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 #32194  by Jodie Watts
Location: Schwarzwald Market • Date: Mid October

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Jodie had arranged for their trip out to meet Florian when both hers and Viv's shifts had aligned. A part of her had also wanted to see if Simon was free, but she thought best not to. Maybe Vivianne wouldn't appreciate another person to get between her and her plants, and after all, Jodie had promised this to her. It could get overwhelming very fast, she was sure.

Making their way through the stalls and stands, Jodie looked over to Vivianne, smiling slightly. "If you want, we can introduce you to more of the security team after this? We can ask Florian if he wants to come to The Blood Moon Inn with us, maybe bring Jens with him for a drink or two. Could be fun?"
 #32245  by Vivianne Vale
Vivianne was excited to head to the market, and was particularly bouncy with energy that day. She'd jotted down the ingredients she would need for the poison and antidote into her notepad, which was hidden in the pocket of her olive green cloak. For all her discomfort around brewing a poison for actual use, she was still intrigued by the academics of it. And she was further intrigued by what kind of ingredients Florian might keep in his shop.

Viv walked beside Jodie, her head turning every second to look at the various stalls. It was her first time at the Schwarzwald Market and she was impressed by the variety of shops. She was so distracted she barely heard what Jodie was saying to her.

"Oh! It would be good to meet more people, yes. And over snacks and drinks would be more cozy and fun." Then maybe she could get to know people better instead of when they're under the eyes of the Ivers.
 #32335  by Jodie Watts
"Well, yeah, lots of fun. Someone always ends up suggesting a drinking game...and indulging in other substances." She rolled her eyes slightly as she headed toward Florian's stall.

Eventually, they arrived at Dahl's Creatures & Curios, filling with marvellous hangings, displays, and wares to purchase or simply observe. One of the artistic display cases made by Andi was still being used for the potted plants, the wood of the shelves and casing painted in bright colours.

"This is Dahl's shop." She introduces, stepping in under the curtain and smiling a little as she glanced around. "I think he's in the back - Mr Dahl!" She called, lifting her chin to see if he would pop out.
 #32350  by Florian Dahl
A canvas curtain, serving as a door to the back room, slid open, and in stepped Florian, a mop of curly hair on his head, glasses perched on his nose, and a white lab coat on, indicating he was tinkering with things in the back.

His brows raised as he saw Jodie, not expecting to see the young woman from England suddenly show up at his shop in Germany. But smiling he said,

"Ah, Jodie Watts was it? How nice to see you here. What brings you to Germany? Business or pleasure?"

He glanced Viviainne, giving her a smile and a nod as he said, "Welcome to my shop." He did not believe he knew her...
 #32415  by Vivianne Vale
Vivianne followed Jodie into the stall with a bounce in her step. She wanted to explore all the displays at once! She was grinning, looking in every direction, trying to decide where to start. Oh wait -- she should probably start by being polite.

When Florian emerged from out back, Viv strode up to him and offered a handshake.

"Nice to meet you, Mister Dahl! I'm Vivianne Vale. New steward for Mrs. Iver. And I cannot wait to look through your shop!" She beamed up at him excitedly.
 #32419  by Jodie Watts
Jodie smiled at Florian. "That's me." She confirmed.

"Ah, well, I'm sort of here for both? Viv is wanting to look at plants, maybe make you a contact as she is sort of working as a herbologist-slash-potioneer for Mrs Iver and will need ingredients. I came because..." She shrugged. "I am apparently a tour guide?"
 #32426  by Florian Dahl
"Oh are you now?" said Florian with a smile to Jodie, taking Vivianne's hand and shaking it. "Well you are both welcome to explore, ask questions... if there is something I don't have, I can probably order it for you."

Gesturing to one shelf he said, "Everything on here is half off. Other than that prices should be as marked."

Looking directly to Vivianne then he said, "So you are an herbologist? And you make potions? Well you should find everything and anything you might wish for here. Always the real deal, nothing watered down."
 #32460  by Vivianne Vale
"We'll see about that," Viv teased with a cheeky grin. She then immediately pranced to the closest shelf. As she inspected the various ingredients and plants, she hummed, occasionally making noises of delight and surprise as she walked throughout the store. "You do have an extensive collection!"

"Okay!" she clapped her hands together, standing in front of a basket of bezoars. "I'll definitely want a few extra of these..." It was needed for the antidote, and having more than needed may come in handy. She picked up several, placing them in her shopping bag. She continued, adding a vial of venomous tentacula juice, fireseeds, chizpurfie carapaces, and various other ingredients.

"Moonseed... moonseed... do you carry that?" she scanned the shelves, thoroughly enjoying this shopping trip.
 #32477  by Jodie Watts
Jodie was fairly quiet through the exchange; Vivianne knew what she wanted, and Florian could supply. There was no real need for Jodie to interfere. Well, aside...

"Mr Dahl," She spoke up. "This is for Mistress Iver...so the best stuff; there's no budget." She clarified, offering a small smile.
 #32498  by Florian Dahl
"Indeed," said Florian, his eyes lighting up at once. "Well if it is for Mrs Iver... only the best!"

Walking over to a shelf he reach up and pulled a jar of moonseed from behind another, then said to Vivianne, "Might I interest you in a monthly subscription, so to speak, for any of these supplies? Or even bi yearly... whatever you think will best fit your needs. It can be most convenient. And then you don't have to travel all the way to Germany every time you want to re stock..."

If this was on Mrs Iver's dime, he was definitely going to try and take advantage.
 #32729  by Vivianne Vale
"Ah, perfect!" Vivianne exclaimed, taking the jar of moonseed.

"A subscription?" she repeated curiously. "That would be handy, but I'll have to decline for now. I'm working for Mrs. Iver for a probationary period first. We'll see in a month whether I'm still around," Viv admitted with a laugh. "Besides, I like the excuse to come out here and browse!" She pulled out her notepad from her cloak pocket, quickly looking over her notes.

"Yep, I think that covers everything I need this time!" She slipped the notepad back in her cloak, before looking over to Jodie. She wasn't altogether sure how payment worked. Was Mrs. Iver just billed, or...?
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Jodie had remained fairly silent through the browsing and recommendations; she didn't know the first thing about herbology anyway. As the glanced over the items, Jodie brought out a pouch of galleons, handing them over to Florian.

"Should be plenty there, or at least enough to cover it." She spoke, allowing him to take a glance inside. "Ah, Mr Dahl, I also wanted to let you know that we're wanting another get together soon. But er...maybe don't tell Jens? Magda really wants to see him but I think she could do better seeing how much fun she can have without him?"

She felt like an awful friend right now, but there were better people for Magda! And she...well, she needed someone more mature.

Jodie turned to Vivianne. "Oh, you're invited too. Sometimes we play drinking games. I think I told you about this?"
 #32754  by Florian Dahl
"Alright," Florian said to Vivianne, "I'll see what we can do for you in a month or so then when you feel more secure in your job. In the mean time feel free to return any time."

As Jodie spoke up he looked at her curiously, then said with a bit of a chuckle, "Well first... I am not sure if I will be able to make your next meet up. it all depends if it happens to line up with my next visit to England. Not all of us have a wealthy employer paying for for international travel, plus time off, as if it were a trip to the store. But I will be visiting my nephew again at St Mungo's, so unless you would like to wait for that date you will have to count me out. As for Jens...?"

He smirked, then said, "Are you tell me he is not invited? Or that perhaps I should not wish to invite him for her sake? I mean... she isn't my friend. And Jens is my friend. It would make sense I would want to look out for his best interests, yes?"

Looking at her curiously, he said with a hint of amusement, "Don't you think you are being a bit... meddling in your friends affairs? After all... you don't know Jens. Would you prefer he was not there and she latch onto.. oh... that Freddie character? Or the bartender Dice Rogan perhaps?"
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"Hmm..." Vivianne did understand if he couldn't just get up and travel anywhere for an evening. As Jodie and Florian discussed a Magda and Jens, Vivianne just looked confused and eventually stopped listening. Maybe it could be interesting gossip, but she had no clue who these people were. Now, if Florian couldn't readily come to England, then...

"Oh!" she grinned. "Then we'll just have to meet up here! There's got to be a cozy bar in this marketplace!"
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Jodie scowled at Florian, folding her arms. "I'm just looking out for her. Why can't you just have some nice wholesome boys for her instead?" She rolled her eyes and looked away.

But as Vivianne spoke, she thought for a moment and then smiled slightly.

"Yeah, that's right. There's the Black Bear Tavern. Maybe we should make the trip here instead?"