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 #34695  by Diego Devante

I have just joined the board, and my character is a young orphan boy who grew up in the Muggle foster care system. Having become a ward of the state within a day of his birth and never met another wizard prior to receiving his letter of acceptance, Diego is a bit of an odd case. Unlike most magical children; Diego never had anyone put the Trace on him back when he was a tiny tot, so I imagine it was a lucky coincidence that an observant assistant in the Muggle Liaison Office came to notice a report involving the Muggle Social Services in some paperwork that had been held back that indicated a child exhibiting underage magic being in their care, allowing the Ministry to become aware of Diego's existence at the right moment to induct him into the magical community just in time for him for his magical education. Perhaps this oversight was criticized by the Daily Prophet in an article that highlighted the sorry state of Diego's situation? In any case; Diego is suffering from abandonment issues, and the idea I had was that throughout Diego's first year, this timid boy found a friend in a fellow First Year whom he shared dormitory with; and who maybe wrote home to his parents telling about Diego, who took pity on him and decided to adopt him at some point?

I was hoping to decide which house he'd been in until I got some feedback, (preferably Gryffindor. Even mentioned that he was a Gryffindor in the app, but removed it so we could get back to it after I posted this thread, but the staff deemed him a Hufflepuff. I'll try to request a transfer if there's no First Year Hufflepuffs interested). So... Anyone interested, Gryffindor or otherwise? ^^'

EDIT: Okay, seems like 30+ people have seen this post and not find it very compelling, so I'm open for alternative ideas and suggestions.
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