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 #32466  by Dorian Papatonis
Location: Qelelevu, Fiji • Date: November, 2003
Time of Day: Afternoon • Weather: Absolutely Beautiful

Dorian was taking a break. It was much deserved, after his long day mapping all of the intricacies one of the most beautiful places he'd ever been. Of course, he'd been here before, but now he had a chance to be paid to be here. And to be sailing his boat. Of course, his boat wasn't a fancy yacht or anything. It was a working boat- one he used to sail from island to island on his way here.

And it wasn't that his eyes were tired from the sun or the sparkling, clear water... or maybe it was. But he decided that it was a perfect time for a rest. His work was mostly completed in the morning anyway, before the scorching hot sun could blister his back. It was with good reason that he headed toward the spot he'd rented to dock for the day. Yes, he was hot and sweaty as he twisted the ropes around the cleat, and he was thankful he'd just worn a tank top and shorts today.

Once finished, he hopped off the boat and onto the dock, reaching back in for his research bag full of his day's work. He strolled down the dock, looking at the water. Maybe he'd have to go for a swim later. The water was looking mighty inviting.
 #32471  by Dino O'Sullivan
Finally, some warm weather! After spending most of October ferrying himself between Derry and London, and finding it absolutely dreary, Dino had arrived in Fiji. He'd worked off the Australian coast before, but he'd never been to Fiji before. It was a complete shame, too, by the looks of it. The beaches were gorgeous, the sky was blue, and the water was so clear. What else had he been missing out on?

Dino had left London via airplane and had landed in Hong Kong, stayed there a few days, then caught a flight to Melbourne, spent a few days there, and here he was now. He was exhausted from all the traveling, and he wanted nothing more than to laze on the beach drinking beer, watching the sun go down. He didn't start to work until Monday, so he still had one good day of leisure in front of him. Once he was rested enough he'd see what kind of sports a man could get up to in these parts. Sailing, he figured, but hopefully surfing. He'd loved surfing in Australia, and really looked forward to doing it again.

Ach, this island was beautiful. Dino knew he was going to have all kinds of fun here.

It would be grand if he could find someone, though. The beach he was walking on seemed curiously deserted, and it was only when he neared a pier that he finally spotted a man, some distance away.

'Hello,' he called out, gesturing wildly as he approached. 'Hello, mucker, any chance there's a bar around here?'
 #32493  by Dorian Papatonis
Dorian watched his bare feet at he walked, looking forward to actually relaxing a little. And swimming. Or taking a nap in the shade in a hammock. However, he heard someone call out, and of course he had to look and see what was going on. Turned out that that person was calling out to him. He paused, readjusting his bag so that it didn't fall off of his shoulder as he turned to face toward the other.

"I haven't checked," he said, moving again to come closer to the other. He wouldn't lie, this stranger was on the attractive side. Unfortunately, most male strangers were actually not into other men like he was. "But there is a resort. There is a good chance you'll find one there." He'd be as helpful as he could, even if it wasn't very helpful at all. And hopefully this stranger didn't notice Dorian checking out the goods in front of him.
 #32499  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino came closer to the man he was speaking to and immediately noticed that he was hot. He had to restrain himself from giving him a once over. He'd spent too much time in Melbourne bars, and had to remind himself that as a rule of thumb, unless explicitely stated otherwise, pretty much everyone was straight. Damn shame, too. Dino wouldn't mind getting to know this guy a little better. But, alas...

Still, though, no reason he couldn't at least have a friendly beer with the guy. He was a friendly dude, if nothing else. And at the very worst, at least Dino would have a bit of eye candy. He wouldn't stare, but you know. And hey, maybe he'd make a friend?

'Any chance of a drinking partner in ya? I only just arrived, and it doesn't seem like there's a lot of people around. I'd hate to be the only one having a wee drink.' Liar. Although he was sociable, he didn't mind drinking alone. Any excuse was good, though.
 #33144  by Dorian Papatonis
Dorian smiled a little. He liked outgoing people like this guy. They made the world seem like such a friendly place, even when the place you usually called home was half a world away and you were on a beach on a tiny island in the middle of nowhere. Though, he hardly called his birthplace home anymore. His home was really his boat.

"I've got some time," he replied, shuffling all of his things to his left hand and moving to reach the other out for a hand shake. "I'm Dorian. We can't be having a drink together as strangers, now can we?" he joked. "I'd rather drink together as at least acquaintances." His smile broadened.
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Dino reached out his own hand and shook the other man's hand. It was a good handshake. Solid. Firm. Not like a guy trying to crush your knuckles into dust, and not a floppy wet fish, either. A good handshake. Already Dino liked the guy. And not just because, well, he was objectively good-looking. He was even funny, too!

'That would be unacceptable,' Dino agreed. 'I'm Dino.' He beamed at the other man. 'So now that we're friends, will you let me buy you a drink?' In the name of friendship. Like bros did.
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Dorian shook the other man's hand, perhaps letting it linger just a tag too long. It was pretty much unnoticeable, and he couldn't help it. The other's hands were warm and seemed like the perfect size for... for shaking hands. He blinked and cleared his throat. "Dino, like a dinosaur?" he asked, not making fun of the other, but genuinely curious.

He smiled and nodded. "I think I could let you do that," he answered. "I'll take us up to the resort and we can find the bar from there. I could go for a drink that isn't salty," he added, referring to the ocean and how he'd spent all morning out on the salty water. While absolutely beautiful, it was definitely not good for hydration. Of course neither was a drink at a bar, but it was better than being sprayed with ocean water.
 #33150  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino was genuinely taken aback at the other's perceptiveness, and he blinked back at the man, a bit disappointed to be letting go of his hand. 'Ach, no, it's only Dino as in Dino, I'm afraid.'

He raised an amused eyebrow at the other man, clearly overthinking his words. Now, now, Dino. He adapted his stride to Dorian's, and followed him to the resort. 'What are ya doin' here on the island? Don't reckon yer a local, are ya?'
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Dorian smiled. "When I was little, my mother says I had a little toy model of a dinosaur that I called Dino. In Greek, Dino sounds like deinos, which means 'terrible.' I hope you're not terrible," he joked playfully as they walked together toward the resort.

"I'm here on assignment- which is really a fancy word for vacation, in my opinion. I'm a cartographer- and I've always been interested in this area. These waters hold a lot of secrets and they're always changing. I get to sail and be in a place as gorgeous as this, and be paid for it," he explained. "I'm originally from Greece. What about you?" he asked, turning the conversation over to the other.
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Dino bit his lip. That was all very cute. 'Only one way to find out, I suppose.' Damn it, Dino, behave. No way this was suspicious at all, was there?

'I'm from Norn Iron,' he replied. 'I'm an oceanographer myself, also on assignement. First time here, is it yours?' Dorian seemed better acquainted with the island, what with having a boat and all. 'What are the odds we work for the same company?' Dino pursed his lips as Dorian mentioned gorgeous places. From where he was standing, Dorian seemed to be a gorgeous place himself. Ach. Shush.
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Dorian raised his eyebrow and glanced over. "You don't seem so terrible," he commented, continuing up the path to the resort.

"It's not my first time here, but I've lost count of how many times I've been. It's my favorite place. Maybe not this specific island, but Fiji itself. I doubt we work for the same company. That would be some extraordinary luck," he said, knowing that there was little chance that Dino was a wizard.

"Oh, it's this way," he said pointing to where the path narrowed. He politely cut in front of the other and started up a narrow wooden staircase that led to to the resort grounds. He paused at the top and turned around to make sure Dino was following him.
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Dino grinned wickedly at Dorian. 'Well, ya say that now. Wait til I get some drinks down the both of us.'

Just then, Dorian cut in front of him, and started climbing the stairs. Right in front of Dino. He didn't mean to stare, but Dorian was right in front of him. And despite Dino wanting to be inconspicuous, well, come on. That was a nice piece of - oh, hey, Dorian had just turned around! Dino averted his eyes just in time.

'Ach, yer right, I'm not much one for coincidences either.' They reached the patio where tables and chairs sprawled out with a beautiful view of the ocean. 'What's yer poison, then, big lad?'
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Dorian took in the view of the ocean for a moment, spotting a pair of lounge chairs out of the way that were not occupied. He made a mental note to try and grab those lounge chairs once they had their drinks.

"Of all the drinks I've had the pleasure of trying over the years in all of the places that I've been, the mojito is my favorite. I think it's the mint," he said, a little absently. He cleared his throat and brought himself back down to earth. "What about you? Are you a beery guy?" he asked, smiling. He was trying to read the other, but it was a hard thing to do. Honestly, he was hoping that since the other had chosen to stop him on the beach, and not some beautiful woman, that he was actually into men instead.
 #33870  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino nodded in appreciation. Mojitos were nice indeed. And this Dorian fellow wasn't so bad himself. In any case, they were rounding up the bar, now, and the oceanographer mentally gave himself a few slaps. He needed to focus on the present, not let the jet lag control his brain. Because the jet lag was responsible for every time he'd done something foolish, lately, like flirting with Dice Rogan. Well, the jet lag and the alcohol. But Dino wasn't willing to blame booze.

'Aye, I prefer beer best of all,' Dino confirmed, slapping his flat stomach.
 #33874  by Dorian Papatonis
Dorian smirked and nodded, trying not to seem too happy with himself for getting the other's drink choice pegged. "I thought so," he said, leaning against the bar for a moment. The first second he got, he gave Dino another once over trying to see what else he could figure out while barely knowing anything about the other guy.

"I've heard that you can tell a lot about a guy from what he drinks," Dorian started. "Wine drinkers are fancy, whiskey drinkers are drinking to get drunk. What do you think about that?" he finished, watching the other a little intently to see what he thought about that.