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 #31423  by Evelyn Winters
Reminding herself that there was no use in getting frustrated with the complication that was Jane Hadley, Evelyn simply titled her head in acknowledgement. Matilde hadn't told Jane what was wrong, though if Evelyn was going to guess, she would say that the large gash on her sister-in-laws forehead was the main issue. Evelyn wasn't a Healer however so she remained silent.

"I do," She responded, smoothing down the edge of her skirt as if it wasn't already immaculate. "She is Emerson's sister. You've meet Emerson, yes?" Evelyn was sure Jane had met her best friend, in fact she distinctively remembered Emerson turning up one evening when Jane was over for dinner. Though, she wasn't sure how much Jane had paid attention to the loud brunette who had stormed upstairs, dragging Evelyn along behind her.
 #31435  by Jane Hadley
"I met Emerson in Miami. She, Viggo and I spent the eve of your wedding on the beach." A bottle of spirits had been shared by the two, while Jane had remained sober. She remembered the sky had been a particular shade of violet while the sun had disappeared below the horizon. "Emerson said I was less uptight than Vera which was not something I had heard before."
 #31531  by Evelyn Winters
Evelyn frowned. She of course remembered that Jane and Emerson had both attended her wedding, but she struggled to recall seeing any interaction between the two. The fact that they had spent the eve of her wedding on the beach together made her feel slightly uneasy. Emerson was her best friend, but she also wasn't one of the better influences she had met, and she wondered how Jane had managed to spend a whole evening with her.

"Ah," Evelyn hummed in acknowledgement, crossing her legs and then cupping her shin with both hands. She lent forward and then lowered her voice least Matilde appear out of nowhere.

"Are you alright?" She asked, "Are you in any pain?" Jane was her sister-in-law and while their relationship was still very...unsteady, Evelyn did care for her and she needed to make sure she was okay. "May I take a look at it?" She indicated to the gash on her forehead.
 #31596  by Evelyn Winters
Face pinched in concern, she shifted to the edge of her chair and reached a hand out to her sister-in-law and watched closely as she gently pressed her finger tips to Jane's temple. Maneuvering her head to the left, she inspected the cut spanning from her hairline to her left eyebrow. It was deep, red and looked awfully painful. She felt her stomach clench in sympathy and suddenly she wanted nothing more to scoop the girl up in her arms and make everything right again. It was strange feeling such a strong emotional reaction to someone who wasn't Vera, Louis or Emerson and she was unsure how she felt about it. Was this what it was like having a sister, she wondered.

Pulling back, she swiped her thumb across the girls cheek before dropping her hand and righting herself on the stool, "Have they given you anything for the pain?" She asked the girl.
 #31613  by Matilde Costa
"We have not," the healer interjected before the blonde could respond. "We are not a pain medicine distribution center. It's not candy you know?" She offered this last part in a flawless impression of her sister. Knowing Evelyn would understand the allusion she was making.

Entertained by her own remarks she smirked before she finally offered a small vial of potion to her patient. "But now that I have reviewed your chart, I feel like you deserve a little numbing."
 #31646  by Evelyn Winters
Stiffening at Matilde voice, Evelyn shifted further backwards, dragging her stool with her. She looked continued to look at Jane, even as Matilde made very obvious allusions to her struggle with things that certainly weren't 'candy'.

"Get her the correct dosage, and then I'd like to talk to you Matilde." Her voice was low and unyielding and she knew even Matilde Costa wasn't stupid enough to deny her in this moment.
 #31656  by Matilde Costa
"Half now, half after the diagnostic spell," Matilde explained without a moment of hesitation. Rare were the patient who knew the proper dosage of their medicine, but when they did she always had an excuse to offer.

"I will happily take time from saving lives to hang out with you, Evelyn," the healer answered before she aimed her wand at the small blonde. "Just let me make sure your wife doesn't have brain damage."
 #31660  by Evelyn Winters
Evelyn went to stand and then froze, her bottom hovered three inches from the stool as she blinked at Matilde.


Pushing herself to her feet so quickly that it looked like she had been stung, she stared at Emerson's sister as if she had grown two, very gruesome heads. Her mouth twisted in displeasure, "Jane is not my wife." She said matter-of-factly. "Jane is my sister-in-law. My wife is her sister." Evelyn looked at Jane briefly before clearing her throat.

She then said in a low tone, "She said she lost consciousness briefly."
 #31666  by Matilde Costa
"She is not?" Distracted, her wand moved from Jane's head to her chest. Causing the imaging she was capturing to blur. "Woop," she chuckled before her wand went back to the woman's head.

Soon a picture of Jane's brain was projected upon a white surface. Matilde put her wand back into its holster. Holding her chin, she tilted her head. "She would have lost consciousness," she mused as she studied the picture.
 #31667  by Jane Hadley
How the healer could think of her and Evelyn as a couple, she did not know nor did she care. As a wavering wand was pointed at her and a picture of her brain appeared on the wall, she was getting more and more scared. What if their truly was something wrong with her?

She wanted Vera, but Vera was not there and she knew her sister would want her to attempt to find comfort in Evelyn. "Evelyn?" Jane croaked.
 #31670  by Evelyn Winters
She stared at Matilde as she waved her wand over Jane, the projection of her brain barely capturing her attention as she made sure to watch for shaky hands or dilated pupils. Emerson might be her best friend, but if Evelyn so much as caught a whiff of inebriation on her friend's sister, she would not hesitate to bury her and her career. Emerson's wrath be damned.

Jane's quiet plea had her immediately snapping her head down and without even thinking, she moved closer until her front was practically plastered to the girl's back. Her finger tips rested gently against the middle of her back, Jane's spine rigid and bony beneath her touch.

"She will be alright, yes?" She asked, not sure what she would do if Matilde said otherwise.
 #31674  by Matilde Costa
"Hmmm," she squinted her eyes and approached the image.

There was something peculiar about the woman's brain, but it was not due to the effect of trauma. With a few flicks of the wrist, she made the image rotate.

After a few minutes, she finally turned towards her patient and Evelyn. "I will have to suture the wound and she should not go home alone this evening, but otherwise she will be fine."