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 #30512  by Florian Dahl
“You can see tricks later,” said Florian. “I’ll go next. My name ia Florian Dahl, I am forty years old-“

“Wow, you are?!” Interrupted Jens.

Ignoring him Florian went on, saying, “I run a shop at the Black Forest Market in Germany called Dahl’s Creatures and Curios, and...I went to school at both Hogwarts and Durmstrang.”
 #30513  by Magdalina Eklund
Magda smiled, then leaned forward to speak before Freddie interrupted.

"Running a shop!? Well, that's a bit fuckin' borin' an-"

Magda scowled at him, nudging him to be quiet. Surprisingly...he actually stopped. Of course, he rolled his eyes and took a long drink in response. But Magda turned back to Florian.

"I mean...Freddie sort of has a point...don't you want to be doing something else? The way you was at the wedding, I thought you would be some kind of adventurer or traveller. Or...have you seen all there is to see?"
 #30514  by Freddie Crookes
"'Ave you slept with all the kinds of women, is what she really means." Freddie interjected again, snorting off to the side. "I see you...actin' like a suave casanova or whatever...forty an' single?" He leaned over, nudging Jens. "Yer know what 'e is? A fuckboy."
 #30515  by Florian Dahl
Florian raised his brows as the others spoke, looking back and forth between Magda and Freddie, but finally smirking a bit he said, “Suave? Why thank you... not sure I have been called that before. As for your question,” he said, looking at Magda,

"I find my job very fascinating. I actually created the shop so that I could support my wanderlust. You see my shop sells flora and fauna from around the world... the sort used in potions, wand cores, to make magical trinket, jewelry, clothing, the like... Some things I order and it comes in bulk. Other things... the specialty items kept in the back for only the most discerning customers..."

Florian leaned forward on the table a bit as he spoke, his eyes lighting up at he said, "I like to find those things myself. Saves me on over head. I have been to some of the darkest, most dangerous jungles of the Congo, trekked the forgotten paths in the mountains of Norway, many miles from civilization, to collect a rare flower. The beauty is so extraordinary up there it takes your breath away. I have been in some of the deepest, darkest caves, full of haunting beauty, braved the cave dragons to find a small cave fish with magical properties..."

He had been looking directly into Magda's eyes as he spoke, but straitening a bit and looking at the others he said, "Most don't get to see the world through my eyes. Few have ever really seen the life I lead. But my shop? Allows me to live quite comfortable and to have a home base to return to and make my travels a financial success rather than a drain on my account. But oh... the stories I could tell."

Looking back to Freddie he said, "And I doubt that is what she meant. If I have slept with all kinds of women. But to ease your own curiosity... yes, quite a few over the years, but mostly in my younger days when I was a bit more foolish with my heart and theirs. Now I prefer to focus on one woman at a time, build friendships, report... dull stuff I am sure for a young man like you, with the stamina to jump from women to woman each night, and the heart of steel to not become too attached to a one night stand."

Rolling his eyes, as though chiding himself, he said, "I am really too much of a romantic now.. always have been really. It's a weakness of mine."
 #30516  by Magdalina Eklund
Magda seemed entranced by his words; the way he spoke, how he phrased it; the adventure! The thrill! The beauty of it all! It sounded like a fantasy romance novel, likely a more abstract version of whatever Lily was always reading. Forget Mr Barret, Magda was quite keen on one Mr Dahl.

And then he began to trail off to the other topic. A romantic! One woman at a time! It made her heart sing; how lucky she was to find such a man. She really wished she had just gone home with him on the night of the wedding despite Astrid's firm word.

"That all...it all sounds so...wonderful." She spoke, her voice practically gasping, a wistful sigh following.

She suddenly reached forward, taking his hand, looking right at him hopefully. "You have to take me one day to some of those places. Please, I won't get in the way or anything but-but, they all sound so incredible. And tell me the stories. Tell me everything!"
 #30517  by Jodie Watts
Jodie had also been listening in intently, eyes locked curiously on Florian.

"Wow..." She whispered, leaning forward, somewhat shy compared to Magda. "Uhm...maybe you can tell me more too? Show some of the things you've collected? Do you have any photos?"
 #30519  by Freddie Crookes
Meanwhile, Freddie was looking on in disbelief. What. The. Fuck. What had Florian done to make the girls drool over him like that!?

"Oi, I'm a romantic too! She's jus' gotta be special...I can do candles an' flowers or whatever fairy shit girls like..."
 #30520  by Jens Eiffel
Jens rolled his eyes then said, "Yeah, good luck with that. He didn't even take the love of his life out in the field with him. "

He was also quite annoyed at how the two women were looking so breathlessly at him. How the hell did he make his stupid, boring job sound so fantastic and adventurous?! When Florian had described it before Jens had the impression that he sat around on hill picking plants, and worked in his shop. sounded like the dullest, old man life ever.... or maybe he had down played some of the danger and excitement because Ana was sitting at the table and he was trying to appeal to her

Florian was a sly old fox. That was for sure. Acting like all he was doing was talking when he had to know the effect his words created!
 #30522  by Florian Dahl
As the women's eyes opened wide, and looked at his with so much curiosity, clearly impressed, Florian felt... well, good! Also turning around Freddie's little plans to discredit him felt amazing as well.

But as for their request?

"Oh, uhm…" Florian ran his fingers through his hair, then said, "Stories yes. I can tell you many. We are in town until the day after tomorrow, so if either of you are free I am sure I will be stopping here again tomorrow night...."

He gave Magda's hand a light squeeze, then said, "As for travel well... As fun as it is for someone like me... I really rough it some times, camping out doors and such... it isn't like going on holiday. The only people I ever take are staff, or interns at times... and I expect them to really ern their place by working along side me, not just enjoying the scenery and local flavors...not to mention the liability should you get hurt..."

He really hoped he wasn't coming off as rude. But he had to be honest with them. He could see Jens smirking a bit out of the corner of his eye. But he didn't care. It was serious to him. Not a joy ride. Unless some wealthy woman wanted to pay him to take her along to be a big distraction and complain about the bugs and too much or too little sun, and keep him from getting most of his work done then... well he wasn't going to just take along anyone that thought it would be fun.
 #30523  by Magdalina Eklund
Jodie seemed to look a little unsure of that, but Magda's face lit up even more.

"Camping! That would be so cool! I love the outdoors; can you make a fire without a wand? I've never really done it, but I'd like to try. What sort of things do you eat? Do you have to hunt for food? Make beds out of leaves? Hide food in trees? Do you have to-"
 #30524  by Jodie Watts
"Magda." Jodie spoke lowly, placing a hand on the other woman's arm. "Calm down...give him a chance to breathe." She chuckled a little.

"And as Mr Dahl says. He'll be here for a couple of days and you can ask about the details then, right? Maybe in a bit...why don't you go ahead and do your turn for introductions?"
 #30525  by Magdalina Eklund
Magda pursed her lips, before reluctantly nodding.

"Okay...I get it....okay. I'm Magdalina Eklund, I come from Sweden. I like to do muggle cage fighting and MMA, I work security for Watchdogs and I used to be a steward for Mrs Iver. I want to say that my unknown fact is that I haven't had a date in, like, years but I'm pretty sure everyone knows that now so...er..."

She pursed her lips, leaning back as she looked off to the side.

"Okay...well, I never went to a magic school. I was schooled in the Lundstrom Estate in only what was necessary - I used to sneak off to learn what the boys got to learn and found a weird interest in weaponry. As I got older, I was bid permission to practice it more often, and now that I no longer work officially for Mrs Iver, I get to indulge more freely with all the hobbies I enjoy...well, aside actually going home with a guy."
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