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 #35011  by Bailey Shea
Basic Information
Location: Greenhouse | Weather: Looks like a storm is brewing. Slight wind but picking up
Time of day: Afternoon on a weekend
Finally! It was the weekend and all homework and essays bailey had to do were done. Normally he would go to the library but he missed being back home during the weekends. He used to play pretend and roam about the house while his father slept all day.

He missed his adventures with Peter Pan and Alice from wonderland and though he enjoyed his books, he was becoming sore from sitting about all day. He wanted to move around and explore his imagination. He knew of the perfect place to do it too.

Back around the edges of the Hogwarts property was lined with many greenhouses. One, in particular, remained voided by students. Besides, it was the weekend and they didn't have any classes, so he was sure no one would bother him there.

The glass windows were slanted open but everyone seemed to be inside the castle as storm clouds swirled above them. He was sure he would be safe inside besides noting he would only be out for an hour or two before the storms started up. He was scared of loud noises, so it did wrack his nerves to think about getting stuck inside the greenhouse with strange plants alone but it also excited him too. Like the perfect adventure indoors.

Ducking inside before anyone could see, he quickly got his barrings. Strange vines flooded the greenhouse walls. An odd-looking stump hid in the corner with loads of moss growing upon it and different species of plants he had never seen before slept in the flower beds and out of the way. The place looked magical and forest-like.

Bailey could feel the excitement radiating within him. "What's that? You say Hook is at his old tricks again?" he whispered to himself with a soft giggle as he quickly lowered himself to the ground and moved along the jungle-like room. "Well we must be quiet then peter... or he'll have his way and it's off into davy jones locker for the both of us"
 #35219  by Diego Devante
Coming to a halt at the foot of the Forbidden Forest, Diego squinted between the dark trees with a slight frown. Four days ago, he had found himself walking to the edge of the notorious woodlands before him out of boredom, full of hopeful anticipation, whatever enthusiasm he had once had at the prospect of making another trip had since been replaced with sullen impatience. While he had, for obvious reasons, yet to tempt fate by actually braving the horrors said to be lurking within, he had still thought that sooner or later, he would catch a glimpse of some of the forest-dwellers said to have played such a vital part of the reinforcements that arrived near the end of the legendary battle that had taken place five years earlier. Now, however, it had begun to occur to him that he would probably have to go further in if he wanted to see any unicorns or centaurs up close. Probably a good idea to learn some more magic first, though. After north of ten minutes of just standing there, though, looking and waiting, the breeze ruffling his hair, the young Hispanic sighed, and looked up at the dark clouds above his head. That was the only thing missing, really. It pouring down before he got himself back indoors, or something. As he began his track back up to the castle, however, something caught his attention, prompting him to stop dead in his tracks with a slightly confused look on his face. Out of the corner of his eye, he had spotted one of his house mates, who apparently had tried to enter one of the greenhouses unseen. Odd, Diego mused. It was the weekend, so what would Bailey want to mess about in the greenhouses for? And without adult supervision at that? For a moment, it occurred to him that perhaps the other boy had a sense of humour after all. Perhaps he was planting a dungbomb under the desk of their Herbology professor, or something? Suddenly intrigued, he followed.

Surprised to find that his peer had left the door ajar. For a moment, he thought that perhaps the teacher was there after all, seen as how he was talking to someone. Five seconds later, however, Diego was grinning. He was talking to himself, he realized. He was playing pretend. Diego had to fight back the temptation to laugh out loud. He remembered this one time when he had been caught off guard while playing with some toy soldiers when he was about seven, giving voices to each of the 'characters' when he taught he was by himself. Mr. Wilson, one of the social workers charged with keeping an eye on him at the time, had poked his head through the door and asked him who he was talking to. He had been so embarrassed. The man had jut chuckled, as if Diego's discomfort amused him, and for the first time in his life, he fully appreciated just how funny it was to catch someone letting their fantasy do all the talking. Pushing the door all the way open, he leaned sideways so that his right shoulder leaned on the door frame. Then he folded his arms across his chest, crossed his legs casually and put up what he hoped would look like a bemused look and waited for his dorm mate to notice him before he said, in a puzzled manner; "Uh - who are you talking to?"
 #35301  by Bailey Shea
The forest around Bailey, a mere greenhouse garden but to him, it was like an enchanted jungle. "They'll find us... what shall we do?" he began, not even realizing another person had spotted him darting into the greenhouse, to begin with. Someone from his own house none the less was lurking near the doors and listening in on his pretend play. Bailey happily oblivious to the embarrassing show he was putting on for his housemate was still playing out and talking to his faithful companion Peter Pan as hook was trying to take back the treasure they had stolen from him.

It was the happiest the little puff had been since arriving at Hogwarts. He was so used to being alone all his life and then to be constantly surrounded by others day in and day out, without a break. Without even a moment of personal time. It was hardly bearable. The voice startled him as he went to lunge forward with a stick, his fake sword to begin fighting off the infamous black pirate. The scare startled him, making him fall to his knees onto the dirty floor. "Ow..." he complained as his eyes began to water and his cheeks burned red.

Looking over to the door, bailey could feel anxiety, fear, and sadness run throughout his entire body. He wanted to cry but held in the urge to let the boys' pleasure out of finding out his little secret get the better of him. "I was playing Diego..." he spoke honestly and slightly spiteful that the boy caught him. He remembered Diego from when they were all being sorted. Hufflepuff, just like he is. "You didn't have to scare me like that." bailey noted as he slowly got back up and brushed the filth from his clothing the best he could. That's when the sound of rain caught his attention. The pitter patter of raindrops slow at first upon the greenhouse roof and walls till it became heavier. Irritably he wiped at the stinging feeling in his eyes, slightly damp from his glossed over eyes. Now, what was he going to do? What if Diego told everyone? The boy didn't seem too horrible when he first saw him but you could never judge a book by their cover. Perhaps he would play with him instead and join him in pretend? or maybe he thought he was too old for such things? Bailey couldn't help he had a very vivid imagination and he wouldn't let anyone ruin that for him. He was in no hurry to grow up.
 #35305  by Diego Devante
When he saw the mortification on his classmate's face, Diego could not help but chuckle. There was indeed a tinge of triumph in it; he had, after all, just successfully ribbed one of his peers. It was not, however, a mean-spirited, by any stretch of the imagination. Quite the contrary, it was rather hearty, complete with a twinkle in the eye that would be detectable to even the most casual of observers. The laughter quickly gave way for utter silence and a slightly alarmed look when the other boy fell over. Before he could ask if he was okay, however, his fellow was already picking himself up and dusting off his robes. Then he relaxed. When confronted with the villainous act it was to sneak up on people, however, Diego just grinned. Rummaging through his pockets, he eventually pulled out a pack of Gummy Worms, helped himself to one, and - without even asking if the other student wanted one - simply threw it to him, before dumping down at the nearest seat and crossing his legs across a corner of the desk by his chair not currently occupied by a flower pot. Then he bit the head off the jelly sweet in his hand: "What are you playing?" he asked casually. He knew, of course, but seeing as how his dorm mate was trying to discreetly wipe his eyes with his sleeve, Diego quickly decided that feigning ignorance would probably be less embarrassing for him than the alternative.
 #35309  by Bailey Shea
Bailey was too embarrassed and busy wiping at his own eyes to notice Diego's mannerisms. The boy was clearly not being harsh but Bailey hadn't known this till he was struck with a gummy candy that plucked him in the face. The crinkle of the wrapper sounded as he picked it up from the ground. Looking towards his classmate that moved into the room and sat down, he smiled, opening the wrapper in his hands. Bailey hummed in delight as he tasted the sweet candy, nibbling his lower lip at the question.

Anxiety made him sway from foot to foot. "It's a muggle book called Peter Pan and Neverland, do you want to play?" he mumbled.

The young puffcicle wasn't the social type or at least he really never had anyone to talk to, besides Olivia which was very recent. Still, he didn't say too much about himself and so no one knew of his pretend playing until now. He could still feel the heat in his cheeks. He was unsure of his housemate, he didn't know what kind of person this boy was after all and it was already raining. It wouldn't be too much longer till it stormed.

They would just have to leave before that happens.
 #35321  by Diego Devante
Diego stopped mid-chew, and gave his fellow Hufflepuff an odd look. Honestly, they shared a dormitory, and the chap still was not wised up to the fact that Diego had grown up among Muggles too? Swallowing, he got to his feet and said, with only the tiniest hint of indignation: "I know what Peter Pan is." before he too realized that it had started to rain. Looking up at the transparent ceiling above their heads, he groaned, sighed, and then gazed back at Bailey. "So what sort of game are we talking about?"
 #35969  by Bailey Shea
Bailey was surprised and happy that someone else knew who peter pan was. He didn't know anyone in the school, not even his house. He wasn't a very social type of child. Being raised on years of social neglect and attention could do that and wasn't good for their mental health. He didn't understand facial expressions or social cues and often more times then not, he would find himself in awkward interactions because of it. Though slowly, day by day, he tried hard to come out of his shell and get to know the other students around him. He was desperate for a friend and someone to talk to. Lately, he had been hanging around with Olivia which has helped him a lot in terms of confidence in his speech and mannerisms.

So as his fellow puff asked what kind of game, he stooped down and picked up an odd stick. "Well you can be a fellow lost boy with me and we'll go searching for treasure or you can be a pirate and we can sword fight," he chuckled as he took a stance. "What shall you be? Friend or foe?" he asked curiously, as a smile edged at his lips.