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 #33104  by Ciceron York
Ciceron wasn't entirely sure how to approach the subject, but after his official working time was over - he and everybody else knew he would stay a few more hours after this - he headed toward the stables. He knew Nathan would be there at this time of day; he'd likely just finished riding. It was a habit he'd apparently gotten into since it became a bonding session between him and Astrid, though Astrid had apparently taken a rain-check to see to the final touches of her business.

That was likely to put Nathan in a great mood. Not.

Upon reaching the stables, Ciceron leaned against the wooden frame, seeing Nathan emerge from one of the stalls.

"So...I won't beat around the bush." He began. "I heard the vampire was released...Why?"
 #33129  by Nathan Iver
Nathan continued out of the stall, shutting it and giving his horse a pat on the nose before saying,

"Released... relocated... whatever word is correct. Astrid removed him from our property under the pretense that could not watch him properly and she could do better." Scratching his horse behind the ears as it lowered it's head, his eyes still on it he added, "I suppose you would agree with her on that one point but... this is of course a power move on her part. Showing just how irritatingly inconvenient she can be if I do not play exactly by her rules...that and she wants me to feel loss, since she is in a perpetual state of loss."

Nathan dropped his hand from the horse, and turning he made his way over to the saddle he had just used. Picking it up and throwing it over the stand he said,

"I suppose we shall see soon enough whether she can control him better... and what other sorts of schemes are up her sleeve." Nathan then picked up a bucket and made his way over to the faucet where he began to fill it with warm water. He had servants that could do this for him but... he was in one of his rare moods where he felt like actually doing the work himself. He needed new distractions, new ways to let go of the tension in his shoulders, and physical work had an odd way of doing that from time to time... Even when it was as simple as brushing down his own horse or cleaning his own saddle after a ride.

Mixing the saddle soap into the water he said, "Why do you ask? I am sorry if you had been on your way to torture Hunter when you found out. I am afraid she took away your control as well. The collar is no longer connected with us. But I don't think she is overly fond of you these days either."
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"Yes, well, I could quite easily tell that with how she has been hounding me for work. Of course, that is a blessing in some ways as it means I can use a legitimate excuse as to why I am not at home, rejecting my wife's advances." He commented blandly, and then stepped further into the stables, trying to look somewhat uninterested. But he couldn't hold it in for much longer.

"Alright. So Hunter is gone, as is my only source of retribution. I suppose, in lieu of this, I have come to terms with one of your other suggestions to try and get my wife and I back on track." He cleared his throat, looking away. "I want a woman. And I would like you to help me keep it discreet."
 #33133  by Nathan Iver
“Discretion is my middle name,” said Nathan with out batting an eye. He had been waiting for Ciceron to come to his senses... he knew it was only a matter of time.

Throwing a brush into the bucket he turned and around and carrying it to the saddle to start cleaning it he said, “What sort do you want? A particular one? A stranger? Blonde? Brunet? Red head? Dark? Light?”
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Nathan paused for a moment in his scrubbing, pursed his lips, then continuing with his cleaning he said, "Have you... asked her to continue with your past dalliances?"

Nathan was not at all sure how he felt about this...
 #33161  by Ciceron York
Ciceron cleared his throat.

"Very briefly. I simply reminded her of good times we had...but this isn't to continue the arrangement." He looked away a moment, but then forced himself to turn his focus back. "You and I both know what Viola can do. I feel like she may be able to just...help with my problem. I think you're right; it's all mental. And I think Vi just...has something about her that might just be able to ease it or get over this mental block."
 #33164  by Nathan Iver
"I am sure she could," said Nathan blandly. "And this is easy enough to keep discreet. I will send Aidan away on an errand for me. Nothing wrong with a visit between cousins, although this will not be publicized either of course, and then... We have nothing more to worry about. So long as you can be sure she will not get pregnant."

Starting on the other side of the saddle he said, "Now have you really thought this through? I think someone you will not have much personal contact with later would be a better choice. Things with Viola have a way of getting... sick in the future."
 #33165  by Ciceron York
Ciceron was silent for a long moment, and then took a breath.

"Things have always been messy with her. But no, I will ensure she doesn't fall pregnant - in fact, I plan to get Danica pregnant as soon as I am able. But...I told you those things that night we got drunk, Nathan. Ideas and memories, and fantasies that simply aren't normal. I feel like this is the perfect method of revenge for what Dani did. I can live out a fantasy I have always lusted after, and she can feel revolted as I was."

He waved a hand.

"Don't worry about the details of after. I know what I am going to do."
 #33169  by Nathan Iver
Nathan's face actually registered something like concern before he said, "So yo mean Danica to find out do you?..."

Did Ciceron not learn from watching him what a mistake it could be to make your wife jealous? Inadvertently was bad enough!!
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Nathan let out a long, deep breath, then dropping the scrub brush into the bucket he looked at Ciceron and said,

“And then ... everything will be well, you will make love to her, and produce a child... Are you sure you are thinking this through given your goals?”

He raised a brow, then picked up a cloth to rub down the saddle.
 #33175  by Ciceron York
Ciceron let out his own sigh.

"Nathan...trust me I'm not throwing away my marriage for the sake of petty revenge. I'm sick of seeing her moping around feeling sorry for herself...I would much rather her be angry than miserable. Not that this is a valiant act for her; of course it isn't. But it will give her a leg to stand on."

He looked to Nathan carefully.

"I'm not going to throw this marriage away. I'm not going to embarrass your cousin. I do care about her. I just need this one time to finally level the playing field, otherwise she will always be too cowardly to reach her actual potential. I want the best for her, so she deserves the best version of me - and unfortunately, that includes her knowing the worst parts as well."

He lifted his hand, showing the metal.

"Sometimes levelling the field has actually given me the high advantage in the long run. It will take time, but like this hand, it will take patience and care to get to that point. And so will Danica."
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Nathan could not help but make a slight scoffing sound at this, saying, "You don't think she has reached her full potential? Just exactly what do you expect of her? She grew up rich, spoiled beyond belief, waited on hand and foot... You married her for looks, money, family name, favor... she is intelligent and witty enough not to embarrass you at dinner parties, and to make a good show of it. And I presume a good enough conversationalist not to bore you when you have to interact. What more could you want? There was no Iver women like Astrid out there. She has reached her full potential Ron..."
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"She's more than an Iver name." He said bluntly, looking directly at Nathan. "She's more than a pretty face, or money, or linking our families."

He stepped slightly into the stables.

"Do you think people respect you simply because you have a good name? The upper-class might out of politeness. But that's not why you are who you are. The Ivers have always been looked upon as key assets to a family, but you and I both know that since your fall from grace, and recent ascent, the Iver name has meant something entirely different. And I hate to be the one to point out the similarities between us, but I am the same. We are cut from the same cloth, and in that, we have married women that are not simply to hang from the arm and make curt remarks and remain polite."

"Every single person in this joint family now has a duty to uphold this legacy we are creating. Her true potential does not come from her name alone; you cannot carry her, as much as you likely could. She's been swept by the current her entire life. It's time she supported you the best way she possibly can; by proving that Iver is not just a pureblood name, and that York is not just a newblood name. That being a part of this family is only for the elite, the powerful, the talented, the intelligent - and she's going to make her reputation stronger with her actions, and in turn, make both of us appear stronger also."

He sucked in a breath. He hadn't really known where those words had come from, though he did know them to be true. And the idea of helping to guide Danica into her own powerful being among mortals lit a fire in his chest.