscience. Timidly, the witch inched closer to him, just enough that she could have placed a concerned hand on his shoulder, if she dared, which she didn't. "Um, hello," she greeted, trying not to sound nervous, thick accent immediately betraying her nationality. "Are you okay?" He did look frightfully pale. She reached into her basket, retrieving two flowers from the small bouquet of weeping tree dahlias that she could not resist buying from the centaurs for her own room.

Evaline transfigured the flowers into a glass which she filled with ice cool water from her wand tip. "Here," she offered it to the stranger.
 #35943  by Rafe Hallen
Sweat dripped from his brow and Rafe tossed his head back, hair whipping in the wind and looking like a wounded soldier on their knees. He felt disoriented as he accepted the offering of water like a wanderer in the desert. He didn't leave time for thanks as he tipped the glass back, water flowing down his neck in his haste.

Rafe could practically feel the moisture absorbing back into his skin as his body accepted the water and his wits returned. His eyes blinked past the kind stranger, looking for the quickest escape -- he had already made too much of a scene.
 #35952  by Evaline Delisle
It might have been nice to receive some indication of gratitude, but he looked so distressed that she did not feel she could hold the absence against him. Evaline could just feel anxiety thrumming off of the male—like an opera song teetering to soaring crescendo and pushing a note higher so that one was certain it would surely break. In fact, whatever that plagued him, he was already cracking from. The emesis was only one symptom; her timid gaze briefly flickered down to take note of watermarks that darkened his collar from his gulping down the water she'd offered.

The servant girl felt bad for him, really. He did not look like he could be much older than her. Everything told her that she should run, get on her way. He looked like trouble, albeit trouble staggering in lapse.

Evaline tapped the now-empty glass in the stranger's hand. It was now a square, plain linen kerchief. "You spilled a little," she pointed out meekly. Her wand lowered, as if in a natural motion, where the tip surreptitiously grazed against the back of his other hand hanging at his side. If he did not notice it, even a fleeting few seconds was all she needed to wordlessly cast a calming spell—not too much to be suspicious, but just enough to steady him.

She did always have a soft spot for the crippled, the weak, and the underdogs.
 #35976  by Rafe Hallen
Rafe groaned in frustration, glass-turned-handkerchief billowing in the wind. He pulled the cloth across his face once, loosely gathering any excess moisture, before climbing back to his feet.

The breeze calmed him, it seemed, like hot metal dunked into an ice bath. He steamed, but every drop of rage released was lost to the winds, for now. There was a sense of euphoria as each face in the crowd that, moments ago, had all been marked as individual threats, blurred into one and became nothing more than the backdrop of a painting. And before him, the stunning subject of the piece came into focus.

A series of meandering streams of worry met into one focused channel of contentedness while Rafe extended a handkerchief-wielding hand.
 #35989  by Evaline Delisle
Evaline discreetly tucked away her wand, casting a furtive look about herself, anxious that her little trick might have been seen by anyone at all. Certain skills were assets that should be flaunted, but the daughter remembered still her father's reminder—of a double-edged sword.

She took a step backward from the calmer stranger, shaking her head and a hand sheepishly. "It's okay, you can keep it," she said hastily, "and I—I should go."

Evaline had already taken more detour and did more than she should have. Inwardly, she chided herself, and contemplated whether she should report this interlude to Heloise. Would Mademoi—Michelle even care? It did not seem that her new mistress cared very much about anything.

The French girl turned to leave.
 #36025  by Andi Foerster
Before she could, Andi came into view. He'd been allowed to start leaving St. Mungos, and he'd planned to call by Florian's stall before seeing his mother to say hello and offer a little company. Hopefully, at some point, he could start working again. And maybe, after some more time, he would be able to apply for the Wizarding Academy of Dramatic Arts!

"Whoa!" He gasped, excruciatingly audible to those around, clearly with no spacial awareness. "How'd you get a wand in here!? Y'know that's against the rules right? I've worked here years and I've never been able to sneak one in given the amount of security at the gates, and with all those other officers lurking about that's real risky...even my friend Jens would rat me out to Herr Meyer. So, how'd you do it?"

He inhaled sharply.

"Oh! Oh, gosh okay, are you er...y'know...one of those kinds? I know Dice Rogan managed to get in before but he got caught out because he's shady anyway. Do you have specific permission to have that?" He tilted his head. "Even stall owners aren't allowed to have them..."
 #36301  by Rafe Hallen
Whatever serenity Rafe had taken the pleasure of gazing upon was suddenly interrupted. If it had been a beautiful painting, then this was someone spitefully drowning it in a splatter of the most vile, colorless tone. If it had been the sway of beautiful composition of music, then this was the intrusion of a thoughtless jackhammer, whittling away at whatever calm there was to be found in this moment of concluding strife.

His chest swelled and Rafe could feel his temperature rising again. He had nothing to offer the newcomer for now, other than his attention.
 #36337  by Evaline Delisle
All Evaline wanted was to get back to her day.

And to not get into any trouble.

Except there was suddenly another stranger, who looked alarmingly excitable, and he was speaking very, very fast and very, very loud, and her English was not nearly as eloquent as her French, but she could still catch bits of what he rapidly fired at her, and it was all very, very overwhelming, and— Evaline took a step back, and another step back, her pale cheeks flushing with embarrassment.

"I—I don't—What do you mean?" One of those kinds, he said. What kinds? She looked back and forth between the two men with wide, brown eyes brimming with panic. "They just let me in, I don't know—I didn't do anything, I promise! I just was trying to help him because someone told me to. She was—"

Evaline looked around her frantically to find the blonde-haired woman who had shouted at her in the first place, but desperation quickly faded into helplessness. The woman was long gone.

She was definitely in trouble.
 #36360  by Andi Foerster
Andi stared at her; the way she was suddenly so flighty and panicked made her seem her abruptly more suspicious. He furrowed his brows, blinking as he tried to comprehend what was going on. He glanced at the other man, and then looked back to this girl who seemed to be looking for someone who...er...didn't exist? Or had just vanished? But none of that had really answered his question anyway.

"O-kay..." He said slowly before continuing. "I mean, cool, but what do you mean they just 'let you in'? I've worked here for years, my uncle even longer, and even we have to give our wands up. They're likely even more picky about visitors - heck! - even Hera Cleary got searched when she visited the owner's son - and she was dating him!"

He tilted his head, looking at her.

"You're saying they took one look, didn't search you, and let you in? Or did they search you and let you keep it?" He inhaled a breath. "Ohhh! Is that it? Are you sleeping with one of the door guards? That's how it works, right? Small freebies, and that?"

That didn't seem like a very honest way to live, according to Andi.
 #36392  by Rafe Hallen
Rafe was perplexed as some sort of argument was ensuing. He wasn't quite sure what the fellow was rattling on about, but he didn't really care -- he had just spilled his guts all over the market and the only person that took the time to help him was being accused of a nonexistent crime. Briefly, he wondered, if the young man had screw loose -- no one had ever stopped Rafe from packing heat in Schwarzwald Market.

Having found some place between enraged and calm that he could work with, Rafe decided he had no interest in staying in the market any longer. He just wanted to get his ingredients and begone. But this poor girl.. he owed her a favor.

"Don't be rude," he muttered, spitting out any taste of vomit that hadn't already been washed down. "We are.. fine. It's not your concern."
 #36399  by Evaline Delisle
She did not understand who were these people whose names the newcomer kept bringing up, but there was something that the servant girl did immediately understand as soon as he said it. Recoiling with a gasp, Evaline looked upon the stranger with an expression of pure horror.

Who was this person and how dare he?

She felt the humiliation rise to her cheeks. Anger was not an emotion Evaline often felt, but when she did, it easily manifested itself in the form of welling tears and an audible tremor in her typically soft voice. "That is not true at all! I don't even know you, monsieur, and that is a—a—" she struggled with the word that she really wanted to say, 'horrible', whilst willing herself not to cry in front of these people she did not know.

Evaline did not want them to think she was upset. She was angry. It was not her fault that it tended to show itself in the form of crying.

"That is not a very nice thing to say to someone you don't know. They did search me, just like anyone else. I don't know why they don't let you bring your wand. They let everyone before me bring theirs." She looked helplessly at the other man who had spoken up in her defence. "Do you have your wand, monsieur?"

Was it only Evaline who was allowed through with her wand and her purse? Was that not how it worked at this market?
 #36419  by Andi Foerster
Andi furrowed his brows.

"I'm not being rude; just asking questions." Andi spoke. Although, he had definitely been called rude before, but upon the other man's next words, and then the woman, Andi folded his arms as though attempting to seem authoritative.

"I should hope not." Andi said, looking between the two. "Now, there's a reason they're not allowed, and whether you're telling the truth or not - I don't know. Regardless, you either need to leave or take your wand to security - either way, that wand needs to be taken off the grounds. Or, Fraulein, I will be forced to call security myself." He threatened emptily, hoping she would just take his advice and go.
 #36445  by Rafe Hallen
"Eat him," growled a low voice in his head. It's all he's good for. Just slice him open!" Rafe shook his head visibly, dismissing the voice. He didn't realize his mouth was watering.

Sliding a hand carefully over his pocket, the Swede reassured himself that he did have his wand. And he was once again tempted to use it. But this was enough of a scene already.

"It's time to go," he said to the girl frankly. "I am leaving."

He would have liked to give her proper thanks and perhaps have more genuine moment, but it seemed this was not their fate. Rafe turned to leave.
 #36547  by Evaline Delisle
Evaline, who blanched at the mention of security, looked pitifully crestfallen as the other male announced his departure. It may as well be a concession on his part—he probably didn't have his wand. It was probably just Evaline after all. Maybe she had misread the rules at the entrance. She had been so sure that it said that wands were permitted unless they specifically confiscated them. Evaline had read and re-read all the rules out of anxious habit.

But, the man had said that he worked at the market, and so surely he knew better? He couldn't possibly be wrong. It must be Evaline. And now the other man was leaving, which he was allowed to. He didn't have any obligation to help her. And Evaline didn't want to be left alone with the other man, but what was she going to tell Heloise if she went home practically empty-handed without all the things she was instructed to get? She was going to get fired. It was going to be awful.

It was already awful. This whole thing was awful.

She can't just leave.

"I—" she looked helplessly between the man with his arms crossed and the man who was turning to leave. "I read the rules, I promise I did. I just really need to get some things. Please don't call security. There must be some kind of mistake, please."

Her voice caught in her throat, breaking, and frustrated tears rolled down her cheeks, which she hastily wiped away with her sleeve.
 #36566  by Andi Foerster
Andi furrowed his brows at her. Why was she crying!? He hadn't expected that, especially since he wasn't even attacking or technically threatening her. He'd even said she could just take her wand back to the gate and then continue, but apparently she hadn't heard that bit? Maybe she was more concerned about the security comment? But what else was he supposed to do - just let her get away with it because she didn't know? If someone didn't know that murder was illegal, would that make it any less illegal - would they got off without a sentence? No! Maybe they would get diminished responsibility, but it didn't really take away the fact that someone had willingly killed someone else.

She said she read the rules, but she still brought her wand in - and not only that, she used it very obviously. Andi glanced around, noticing others staring at this suddenly crying woman.

"There's not a mistake; you have your wand and you shouldn't. So go get rid of it! Go give it to security, to the staff at the gate, to someone outside the market - it doesn't matter! Why are you crying over this?" He shook his head. "It's not like I'm Frau Thorne or anything. You need to get the wand off site, after that you can continue shopping - if you refuse then I'm sorry, but I have to call security. I can't lose my job over you not understanding the rules."