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 #34060  by Peeves the Poltergeist
Location: The library • Date: January 6th, 2004
Time of Day: First period • Weather: Snowing

Unlike the students and the staff, the holidays, whether it was Christmas break or the impossibly long summer months, were not to Peeves' liking. Not one bit. He didn't exactly miss the students, but he missed the animation, the chaos, and, most of all, the many opportunities to cause it. He missed being the centre of attention. Dunking trophies into the toilets was quite lackluster an activity when there was only Filch around to notice it.

But now that the students were finally back, Peeves was thriving. He'd had a lot of time to think about what new pranks he could pull, during the break, and he was excited to show off all his new ideas.

That was the reason why the poltergeist was hiding in the library, floating invisibly above some shelves, waiting for someone to discover all the pieces of chalk in the school had mysteriously been replaced with well-chewed wads of gum.
 #34824  by Bailey Shea
Bailey didn't care too much for the holiday. It just meant going home to a place he didn't want to be. Hogwarts was soon becoming his new home and the library was his favorite place to go. Late for class but needing to return a few books and wanting new reading material, he quickly rummaged through the shelves.

It was dragons that Bailey was interested in reading about. A new acquaintance of his named Olivia absolutely loved the flying fire death traps and he would gladly read up about them to have something to talk to her about. He himself much preferred the quiet, soft and cuddly type of animals or ones that are tiny, unique and very safe to have around you.

The windows shook from there pannels as it snowed heavily outside. A fire crackling not far off, the area that young puffcicle always chose to read in. It was fitted with comfortable furniture to relax next to a roaring fire during cold days. He nearly nodded off a few times just watching the flames lick the air. Bailey yearned for a hot drink to enjoy with his book but no food or drinks were allowed in the library as tempting as the idea was. If bailey was more afraid of anything, it would be of getting into trouble.

Though with being late, he was sure to get into some sort of trouble now.
 #35307  by Peeves the Poltergeist
If no one knew what had happened to the pieces of chalk, at least one student was going to find out soon.

'You're late for class!' The poltergeist shrieked as he pelted the boy with small pieces of chalk from his hoard.
 #35316  by Bailey Shea
The sudden accusation that he was late, caught the puff of guard. Jumping and bumping his head on the shelf just above where he was searching before pelts of chalk flew at him. "Ow ow ow ow ow ow.." he cried out with each hit as he guarded himself with the very book he had been searching for. "Just looking for this book, so sorry," he stated barely able to even form words before seeing who was harassing him, to begin with.

His eyes stared in terror. A being he heard of when he just arrived at Hogwarts. They were fairytales and folklore in the muggle world. Ghosts were not supposed to exist, at least that's what Bailey thought until he came face to face with one in the dining hall. Here was another he had yet to meet but heard about. "No, get away from me!" he screamed as he began to run throughout the library and trying to find the exit with the book in hand.
 #35318  by Peeves the Poltergeist
'Peeves will make you sorry!' The poltergeist cackled. He didn't want to waste all of his precious pieces of chalk on one single ickle firstie, so he started grabbing books instead. Without so much as a warning, Peeves started hurling the thick, leather-bound volumes at the boy instead.

Life was grand when you were a poltergeist.