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Profiles of characters with first names that start with D - E.
 #34993  by Diego Devante
Vital Stats:
Full name: Diego Devante.
Gender: Male.
Birthday: December 19, 1992.
Character's age: 12.
Nationality: English.
Parents/siblings: Unknown.
Residence/town: Isle of Dog, east end in London.
Blood heritage: Unknown.
Occupation: Student.
House & Year: First Year, Hufflepuff.

Burdened by the knowledge that not even his own parents wanted him around, Diego is a young orphaned boy whose next of kin abandoned him when he was still a tiny tot. Having been a ward of the state since before he could walk, Diego is no stranger to adversity. Throughout his young life, he have had doors opened and prospective caregivers promising to give him the family he have never had, only to be sent away whenever his emotions got the better of him and inadvertently frightened them by opening their eyes to the odd occurrences that seemed to follow the boy around.

Notorious among the caseworkers employed within the child welfare service in England for being a troublesome lad, prone to temper tantrums and running away from his foster homes, it was on one such occasion that Diego found himself pursued by a cloaked individual through the streets of London. Concerned it was either a police officer or a social worker who wanted to take him back to the group home, he tried to give him the slip, only for the stranger to suddenly show up right in front of him every time he rounded a corner. When he finally gave up trying to run away, he was to his surprise treated to a cup of hot chocolate at a nearby cafe and received a letter of acceptance from a school in Scotland he had never heard of, where he would learn magic. Suspecting it to be some sort of trick, yet still curious, Diego accepted.

On September 1, 2004, Diego boarded the Hogwarts Express from Platform 9¾ at King's Cross Station in London, which was headed for the Scottish Highlands. Any doubt he may have had about the authenticity of his letter and the existence of an actual school of magic vanished upon arriving at the castle, however. It was amazing. Like nothing he had ever seen. There was singing, floating candles, a ceiling that looked just like the night sky, and ghosts - most of which seemed far less frightening than in the movies. A bit of an outsider on account of the fact that he is often left out when his peers start talking about exchanging letters with their families or how their lives were prior to school, seen as Diego's memories are seldom good ones and the things he likes to talk about from his life are few and far between, he has still tried as best as he could to find his place among the student body and tried to do well on his schoolwork.

Other Details
Properties of wand: Cedar wood and phoenix-feather, 12" long. Supple.
Model of broomstick: None.
Pets/breed of owl: The school funds he received did not cover that expense, so he has to use the school owls if he wants to send a letter.
Quidditch team position: None.
Form of Patronus (only if corporeal): N/A.
Can see Thestrals?: No.
Apparition licence?: No.
Best subject: Charms.
NEWTs & OWLs results if applicable: N/A

Political Alignment:
Greatest loyalties to/believes in: Being nice to people.
Most useful Magical/Dark Object: His wand.
Role model/s: The portrait of Albus Dumbledore.
Associations/clubs: N/A.

Favourite curse/s or spell/s: The Mending Charm.
Favourite/most used potion/s: Cure for Boils.
Favourite reading material: Hogwarts: A History.
Favourite animal: Cats and dogs.
Favourite drink: Pumpkin juice.
Favourite colour/s: Red and gold.
Favourite place/shop: Diagon Alley.

Demeanor: At first glance, one might be forgiven for thinking that Diego have more in common with foolhardy Gryffindors than he does with most of his own housemates. Bold as brass and too clever by half, only the most observant of observers would be able to discern that his devil-may-care attitude of his is in fact a smokescreen. Terrified of the possibility that the school would one day recognize in him whatever it was that was "wrong" with him that made so many of his foster parents turn their backs on him and send him away from Hogwarts one day, Diego frequently uses flippancy to conceal his insecurities whenever he feels like people are getting too personal with him, although he will immediately drop the act if he realizes he has offended somebody.

Talents/exceptional magical skills if any: N/A
Fondest memory: Visiting Diagon Alley for the first time.
Greatest fear and/or form of Boggart: Rejection and abandonment.
Strengths: Personal: Clever, resourceful, loyal. Magical: Charms, DADA.
Weaknesses: Personal: Intellectual dishonesty regarding how he feels about his peers. Magical: Potions and Astronomy.