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Location: Manchester, New Hampshire • Date: Fall 2003
Time of Day: Evening • Weather: Rainy

Her campaign staff occupied the entirety of the inn's third floor. As the daylight ebbed against the rustic inn's windows, the halls were still abuzz with young staffers carrying drafts and making plans for the following day's rally. She walked through the hallway barely responding to the polite greetings she received. Her gentle nods caused the staffers to avert their gaze, most of them out of respect some of them out of fear.

They usually met in Elyse's room or in a conference room, but tonight Campbell had requested that they met in her room. It was not that, that aggravated the blonde. It was her employee's reluctance to share the true nature of the meeting she had requested. As much as she wanted to pretend that this was business as usual, Elyse knew she was about to walk into a meeting with a secret agenda.

Glasses perched on her nose, wearing grey pants and a tailored black shirt, the congresswoman knocked on the door of Campbell Parker's room.
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Setting down her glass, Campbell looked at Ava, a silent exchange happening between them before she stood. This was a good plan, a plan that could propel Elyse into the political stratosphere, but she was just unsure whether the blonde congresswoman would see that. It had been her idea not to fulfill her in before literally trapping her in a room with the woman's superior. Ava had of course jumped on the idea. Ava Darlington was not going to win this election, not alone, but if she had any chance of leading their wizarding community, it would be with Elyse Nordstrom.

Taking a deep breath though her nose, she let it out in one smooth breath and then opened the door, "Elyse, thank you for coming." Stepping to the side, she stretched out her arm to let the woman in.
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"I revised the speech for tomorrow," Elyse jumped into business as soon as the door opened. "While I appreciate the focus on my accomplishments, I would like to spend more time on my plans for the fut-" her sentence died in a swift sigh. Completely forgetting the copy of the speech on which she had written her revision, the pages crumpled as she tensed.

Why was Ava Darlington sitting cozily in her Campaign Manager's room?

"Minority Leader Darlington," she greeted politely before she offered Campbell Parker a disapproving glance. A quick blink and she was back to smiling politely. "Were you not campaigning in the South?"
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Drumming her fingers rhythmically against the arms of the winged back chair she sat in, Ava smiled at the blonde congresswoman as she entered the room, "I was," She replied, "But at the request of your lovely campaign manager here, I booked a flight with SorcerAir yesterday and well...here I am." Ava shrugged with an air of elegance that only she could pull off.
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Hoping that Ava could control herself not to insult Elyse as soon as she walked in, Campbell placed her body between Elyse and the door in case the woman decided to storm out in a huff.

"We have a proposition for you Elyse, and we appreciate it if you'd hear us out." She waved her hand at the chair across from Elyse, indicating she should take a seat.
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Savy enough to come up with a few hypotheses as to what she was about to be offered, Elyse remained on her guard.

Legs crossed, hands linked atop her knee she looked straight towards her Campaign Manager. "I don't suppose Congresswoman Darlington finally decided to endorse me," she laughed her best 'Politician's wife' hollow laugh.
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Watching as Elyse took a seat and unknowingly mimic Ava's own posture, the English woman raised her brows but refrained from saying anything. I wouldn't do to set Elyse off if they wanted her to go along with their plan.

"Actually--" Ava began but stopped when Campbell turned to look at her with a stern glance. Ava waved her hand for the brunette to continue.
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Waiting until Elyse took a seat, Campbell moved across the room and took her own seat between the two blondes. Shooting Ava a look when the woman opened her mouth, Campbell straightened and cleared her throat, "Not quite." Campbell replied, turning her attention to Elyse, "Though, what I am about to suggest would put both off you in positions of power. The Revealing Party is looking far more favorable than we had anticipated, and the voters are more concentrated on your rivalry rather than what either of you can do as Secretary of Magic. If The Cloaking Party has any chance of gaining the necessary votes to become the Leader of the Wizarding nation, we need to show them that you can put whatever it is you have between you aside." Campbell looked at Elyse knowingly before turning to do the same to Ava.

"One of you will need to concede to the other. One of you must step down and endorse the other if either of you want to Lead." Campbell breathed in through her nose and turned back to Elyse, "And that has to be you Elyse."
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The anger built like a potent cloud of steam; it licked along her entrails and left them scorched and blistered, it weakened her resolve and threatened to reveal itself to the vultures surrounding her. Yet she remained resolute.

Her hands remained on her knee and her eyes did not leave her Campaign Manager or rather her former campaign manager as there was no campaign left to manage.

While she knew the polls favored the Minority Leader, Elyse had been right behind her and once the margin of error had been considered Elyse truly was right on Darlington's heels. The decision to end her campaign seemed abrupt and to a certain extent presented a risk for the party. With poll numbers so close, Elyse feared that abandoning might disenfranchise her supporters rather than rally them behind a candidate so vastly different from her.

"And I am expected to send my voters her way? For what? For the good of the party?" A glacial glare accompanied her questions and carried countless silent accusations.