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 #34495  by Viktoria Klein
Location: New Hampshire, Cloaking Party Fundraiser • Date: 20.12.03

Ava Darlington is something utterly different from the others in the Bureau. Emily put her character into words perfectly: attractive and terrifying, like the urge to pet a red tail fox. Despite the feeling of danger there’s something about Ava that pulls Viktoria towards her.

They’ve met couple of times before she met Elyse. Only briefly in some events and high profile fundraisers where the conversations have been anything but deep. She remembers the flash of her sleek blonde hair amongst the crowd in Denver. Radiant light shining through her hair making her stand out from the black and white. Their eyes meeting each other every time through masses of people. Greeting each other with the same deceitful smile that is anything but sincere.

A lot of things have changed since the mid 1980. Ava's now the figure head of The Cloaking Party, The Minority Leader. Despite knowing full well the power she wields something about Ava's presence makes her feel...stripped bare. Her knowing and cold gaze drills through her walls looking for weak spots constantly. Smile tugs at the edges of her painted lips knowingly as she watches her from the other side of ballroom. Like a thief she has sneaked into her life, growing closer with every passing month.

Now, as Viktoria eyes her over the rim of her cocktail glass, the designer barely notices when someone materializes next to her until a small, knowing laugh sounds.

"She's deadly that one."
 #34496  by Elyse Nordstrom
She had been asked to drop out of the race and to add insult to injury she had to spend the night schmoozing and brushing shoulders with party donors as if nothing was going on. The announcement would be made in the morning, but tonight she was still to act as Ava Darlington's political rival.

Champaign in hand, wearing a dress designed by Viktoria, Elyse finally managed to pull away from the group of donors she had been entertaining.

"Lethal," she emphasized as her hand subtly brushed against Viktoria's hip. She had yet to tell her partner about the latest development and wondered how she would find the energy.
 #35184  by Viktoria Klein
Jumping at not only the words, but also at the touch, Viktoria turned to find Elyse at her side. Immediately she was filled with shame, but just as quick as it came, the shame was gone, and the German-Witch smiled.

"Were you not running against her, I might find her even sexy," She whispered salaciously, tongue sneaking out to wet her bottom lip. Viktoria leaned more fully against her girlfriend. "Still, are we certain she's only attracted to men?"
 #35322  by Elyse Nordstrom
Elyse's lips pursed as she restrained as sad smile. As much as she appreciated prurient banter, she could not help but feel mournful. Viktoria had not known that her words had foretold a somber diagnosis.

"She could be attracted to a dementor if she knew she could gain power from it," the blonde stung as her eyes darted towards her former opponent.

"How would you feel about her, if I became her running mate?" Elyse asked as if musing over an improbable hypothesis.