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 #31490  by Dianne Osgood
Location: Hogwarts, Staff Room • Date: October 1st, 1996

Dianne had been supervising the students at breakfast this morning, and considering what was happening in the Wizarding World right now, she was more vigilant than usual when the morning Owl post was delivered. Out of the corner of her eye, there was an owl with a package that didn't seem to be approaching any particular student, which was strange behaviour for the owls.

Inspecting the package, it also didn't seem to be addressed to a particular person. It was medium sized, and just wrapped in brown wrapping paper.

She confiscated it and took it to the staff room with her after, and sent messages to a few trusted colleagues to ask for a second opinion. Considering some of the things that had already happened, Dianne felt that they could not be vigilant enough at the moment when it came to protecting the students.
 #31552  by Minerva McGonagall
Upon her desk lay a pile of essays she had yet to read and a lump of correspondence she had yet to address. As the days grew darker and the times followed suit, more and more parents requested reassurance. While Minerva could empathize with their concerns, dispensing comfort was not her forte nor could it be her priority.

More than ever, the students and the staff were on high alert. Any suspicious activity was to be reported and addressed. When a message came from one of her colleagues expressing concerns about a package, the professor had abandoned her encumbered desk and had made her way towards the staff room.

"It arrived with this morning's Owl post?" She inquired as she noticed the brown package.
 #31622  by Dianne Osgood
"Yes," Dianne said, sounding a little distant, as she was lost in thought while twirling her wand with her fingers.

"The owl circled the Great Hall a few times, before dropping it at the end of the Slytherin table, but where no students were sat at the time."

It was rare to see the owls do anything but head immediately for the intended recipient - it was what they had been trained to do for as long as Wizarding history went back.
 #31868  by Minerva McGonagall
While she would not veil her judgment with the lens of prejudice, the package's last known location did incite her to remain vigilant.

Spectacles perched low on her nose, Minerva investigated the package. "Revelio," she declared without much faith.

The brown packaging gained a green tint but soon came back to its original appearance. Lips pinched, the Gryfindor matron took a step back. "Was it one of the Weasley's owls?" She asked, having observed that the family's owls tended to be rather unpredictable.
 #32348  by Dianne Osgood
"I don't think so," Dianne said, thinking as she carried on staring at this parcel.

"The tiny one wouldn't have been able to lift that package anyway," she wondered briefly at what point in her career did she start to recognise specific students owls. Definitely too many hours spent supervising the Great Hall. However, that particular Weasley owl was very distinctive.
 #32785  by Minerva McGonagall
Green fumes left her wand and surrounded the package, constricting itself around the package the spell attempted to reveal its secrets, but the brown bundle remained mum.

"Perhaps we should send word to our Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor," she suggested. Despite the months that had passed since the Potion Master had taken his new position, referring to him with his new title felt foreign.
 #32901  by Dianne Osgood
"Ah, Severus, yes," Dianne said. She herself often forgot that Severus Snape was no longer the Potions master, which was the post he had held as long as she could remember, but now taught Defense Against the Dark Arts. "Probably best to inform him."

Dianne looked at the package again.

"There's such a culture of suspicion these days," she sighed, "This could just as easily be someone's care package from home."
 #33056  by Minerva McGonagall
Constant Vigilance , she was tempted to echo though she knew Alastor's vigilance tended to taunt the seams of paranoia.

"It could be," she relented though she did not let her guards down. Naiveté had far greater consequences than a constant state of cautiousness. Though the later was rather exhausting.

"I shall send an owl to our students' parents to remind them that everything sent to the castle shall be properly labeled and addressed." Though it was common sense, it seemed reminders were still required.
 #33192  by Dianne Osgood
"Good idea," Dianne said, with a small nod.

"There has been an increase in post recently, especially letters," Dianne often felt lucky that she taught here, and could keep an eye on her children that way. It must be difficult for the parents living far away from their children in times like these.

"Parents and children both needing extra reassurance."
 #33203  by Peeves the Poltergeist
No room was out of bounds for Peeves. The poltergeist had access to everywhere he wanted, and there were no limits to his reach. This was, after all, his castle. He had been here the longest.

And so it stood to reason that Peeves felt entitled to be in the staff room, invisible, and plot some mischief.

The package on the table between the two Professors was too tempting. The spirit swooped to pick it up, and began shaking it around, a foot or two above the two women's heads.
 #33721  by Minerva McGonagall
Her eyes widened as the package started levitating. As the package was swung, powders of various colors started raining upon the two professors. The chalky colors had time to tickle her nose and stain her close before she brandished her wand to conjure an invisible shield. The bubble was wide enough to surround herself and her colleague.

Fairly certain she had heard a faint familiar chuckle, Minerva sternly looked towards the package. "Peeves! Drop the package." She ordered in a tone she had been perfecting since her first year as a professor.
 #33768  by Dianne Osgood
Dianne looked extremely bewildered for a few seconds, wondering if the secrets of the package were now starting to present themselves, by levitating and spraying both Professors with colour. At least the shield helped.

"Peeves, of course," Dianne muttered under her breath before looking up to where she imagined him to be.
 #33778  by Peeves the Poltergeist
Without much of a transition, the faint chuckle became a loud cackle, and the poltergeist appeared in all his chaotic glory. It was lovely to see all these colours flying about, and even lovelier to see the mess they created, and the two Professors cowering behind their magical shield.

Another peel of laughter erupted as he was ordered to drop the box.

'As you wish!' Peeves shrieked, hurling the box at the teachers, then disappeared with a loud, wet pop.
 #35356  by Severus Snape
Appearing in the doorway of the staff room, Severus scowled as he found Minerva McGonagall and Dianne Osgood in what he had hoped to be an empty room.

Bending down, he picked up the brown package at his feet and raised a brow, "What is this?" He asked.
 #35443  by Minerva McGonagall
Minerva made sure the powder had fallen on the ground before she dispelled her shield.

She frowned as her colleague picked up the suspicious package. Disapproving of her colleague's careless approach she pursed her lips. "An unaddressed package found near the Slytherin table."