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 #34660  by Wyatt Reid
Location: Magic Neep Grocery • Date: January 13

Wyatt stopped, his hand tightening on the basket with all the fresh produce he had picked up as he reached out with his free hand to grab Bridget's arm. "Hey, you. Don't run off," he said sternly, tugging on her arm so the four year old turned to face him. "What did I tell you about that?" he added, bending down to his sister's eye level.

"Something might happen?" the child piped up in a small voice. Wyatt nodded.

"Yep. So you gotta stay close," he replied, standing up again and turning to the display of berries. He then became aware of someone watching him and paused, turning back around. "Got a problem?" Sure, he was a young, 20 something man alone in a grocery store with a four year old. Didn't mean people could stare at him.
 #35210  by Peter Pettigrew
Peter quite enjoyed shopping for groceries; it was fairly low risk and rarely offered any real trouble aside from his close brushes with the snapping vine tomatoes. It was a good time to get away from The Order of Phoenix and its responsibilities. technically, getting food supplies for the meetings was a very helpful thing to be doing. Not that he was a maid or a servant or anything, but he could at least pretend he was being somewhat useful whilst they all practiced dueling and discussed plans to keep the peace.

He liked the discussions about things...it was when it came to, you know, doing them.

A voice caught his attention, his hand still grasped around a Bramley apple, clearly unaware that it was a cooking apple and not a snacking apple. He blinked at the man and his...daughter? He looked very young to be a father, perhaps not much older than Peter himself! He'd never been that promiscuous as a teenager...not really out of choice, but still!

As he was called out for staring, Peter jumped almost violently.

"What? No! Of course not, just - just looking, really. I -uhm..." He held up the fruit in his hand. "Apples." He said lamely.

He cleared his throat, looking away, wishing one of his friends was here to help back him up. But surely inquiring wouldn't lead to a brawl, would it?

"You're a fairly young father. It's just not very common, really." He spoke, unaware of how truly rude and invasive that was to assume.
 #35214  by Carrie Foxworth
Carrie was a suppose to go grocery shopping right. But she end up different area of London yes. It was suppose to nonmagical part of area but like it or not she end up magical part due to friend of her want to go Hogmeade part.

So might well see if they nonmagical because her grandmother could not stand anything magical but she herself had long red hair she had put it up bun so it would not get all over the food. She glance toward the area and it seem communion or some sortie fight was about to a happen.

She was thinking heading back toward the exit if there was fight of some sortie. She duck behind loaf bread area that is she was hiding of course from it as well.
 #35298  by Wyatt Reid
After his initial comment, Wyatt took a moment to take in the other man. Small, beady. Kind of creepy. His hand reached for Bridget's and he held it more securely as he listened to the man stammering. Okay, maybe not as threatening as he thought. He still held his sister's hand, though.

"Apples, yeah. That's what those are called," he replied dryly, rolling his eyes. He was about to turn back to his own business (which now included getting Bridget out of there quickly), when the dreaded comment came. Really, people could stand to be more original. He breathed out through his nose and turned to face the man.

"Even if it was any of your business, which it isn't," he started, his voice low, "why does it matter?" He stared the other man down, absently noticing the redhead ducking behind the bread. That reminded him that there were other people around, and it wouldn't be good to cause a scene. "For the record, she's my sister, not that I have to explain that to anyone."
 #36603  by Peter Pettigrew
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Peter felt like he should swallow his tongue; it wasn't like it was being very useful with creating words now, was it? He saw a flash of orange from a girl's hair as she ducked, and then snapped his eyes back to Wyatt. He cleared his throat, his nose seemingly twitching as he hesitated for an answer.

"W-well, it doesn't, I suppose. Just thinking it's a rough world out there right now and, you know...it must be hard bringing someone up when so many dangers are lurking." He cringed, realising that his words were a pile of rubbish picked expertly to try and ease the aggression.

He looked away.

"I just think it would be a shame to leave a child so young if you were, say, called away..." He looked either side of him and then leaned in to whisper. "You know, to war?"
 #36679  by Carrie Foxworth
Carrie thought Peter was on the creepy side. She meant he could be different type of wizard maybe creepy and maybe he could pass as male hag but she keep it to herself.It was nobody business why this dude bring this up with him. She had mother who took off and she was being raise by her muggle grandmother who hate magic. Now this would be what her grandmother was talking about in regard to wizard that they creepy and no good. It was the vibe Peter was giving off and what not.

Though she herself was keeping fairies in the attic that is enjoy playing with her hair. They sometime put flowers in her hair and she did not mind and braid sometime she had fairies doing her hair but she keep it in mind but she never cut her hair because her grandmother want it long. So she did what she said.

Could she get to the door without being notice that debatable she thought to herself? She was wondering to herself without the creepy wizard seeing her that is seeing him? She had to wonder was all.
 #36899  by Wyatt Reid
Wyatt's eyes widened and he tucked his arm protectively around Bridget, praying that she didn't understand what the man was talking about.

"Would you stop it?" he asked, his voice harsh. "I am well aware of what the world is like." He hesitated, there, glancing to the side. His sister barely understood what had happened. "I'm all she's got, though. And I don't need anyone making assumptions about it all."

He glared, the movement in his periphery vision catching his attention. Great. He really didn't want a scene, and now he was getting himself worked up.
 #36922  by Peter Pettigrew
"Stop? Stop...what?" He said, dumbfounded, as though unaware of what he was saying. Though he soon glanced down at the girl, and then back up at Wyatt.

"oh, oh right, yes, well, ahem..." He stammered, glancing around the shop and shifting awkwardly from foot to foot. He then leaned in, lowering his tone. "Okay, but say we did discuss the - er - things...are you prepared for it? Are you going to fight there? I am."

He wasn't.
 #36959  by Carrie Foxworth
Carrie had start to creepy toward the door she hope to not be seen by the two of them. She had feeling that male hag was going cause trouble she thought she it was best to sneak out the door before being seen by the two.
 #37214  by Wyatt Reid
Wyatt hesitated, his arm still protectively around the squirming child. Was he prepared? He didn't know. He wasn't sure. The world was becoming a scary, dangerous place, and he knew that more than anyone.

"I..." he started, swallowing a lump in his throat that certainly hadn't been there before. "I'm not sure. I have to... I can't..." his eyes turned downwards toward his sister again. "I want to. But I can't. I can't leave my siblings alone." It was all the truth, and as he watched the man, his jaw clenched.

Suddenly, he groaned. "Let's go," he said to his sister, dragging her out without another glance back at the man. Better not to expose her to this.