A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

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Location: Empty Classroom • Date: September 22

It was late, and Alun was heading back to the common room after spending the afternoon in the library working on his first major essay for Charms. As he walked past a classroom, though, he thought he heard something through the slightly ajar door and paused, turning and stepping closer.

Through the crack in the door, he could see a familiar head of hair bent over a piece of parchment, and he tilted his head, setting his hand on the door frame. Suddenly, his hand slipped and he let out a small gasp, trying to catch himself.
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Meiriona's head snapped up at the sound and she immediately crumpled up the parchment in her hands. "Who's there?" she called out, turning around. She stood with one leg tucked in behind the other, peering out towards the door.

"I'll hex you," she warned, taking a step forward and pulling out her wand. "It's rude to spy on people."
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He quickly righted himself. "Hold on!" Alun replied, pushing open the door and stepping forward with his hands held up. He didn't doubt that Davies would hex him in a heartbeat. "I wasn't spying! Just thought I heard something." He grinned boyishly, but the look on her face sobered him quickly. "Everything all right there, Davies?"
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"You should have just kept walking," Meiriona replied sullenly, putting her wand away and crossing her arms in front of her. "I'm fine. Just reading my mail, which I'm allowed to do," she added, turning away from him. The crumpled parchment felt heavy in her hands.
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"Come on, Davies..." Alun took another step forward. She was clearly upset about something. "I thought we had a good thing going. What's up? Is it Potter?" He wasn't dumb enough to think that she wasn't still in contact with her ex, who was conveniently getting married to someone else.
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Meiriona let out a groan. "Shove off, Alun," she grumbled, fighting the flush that was rising to her cheeks. The sad part was, the letter was from James. Except it wasn't what Alun clearly thought it was.

"It's the Death Eaters. They're getting bold," she said, finally turning back to him. "James was giving me an update. They've been helping out with--" she clammed up abruptly, staring down at the ground.
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Just when it seemed like she was going to open up, she stopped talking. Alun took another step forward, reaching out to her. "With what? What's going on?"

He had been reading the news. His parents were both muggles, and he knew that was exactly what the Death Eaters were targeting, and that scared him. So to hear that James and Lily were helping with something related to them... he knew Lily was muggleborn too, and that it was dangerous.

"Tell me, Meiriona. What's happening? Did something happen? Is Lily okay?" he asked, concern written all over his face.
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"No, she's fine," Meiriona replied quickly, glancing up at him. That was when it hit her. Alun was muggleborn. She set her jaw, blinking back some tears.

"Apparently there's this... organization. They're trying to stop the Death Eaters. James and Lily are working with them, and I'm... thinking I'm going to join when I graduate. If it's still needed, of course. I just... hate what they stand for, and I want to help fight," she explained, letting out a sigh. "James was just updating me."
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Alun nodded as she spoke, furrowing his brow. "I get it," he replied, swallowing a lump in his throat. "I keep thinking about what could happen at Christmas. When I'm home with my family," he said, shuddering.

"I don't know if I'd be brave enough to fight," he added, staring down at the ground. "You're brave. You could have been in Gryffindor."
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Meiriona blushed. "Nah, I'm Ravenclaw through and through. But they don't just need fighters. You can write like it's nobody's business. Maybe you could do that for them? They need help recruiting, finding people who can help."

She tilted her head, offering a small shrug of her shoulder. "And maybe we could help them together?"
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With a small smile, Alun shrugged. "Maybe. I really would love to help. Even if they just know I'm supporting them. Whoever they are." He had a small guess as to who might be involved, but he wouldn't ask for now. Instead, he kicked at the ground.

"Hey, I'm sorry I sort of stumbled in on you."
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Meiriona gave a grin to match him, reaching out and taking his hand. "I'm sure they'd be happy to have you. And don't apologise. I'm kind of glad you did. It was weird, keeping this all to myself," she said, glancing down at their joined hands.
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"I get that," Alun replied, his eyes dropping to their hands as well for a moment. "Thank you for telling me about it."

A pause. "You heading back up to the common room?"