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 #34257  by Draco Malfoy
Location: Library • Date: January 9
Time of Day: After dinner • Weather: Who knows?

What a load of stupid idiots...

was what Draco would be thinking if it was a year ago. Across the library, a group of first year students were crowded around a bookshelf, loudly arguing about whether or not they really needed that book on the top shelf that none of them could reach. He, on the other hand, was sitting at a table, a Transfiguration textbook lying open in front of him, and he had read the same paragraph ten times while holding his fingers to his temples and trying hard not to fall asleep. He had spent another long night in the Room of Requirement with the Vanishing Cabinet and still couldn't get it to work.

He was starting to get desperate.

Off to the side, he had a book about complex charms. All Draco wanted to do was open the book and read the next chapter, but he also had a Transfiguration essay due in a little over 12 hours. When had life gotten so complicated?

It didn't help that his arm was itching, and he couldn't pull up his sleeve to find out why, lest someone see.

Truthfully, Draco was miserable, and he was sure it was written all over his face, which was why he was trying in vain to stay away from other students. But the first years over by the bookshelf were starting to irk him, and he leveled a murderous stare at them, his fingers still at his temples.
 #34293  by Freya Craft
Freya came through the door to the library. There was rumor been lost relative of Ron but they would bit tongue because she wasn't anything but like Ron. She had mother and father but where as they live in perfect family. There was jealous that steam up would bit anyone that had perfect family that did not care who married who.

She was planning something but she seem rather secretive about this plan.That is not even house elf knew about this plan. She was quiet she had taken potion book off the shelf and had seat down she was writing out something in note pad she had and what not. She want to be ready for anything.

Tranfiguration oddly enough this slytherin was doing alright in it. She work extremely hard and she felt she was close though within the goal she want to be at that is in regard to that class. But she wasn't satisfaction with what she was good at and she want to do more. So if her plan went wrong with what she plan to do that is she want things go well she want things to be perfect and so she want to be sure she had backup plan in case it fail.Then she look up from her studying that is she notice Draco but was rather quiet on what she saw and look back down at her book.
 #34417  by Draco Malfoy
Draco absently noticed the red-haired girl walking in, but was so exhausted he didn't react outwardly. Instead, his eyes followed her to her table, then back to the group of first years who were, annoyingly, still arguing rather loudly. Finally, he rose to his feet.

"You do realize this is a library, don't you?" he snapped. "Some of us are actually trying to study in here."

As he turned around, his eyes fell on Freya and he sighed wearily, then rolled his eyes. "Idiots," he mumbled as he walked past her.
 #34418  by Freya Craft
Freya was clenching her quill rather tight and she was about to loss her temper with these first years.Nobody every seen her get angry but she did spell and she want to test on them maybe tranfiguration spell that could turn into pig or maybe it was goat. She was quiet tried to study and what not. What was that Hoopey said to do when feel like you want to kill them or hit them?

She had start to count in her head that is one, two three. She lean over first year and she whisper something that cause them run out the door.It cause run out door she said want to spell out and well maybe test it on them if do not be quiet. It was in regard to turn goat just so they would be quiet. Then she turn silent as she saw walk past figure that he might crawl into his robe. Though she did not really talk to Draco and she look back down at book stud and writing paper and notes.
 #34422  by Draco Malfoy
Draco arched an eyebrow as the first years scrambled out, but lacked the energy to do much more than simply nod appreciatively at the other Slytherin. He then sat back down at the table he had been at, putting his fingers back to his temples. After a few moments of staring at his Transfiguration essay, he closed the book rather roughly and tugged the charms tome towards him, opening it to random page after random page idly, not quite sure what he was really looking for.
 #34432  by Freya Craft
Though Freya did some good in regard to getting first year out of the library by saying idle threat by saying she would turn into something.Did she mean it but she said it she got them out of the library and maybe they went go get someone older then them.

She was slytherin thought she was red head. She could not help what color her hair was. For one thing most those red that is Ron hair was straight and not really curly her hair.She saw the nodded but she heard him close one book and then he open another book.

Then she went to bookshelf that is she open it she was so quiet and with her writing but had not said anything.She wonder if he need help but again he did not say so there would be silent between her and the boy.She took down another book that is a bit harder spells that is and she want to learn and was rather quiet.
 #34499  by Rachel Boyle
It was time to work on her Transfiguration essay, so Rachel headed to the library to get a book. When she walked in, there was some sort of scuffle with some first years, and she had to step to the side to let them out. Then she could get to the bookshelves herself, although she couldn't help but notice the abundance of Slytherins in the library. Great.

The redhead went straight to the section she needed, only to find that the book she had been hoping to use wasn't there. Immediately, she started glancing around, hoping it was still at least in the library. Maybe she would be able to convince whoever had it to let her use it. Her gaze fell on the book on a corner of a table and her hopes started to rise until her eyes followed to see who was sitting there.

Darn. It just had to be Draco bloody Malfoy, didn't it?

Rachel pressed her lips together, trying to determine how important it was for her to get her essay done tonight. Finally, she knew she had no choice. Walking past the other redhead in the library, sparing only a small glance at the Slytherin girl, she approached Malfoy's table.

"You using that book?" she asked, jutting her thumb at the Transfiguration book.
 #34500  by Draco Malfoy
Draco was deep in thought when the voice interrupted him. He glanced up, summoning energy to arch an eyebrow. "As a matter of fact, I am," he answered, smirking at the Gryffindor girl. "But even if I wasn't, I wouldn't give it to a mudblood like yourself," he added loudly, putting his hand on the book. Maybe spicing things up a bit would make him feel better.
 #34523  by Freya Craft
Nova like the quiet and she like it when was quiet she could think.Maybe she could poison them but what storm in was gryfidoor. She was alright with her she thought good she was old enough what library and it wasn't about being social noise.It was reading and studying.

Well at least there was no baby in Hogwart she would take lake gave squid because she did not like babies.She would to her bag and was munching on chocolate wand with peanut butter in it.

Then here we go this girl decide to interrupt her thought process that is within decide to bother Draco on the subject of borrow book on tranfiguration. That is she thought this girl was pretty stupid to just go march up Draco and maybe she wait her turn instead bothering Draco on tranfiguration.

Well at least he did not think she was mudblood because she was not one. She was pureblood too though her family where having issues. She thought Draco might have touch poison ivy and why she did not get too close to a him. It was why he scratch his arm it had made her wonder was all.There was just two of them and her Draco. She had not seen Draco little group or whoever they are.

"Maybe you should go get librarian have her order you copy of it." She did not say mudblood no she would not say that word and instead she would direction her to try to stay out conflict between the two so they would not make mess in the library when one is tried to study here.
 #34572  by Rachel Boyle
Rachel visibly flinched when she was called that ugly word. She managed to shake it off, though, and stand her ground. She ignored Malfoy for the time being, and instead turned to the girl.

"That would be fine, except I kind of need it now. Tonight. And he," she nodded sharply at Draco, "certainly isn't isn't it. It's just sitting there." She turned back to Draco, arching an eyebrow and crossing her arms across her chest.
 #34573  by Draco Malfoy
"Merlin!" Draco snapped, rising to his feet. Clearly he wasn't going to get much work done tonight. "Take it, if it will stop your whining. I'm out of here." He shot the Gryffindor a nasty look before offering one final nod at Freya (he respected his fellow Slytherins even if he wasn't in a good mood).

He didn't need that Charms book, anyway. Another night in front of the Vanishing Cabinet ought to do it, right? With that, Draco stalked out of the library, leaving the two books on the table but taking his essay and notes with him.
 #34616  by Freya Craft
She thought she was a making this worst. Though she did try to put forth effort to stop a dumb fight that is within the library. There was a little bit relief that there would not be fight in the library and she thought there would be book fight. What she mean by it? She thought Draco would start throwing books. Then she would sneak out and get teacher stop the fight from continuing. She would calmly explain she just want to study that is while this fight broke out. That is she try to reason with girl and what not but then they might take the girl side instead of her side.

That is she thought it was the end that. That is Draco left that is she thought the end of that. She seat back down and now there was silent she hope he had someone take care of it. She close one book she went to another book shelf. It was book on poison ivy maybe she could help Draco issue with poison ivy or seem that way that is help him relieve his itch or something. Then he could study some more later when this girl got done with that book.
 #34640  by Rachel Boyle
"O... kay, then," Rachel said, rolling her eyes as Draco left the room. With a challenging look at the other Slytherin, she stepped forward and picked up first the Transfiguration book. Then she eyed the Charms book. She did like studying Charms...

"I guess I'll take this one too," she said to no one in particular, scooping up the book and prancing over to Madame Pince to check them out. She wasn't really feeling the library atmosphere, anyway. Once she was finished, she gave a little wave before slipping out of the library to go to the Gryffindor Common Room.