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 #35120  by Vyreia
Captain Gunnar Kaylock

Character Details ➢
Available Eras: Victorian
School Alumni: Rothesay Academy
Employer: The Nereida, ship
Job Position: Captain
Character Sheet: Here

Search Details ➢
Romance: N/A
Friendship: Fellow sailors, fishermen, London workers, traders
Co-Workers: See crew member ideas
Rivals: Tax enforcers attempting to take away his ship, rival sea-fairers
Mentors: N/A

Roleplaying Details ➢
Favourite Genres: Crime, adventure, mystery, character conflicts and drama
Average Post Length: One-three paragraphs
Average Thread Length: 15+ posts
How To Contact: PM or reply here
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 #35121  by Vyreia
Hello! Here is a code based around the 'BrickBox' code, perfect for the Connection Classifieds. You can see a live preview above.

  • Feel free to add or remove boxes
  • You are welcome to change fonts, sizing, and colours
  • Please do not remove the credit, even if you have altered the code
Code: Select all
[center][size=280][hipster]CHARACTER NAME[/hipster][/size][/center]
[size=150][b]Character Details ➢[/b][/size]
[b]Available Eras:[/b]
[b]School Alumni:[/b]
[b]Job Position:[/b]
[b]Character Sheet:[/b] [url=LINK TO PROFILE OR SORTED SHEET]Here[/url]

[brickbox][size=150][b]Search Details ➢[/b][/size]

[size=150][b]Roleplaying Details ➢[/b][/size]
[b]Favourite Genres:[/b]
[b]Average Post Length:[/b]
[b]Average Thread Length:[/b]
[b]How To Contact:[/b]
[credits]Created by [url=https://www.vault713.com/roleplay/viewtopic.php?f=56&t=3158]Vyreia[/url][/credits]