A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

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Location: The Berkalus Hotel, London • Date: December 21st, 2023

The hotel was classy in the most impersonal way possible. It had all the corporate taste for opulent items without the slightest touch of personality. Perhaps the decor was deliberate, they were not meant to feel at home as it was an event hosted by their employer. Everyone was expected to be on their best behavior.

The Association had spent a great amount of money on the event. Trays with various delicacies and champagne were floating about, a quartet had been hired to play Christmas music. The ballroom was decorated in notes of silvers and whites. Icicles were hanging from the ceiling, mimicking a sort a giant magical igloo.

Beckham had chosen to wear tuxedo-inspired robes thus fitting in perfectly with most of the men in the room.
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Unlike her unimaginative brother, Abygail stood out. She had chosen a green gown made of soft, satiny fabric, long and loose. The collar plunged below her neckline revealing enough to warrant a few glances, but not enough to make them blush.

With a glass of champagne in hand, Beckham's plus one chatted with her brother's colleagues while he had been taken from her by his bosses.
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"Thank you," the commentator muttered as his boss praised him.

Given the crowd's response, Beckham had surmised that his vivid quidditch commentaries had been appreciated, but hearing it from his employer was appreciated. Or at least it should have been, except it wasn't quite the joyful feeling one would have expected.

Beckham stood with a glass of champagne in hand barely registering the glasses being lifted around him. A toast was being pronounced in his honor yet the man paid no attention.
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Abygail approached the small group gathered around her brother. She lifted her glass like the others and smiled as they congratulated him for his hard work.

Beckham was smiling as well or at least to the untrained eye he seemed to be. Abygail knew that smile. That was the Wexler Smile; the well-trained smile the two siblings had learned to plaster on their features upon request. It was the smile they had recycled event after event as their parents had paraded them to their endless circle of friends.

Once the glasses of champagne had been lowered, Abygail had approached her brother. "How does it feel to be a bigwig?" She teased as she took another sip.
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Yanked out of his thoughts by his sister Beckham shrugged. "Wonders the woman who's art pieces are being bought by the greatest art collectors." His sister had nothing to envy as far as recognition was concerned.

He took a sip of champagne. "What?" He asked when he noticed his sister staring at him intently.
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Abygail sighed. She made sure the people around them were deep in conversation before she continued. "You know I can see through that fake smile. I can see the wheels turning," she mimed a bit of smoke coming from her brother's big ears. "You're standing there wondering 'why aren't I happy about my success?'" She deepened her voice but sounded nothing like beck.

She gave him a chance to speak but rolled her eyes when his big dumb face made it clear that he needed some of her harsh wisdom. "You're not happy because you can't share your success with the man you love, idiot."
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"The Association really loves to celebrate itself, doesn't it?" Ginny smirked to a colleague at the Prophet, who raised an eyebrow.

They were standing in a sumptuously (if somewhat clinically) decorated ballroom, amid a crowd of Very Important Quidditch People. Ginny sipped her champagne as the toast the room had just given began to settle down.

"I'm just glad for an excuse to ditch the husband for the night," her companion joked.

At this, Ginny did not smile.

It was an important mission, Harry had told her, when he'd received the owl in the middle of the night. No, it couldn't wait until morning. No, he couldn't tell her where. He never could.

Harry wasn't looking at her, pulling on his shoes and his robes both at once in a rush to leave. Robed and bedheaded, Ginny watched him as he fumbled about their dark kitchen. She sighed heavily; then caught him by surprise, wrapping her arms around his waist.

"Be safe," she murmured.

He kissed the tip of her nose. "Always," he'd said, and Disapparated.

That was a fortnight ago. She hadn't heard a word from him since.

The children were home for their holidays at Hogwarts, and it was three days to Christmas, and there was no telling if their father would be home in time. If he came back safely at -- Ginny stamped on that thought immediately. She was here this evening to work. Not to cover the story -- her colleague was on that detail -- but to schmooze and be seen, build up good relations between the Prophet's sports division and the Association. And here Ginny thought the galas would have ended when she left the pros.

Her colleague departed to go gather a few quotes for the story, and Ginny was left to float. Not particularly in the mood to deliver fake laughter to bigwig donors, Ginny found herself making a beeline toward the only two faces in the room that seemed to be showing some sort of genuine emotion -- Beckham and Abygail Wexler.

"Hello, you two," Ginny said. Beckham's commentary work being a fixture among the Quidditch community and his sister's support never too far behind, they'd encountered each other more than once over the years. "My sincerest congratulations, and I do mean sincere," Ginny said, tipping her glass at Beckham. "I know these sorts of events usually seem to come out of a can, but I'm really a hundred percent honest. Your commentary in that Japan v. Kyrgyzstan match the other week had me in stitches."
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His sister was right. After every congratulatory pat, after every encouraging word his eyes drifted through the crowd. The attention sent him off balance, he needed a safe harbor to anchor himself, but Aksel was not there.

Yanked from his thoughts by yet another congratulatory wave -one he welcomed because it offered a diversion- Beck smiled. "Thank you, Ginny," he responded while tipping his glass towards her. "I have to say your article about the Moose Jaw Meteorites had the perfect hint of irony," he chuckled as he remembered the article's clever title.
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Knowing her brother had finally realized the error of his ways, she let him focus his attention on Ginny.

These events did seem like they came in a can, as did most congratulations uttered during them. Yet the pair seemed genuine as they shared their compliments.
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The corners of Ginny's lips twitched. "You need a touch of irony in this business," she said. "Or at least I do."

At first she'd thought Beckham was merely bored by the sanitary corporate event, but she noticed a somber sort of look in his eyes, and a knowing one in Abygail's.

"How have you two been recently? Outside of work, I mean." Ginny said, wanting to show interest without prying. Beckham been living internationally the last they had really caught up with one another. At least as far as she remembered, he was also newly married, but he hadn't offered many details when he'd mentioned it.
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Having been a journalist himself, he knew exactly what she meant. Irony was the tone used to purify their minds and evacuate their many frustrations. Even better when the irony went over their editor's head.

"I know you mentioned outside of work, but Abygail has an exhibition coming at the Rotterdam Gallery," he smiled proudly at his sister.
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"I do," she confirmed with a proud smile of her own. "You are welcome to attend the opening," she extended an invitation. "Though I would not recommend bringing the children to this one."

Aby took a sip of champagne as she attempted to hold herself back. "And Beckham here seems to finally understand that he needs to introduce his husband to the magical side of him." Well... At least she had attempted to hold back.
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"That so?" Ginny said to Abygail, looking impressed. She couldn't help but laugh as Abygail hinted not to bring the children. "Excellent. That's the only guarantee of a good time I sincerely trust. Means it's raunchy."

But she missed them, though, even as she said it. Occupied momentarily as she was with thoughts of how thoroughly the kids were annoying the sitter, Abygail's next comment caused Ginny's eyebrows.

"Really? I didn't know he was a Muggle," she said, surprised. Immediately Ginny felt as though she'd intruded on something, judging by the look Beckham was giving at Abygail. But nor could she blame Beckham for looking so stress-worn. She felt sorry for him; a conversation like that couldn't be easy.

"Have you said anything yet?" Ginny asked kindly.
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"Finally someone who understands my vision," she smirked. Edgy, sensual, erotic... The critiques and enthusiasts had tiptoed around the word raunchy as Abygail had pushed and pushed against the boundaries of good tastes. She personally thought of her art as raunchy and dirty. It came from deep down in her gut, how could it possibly be anything other than visceral and raunchy?
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Beck shot his sister a death glare.

"I'm sorry," he apologized for his sister's disregard for boundaries. He scratched the back of his neck as he contemplated changing the subject.

Maybe he could talk to her. He certainly knew he could trust her. Ginny knew the value of privacy.

"He is a muggle and I should have told him from the start, but the statue had just fallen and things were tensed, to say the least."