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 #35420  by Nikau Harrison
Location: Nikau's home • Date: January 17, 2004
Time of Day: 23.25 • Weather: Cold night

The night had been great. Nikau didn't go out with Rian on Friday nights quite as often as he used to, and he really missed those fun evenings where they got completely sloshed. His job was stressful, and it was on occasions such as those that he really had the opportunity to unwind. He'd had to work on Saturdays, lately, so he couldn't get quite as trashed, but it seemed like this year, after the holidays, he'd finally caught a break. Maybe it was that criminals had decided to behave, he was not sure, but hey, it meant that Nikau could grab a drink with his friend.

Or like, ten. It was never a reasonable amount when it was the two of them, and even when the pub had closed for the night, they had decided to continue the evening back at Nikau's. They'd apparated back, and the Auror had grabbed two glasses and a new bottle of Firewhiskey before sitting himself messily on the couch beside the other man.

'Alright, my turn,' he said, pouring them both a shot. 'Never have I ever... been kicked out of a bar.' Nikau paused. 'Oh, wait, it's supposed to be something I haven't done, right?' He let out a laugh, and downed his drink. 'This is off to a good start.'
 #35435  by Rian Mac Bradaigh
He was getting old. He could tell mainly by how easy it was for him to get drunk these days. Rian was far from a stranger when it came to his beloved whiskey but for some reason whenever he touched anything that wasn't his beloved Jameson whiskey recently, he ended up more drunk than he'd like to admit.

Plus when Nikau was involved it never ended well.

The two lived close enough to each other so most nights out ended up with a few extra drinks back at one of their apartments and either passing out on the couch or a drunken taxi home when it started to get bright out. Or both.

This time, the two ministry workers decided to head back to Nikau's. In the bar, they had somehow started playing a game of 'Never Have I Ever' and the game continued back at Nikau's.

"You're terrible at this game." Rian replied as he watched his friend take a drink for his own comment. Rian lifted his glass to Nikau and equally took a sip.

"Pretty sure I'm still barred from the wee pub around the corner from the first apartment I had in London."
 #35455  by Nikau Harrison
'You must be taking the piss. It's your fault I'm so bad tonight. I'm not the one who rigged the game by starting it with questions like Never have I ever been to New Zealand and Never have I ever been born in Auckland,' Nikau retorted.

He took another sip of his drink as his friend drank. Oops, this was not how the game went. Shit, he was drunk. He wasn't sure that you could win at Never have I ever, but in any case, he was fairly certain it wasn't going well for him. 'Me, it was the pub around my place in Auckland. Wouldn't say barred per se, but let's just say I have had someone threaten me with a broken beer bottle, and it might have been justified. Now ask a bloody question, mate, and you better drink on that one too!'
 #35483  by Rian Mac Bradaigh
"Don't be mad just because I'm better at this game than you are." Rian replied. "The only way to win this game is to be ruthless."

The Irishman laughed at his friend's short story before shaking his head and sitting back in the couch, laying his head back and staring at the ceiling.

"OK, OK. Let me think for a second." Rian took a swig from his bottle, trying to think of a question that had not been asked yet. Rian had used up his usual questions hours beforehand. Never have I ever had sex in a car. Never have I ever had a one night stand. He was slowly running out of options now.

"Never have I ever kissed someone of the same sex." Rian said, turning his head to face his friend, waiting for his response.
 #35486  by Nikau Harrison
'I don't think the goal of this game is to end up the last sober one, you know,' Nikau replied, though Rian seemed to have no problem drinking on his own. He didn't follow suite this time, because a guy had to pace himself and, he was starting to know his body. He could play the game, no problem, but he was going to let that take its natural course without adding anything to it.

Nikau bit his lip at the following question, then took a rather large swig of his glass. Yeah, well, couldn't very much lie about that one, now, could he?

'You didn't drink! I said your question was supposed to make you drink! Man, this game is rigged! How am I the only one drinking? Have you really never kissed a bloke before?'
 #35554  by Rian Mac Bradaigh
"I never said I was going to follow your rule." Rian replied with a laugh. The Irishman shook his head at his friend's question.

"Sometimes I think you forget that I grew up in very Catholic Northern Ireland." he replied, taking another swig of his drink with ease.

"I think if Mammy found out I kissed a fella she'd kick me to the streets."

It did bother Rian for many years that he had never found 'the one' and settled down and had kids. In reality, kids were always something that Rian wanted but he was definitely getting on in age now and felt that if he didn't settle down soon kids would be out of the question. As much as he loved his seven nieces and nephews he always wanted to have his own children to dedicated his time to.
 #35561  by Nikau Harrison
'Still sounds unfair to me,' Nikau grumbled, though Rian's drinking cheered him up. He shrugged. 'You do know you could still kiss a bloke, yeah? Doesn't feel to me like that's the kind of thing you have to tell your mam about.'

His parents didn't know. Huia didn't know. Rian didn't know. Oversight on his part, mostly. His ex-wife knew, but no one had gotten many details. Nikau was a private man, but he wasn't hiding from anyone. If he hadn't told them, it was just that there had never been a perfect occasion. And also, what if it made things weird? It was easier to just do as he'd always done, and burry himself in his work whenever things got too real.

'Never have I ever slept with someone I regretted afterwards.' Nikau stared at his glass after this one, wondering briefly if he should take a drink, but deciding against it. He hadn't regretted getting himself some experience in the domain, but the one guy he'd gone all the way with, he was convinced he'd never contact again. Fairly embarrassing.
 #35832  by Rian Mac Bradaigh
"It's not like I would choose to tell her ya idiot." Rian replied, punching his friend in the arm while simultaneously taking another sip of his beer. "But Irish mammies just have a way of finding out everything." he explained further, relaxing back into the couch more.

Rian thought about Nikau's next question before deciding to drink or not. Eventually, he decided to take a drink of his beer, which was not getting very low. "There are definitely one or two girls in there that I probably should not have slept with." Rian shrugged. "But that's inevitable when you're a single man for most of your 42 years of living."
 #35837  by Nikau Harrison
'Yeah nah, sounds like you're talking about a bloodhound rather than your own mother,' Nikau chuckled. He returned Rian's punch, and took another sip of his drink before setting it down on the coffee table. He needed to stop having sips unprompted, because there was only so much he could take before feeling sick.

'I don't know, eh, I was single before being married, and I've been single since the divorce, and I don't regret who I've shagged,' Nikau bragged with a bark of a laugh. 'Being single is terrible, though, I'll hand it to you. You've got to make a hell of a lot more of an effort to impress anyone...'

Nikau grabbed his glass again, and clinked it to Rian's. 'To being single, chur.'
 #35843  by Rian Mac Bradaigh
"Ya can't blame me when she finds out every detail about my dating life even though she lives in a different country. The woman has a third sense or something, I swear." Rian said, laughing at the thoughts of his mother doing anything she could to find out every detail of her youngest sons life.

"Yeah well, we all know that you're the nicer friend out of this duo so that is not surprising one bit." Rian clinked his glass against his friend before taking one final swig to finish his drink and placing the empty glass on the table.

"I think I'm done with trying to find a wife." Rian said nonchalantly. "I feel like every woman I meet is either too young," The Irishman paused and looked at his friend, "And we all know how well that went the last time." he said, referencing his past relationship with Helena Sun. He let out a small laugh before continuing. "Or they all have issues which explain why they are also not married before the age of 40. I think it's just time to call it a day."
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'My mother's still hung up on my divorce,' Nikau replied. 'Yammers on and on about how I had a good thing, and she can't believe I threw it all away, I have a kid after all, and everything. You'd think I was forcing her to divorce my ex.' He threw up his hands. 'It's been five bleeding years, woman! Give it a rest.' Nikau sighed. Mothers... He was almost 45, wasn't he? Couldn't he just be trusted to lead his own life? He wondered what she'd say when he told her. Wondered what she'd say about the delay in his announcing.

'Ah, yeah, chur, I am the nice one, bro.' Nikau's spirits were high. High enough to take a few more gulps of his drink, and everything was swarming happily in front of his eyes, a cheerful haze that told him the evening was amazing. 'Let me top you up,' he offered upon seeing Rian's empty glass. He didn't wait for an authorization.

'Women are overrated, anyway,' Nikau said, cheerfully waving his friend's words away. 'You can't force a relationship with the first girl you meet, even if she has, you know,' he said, gesturing to his chest with ample movements as he chuckled. 'A lot of, uh, talents. Don't be too hard on yourself. Maybe she'll just, I don't know, land on you when you least expect it.'
 #35879  by Rian Mac Bradaigh
Rian laughed at his friends comment. "That's mother's for ya ey?" Rian shrugged. "I guess they're just looking out for us at the end of the day." he went on to say.

Rian allowed Nikau to take his glass to top it up without any hesitation. Of course, they were going to continue drinking. It wasn't late enough to order a taxi and go home just yet.

Shaking his head, Rian replied to his friend. "I know all that but unless she's willing to break into your apartment here now and sit herself down beside me on the couch I can't see it happening anytime soon."
 #35886  by Nikau Harrison
Nikau topped his own glass off after he did Rian's, and allowed himself a tasting sip. Yes, everything was continuing to be great, and hazily happy. It was just relaxed, now. Just great and comfortable.

'O ye of little faith,' Nikau replied. 'She's never going to break into the house now, not with that attitude. Just be more optimistic! Just say, I do believe a woman is going to break into my unbelievably good-looking friend's home and decide to shack up with me instead, and it's going to happen tonight. If you say it, it's obviously going to happen!'

Nikau took another drink. Imitating Rian's accent and voice was hilarious, but he was hilariously bad at it. 'Oooooo, I'm a lady, and I've just broken into your ridiculously good-looking friend's house, but I want to have you so badly,' Nikau said in an awful falsetto, with some sort of equally terrible posh accent. 'I must have you now, can't possibly resist your suave Irish charms!'
 #35941  by Rian Mac Bradaigh
It was no hidden fact that Rian was a much better drinker than Nikau but only an idiot could say they weren't feeling the alcohol at this stage. He could tell Nikau was enjoying himself which therefore made Rian feel at ease and he allowed the alcohol to wash over him.

Rian couldn't help himself but shake his head at another one of Nikau's attempt to mimic his accent. Rian often tried to mimic Nikau's but the Kiwi always complained that he was not doing a New Zealand accent but an Aussie accent. "They're all the same." Rian would reply followed swiftly by a punch in the arm from Nikau.

"Look we all know the only thing I have going for me is the fact that I'm Irish so you gotta let me have this imaginary woman." Rian replied, laughing. "You're the better-looking friend and I'm the funnier friend. It's just facts."
 #35962  by Nikau Harrison
Nikau was at the point where everything was funny, entertaining, and pleasant. He loved these evenings where he just got to blow off some steam. Merlin knew how hard he worked, and how long his hours were. He deserved a bit of fun with his friend.

'Chur, cuz,' Nikau replied with a wide grin. 'I can accept the facts, no problem accepting I'm the better-looking one. I mean, I've seen me in a mirror, have you?' He grinned through his next sip of Firewhiskey. 'Irish, eh? Thought you might be Scottish. The accent sounds the same, anyway.' He took another sip, bracing himself for the punch that was sure to come from this teasing.

'You can have the lady, bro,' Nikau said with a smile, preparing himself to do the dumb voice and accent once again. 'Oh how could I resist your irresistible Irishness, you handsome devil, you! If you aren't going to make an honest woman out of me, then at least let me die with the memory of your lips upon mine!' Teasingly Nikau puckered his lips, moving his head towards Rian.