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 #3291  by Jens Eiffel
Jens cracked his eyes open and then shut them fast. The sun streaming into the room was waaay too bright! What time was it? Noon? wow... some night...

... wait...

Jens moved his hand and felt someone next to him. He turned his head and cracked open his eyes.

Huh... Andi...


Jens jumped and pushed himself up with his arms. He wasn't wearing his shirt...

He felt lower... Shit he wasn't wearing anything!

It was then that he spotted Sora sitting in a chair just gazing at him, her expression unreadable. It was all starting to filter in... Letting Sora and a giggling Andi into his flat, pouring some wine, drinking, him kissing Sora, Sora kissing Andi, Andi kissing him... What the fuck?!?!

"What the... what happened here last night?!" he said to the woman, inching away from the sleeping Andi and looking around for his clothing.

But he had a bad feeling he knew exactly what happened...
 #3298  by Sora Hahn
Sora tipped her head at him, as though genuinely confused. She had draped herself in a bathrobe she'd found in his bathroom, though it still showed her cleavage and legs rather well. Her two-toned hair fell over her shoulder as she looked over him.

"Shy so soon? You seemed to love it so much last night that you tried to convince me you'd be up for another round this morning." She nodded to Andi, who was still softly snoring. "You certainly cheered him up. I didn't have to encourage you two to get started on each other...Hell, you two were undressing each other within minutes."

She leaned forward, looking at Jens.

"And before you say anything, I know. I know you're not gay. Buuuut...what you did last night? It was pretty gay. Not a bad thing though."
 #3302  by Jens Eiffel
"Fuck! Thank you.... Fuck!" said Jens, first at her revelation, then at her assurance that she didn't think he was gay, and then at her further news that what he did... was pretty gay...

"No one ever accused me of being shy..." he said, scrambling to grab his trousers wile holding the blanket against his waist, "But I have woken up in the pretty messed up scenarios, but this is the most messed up ever! Merlin!" he said, rubbing his forehead before dropping the blanket in favor of getting his trousers on.

"What the hell was that you gave us?" Bringing his hands up to his forehead then he said, "Sweet Merlin... if this gets out it will ruin my reputation!"

Turning and looking at Andi then he said with a sigh, "Well... I guess I'll just have to kill him. Think you could get rid of a body for me?" He joked... sort of joked...

Merlin... that would be easier... Andi would probably blab...

Turning quickly back to Sora he said, "Wait... I have an idea. Andi might remember nothing of last night, or not enough. Will you back me up in saying when we got back here he just... fell asleep and you and I did it all night?"
 #3322  by Sora Hahn
Sora blinked at him blankly.

"What reputation? The only thing I hear about you is that you flirt with girls and never end up going home with them. If anything, this is an improvement for you." She shrugged. "As for Andi? He'll remember. You can't make something like this up, especially since we both know he was doing it partly to shove it in Florian's face, which he will eventually."

She leaned back in her chair, watching him as he dressed.

"All you have to say was that you and Andi double-teamed a dangerous vampire. Easy."
 #3325  by Jens Eiffel
"Tat's true," said Jens. "That is kind of hot... Makes me seem pretty edgy. Though I don't know why we need to say that you are a vampire..." But suddenly looking at her with wide-open eyes he said "Oh shitt... Wait! You're a vampire?!"

His hand slapped to his neck where he felt about before looking in the mirror and setting a bit of dried blood. No wonder his legs felt weak!

"Didn't know I was THAT edgy.." He said with a shaky laugh.

Now it was that really made the night come rushing back to his mind...
 #3331  by Sora Hahn
Sora stood, glancing over at Andi, and then looking to Jens. She practically glided over him, stepping between him and the mirror so he was forced to look at her. She brought her fingers up and pressed away some of the dried blood, biting her lip as she did so.

"It's been a while since I've been with a man as you...or perhaps...as young as the man I loved so many years ago. You remind me of him in a way...only more German." She snorted

She tucked her finger under his chin, looking into his eyes.

"Do you remember how it felt to kiss me?"
 #3338  by Jens Eiffel
Jens took a step back as she slid between him and the mirror. Realizing what she was gave him a shiver up his spine. He could have been drained of all his blood last night!!!

But... wow she was... probably the most seductive woman he had ever been with!

"I wish... I could remember better..." he said carefully, wondering just how many stupid decisions he was going to e making this New Year and hoping that none soon would be his last!
 #3339  by Sora Hahn
"Then I'll remind you." She spoke lowly, nearly hissing as she leaned forward, tracing her tongue across his lower lip. She closed her eyes and melted into the kiss, her lips cool to the touch, her fingernails grazing over his scalp. She could hear Andi stirring from the bed, and she ended up pulling back.

"Would you like me to leave so you can get your story straight with Andreas?"
 #3341  by Jens Eiffel
Jens moaned slightly into her kiss, starting to wrap his arms around her as she spoke,

"No... no, why would I want you to go?" he questioned. "Stay here with me today, have breakfast with me, we can hang out, go out again this evening... I don't know... have some more fun. I can kick Andi out of here in a bit. This is my place after all..."

Since her words to him about reminding her of an old lover he definitely had come to the conclusion that he was the favored of the two young men.

Picking up a pair of balled up socks from the open dresser draw he threw them at Andi's head and said, "Wake up Andi! This isn't a hotel you know..."
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Andi woke up with a snort, wiping saliva from his cheek from where he had dribbled last night when he passed out. He lifted his head, his hair flopping about and his eyes squinting at the light. He blinked, trying to sit up before realising he was nude. He snatched up his boxers from the floor and slid them on quickly, pressing his palm to his head as he tried to comprehend what was happening.

"Huh? What? Oh! Jens...Sora! Oh wow...heh...should I take my underwear back off? Round 2 this morning, right?" He grinned widely. "Wait...that actually happened right? It wasn't just some crazy dream?"
 #3393  by Jens Eiffel
Jens looked from Sora to Anndi before he said in strait German to the other man, “I don’t know... what do you remember? From what I recall we were both making out with Sora here, and then you passed out, and she and I partied on...”

Well despite what Sora said it was worth a shot. And assuming she didn’t speak German she couldn’t contradict him.

Oh Merlin wait... did he tell Andi he was going to build a temple to him because he was the enlightened one?!
 #3424  by Andi Foerster
Andi pursed his lips, leaning back against the headboard.

"Let's see...huh, no I remember taking body shots off Sora. You did too and you nearly choked on the salt, right?" He ran his hand through his hair, then rubbed his neck. He winced a little, pulling his fingers back to see dried blood. "Huh? Oh, yeah! She bit me! And you!"

"Nah nah, Jens. I remember it." He got up and stretched. "Man, I can't wait to tell Flor-"

Andi paused, dropping his arms and looking to Jens.

"I...did I...quit my job?"
 #3429  by Jens Eiffel
"Yeah, yeah you quit..." said Jens dismissively. "And good for you I say. Florian is an ass hole as well as a some one who holds you back from your dreams. Good riddens. But more importantly... we are agreed then that this is what happened. We both did it with a vampire! Crazy night huh?"

He said with a grin.

Sooo... Andi wasn't mentioning anything weird between them. He didn't know if that meant the memory embarrassed Andi enough he was pretending to forget... or if he really forgot. But Jens was happy either way if this was how the story was going to go!
 #3434  by Andi Foerster
"So! You're kicking me and Sora out now? Well, that's cool with me..." Switching back to English, he smiled brightly at the vampire. "We can hang out somewhere. Maybe I can take you out in Germany while Jens sulks by himself."
 #3445  by Jens Eiffel
Jens blinked back at Andi a moment,

"I'm not sulking... what..?"

Wait... He knew what that little rat was doing! Trying to make him look bad so he could have Sora to himself! What did he think she was his girlfriend now!?

What was he trying to do... the same thing Jens had been trying to do earlier?...

Putting his arm around Sora's shoulder Jens smiled and said in English now, "Oh no, that's fine Andi... see Sora and I already made plan wile you were sleeping. So she is good for the day. Maybe another day."